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DimStar77 Merge pull request #98 from veddhaval/master
Fix memory leak in functions 'dnsResolve' and 'webkit_pacrunner::run'
Latest commit 1e1d311 Feb 14, 2019
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doc match the pacrunner plugins to the new pacrunner api; convert inet_nt… Jan 24, 2010
libmodman Use instead of assuming libdl is the right name. Fixes issues 147. Mar 10, 2012
libproxy Fixing memory leak in functions 'dnsResolve' and 'webkit_pacrunner::r… Feb 14, 2019
samples Add public px_proxy_factory_free_proxies function Sep 20, 2017
utils Add public px_proxy_factory_free_proxies function Sep 20, 2017
.gitignore Add a .gitignore to ease life of the git svn users Oct 15, 2012
.project cmake generated eclipse files Jan 17, 2010
CMakeLists.txt Set CMP0054 CMake policy to NEW. Nov 20, 2016
ChangeLog Updated files for version 0.4.6 Sep 1, 2010
INSTALL Add support to build Python2 and Python3 bindings in parallel Aug 4, 2016
NEWS Trivial: Add NEWS entries on the way to 0.4.16 Oct 3, 2018
README released 0.1, minor changes Oct 31, 2007 Currently used spec file from openSUSE as template for other packagers. Apr 9, 2010


Thanks for trying libproxy!

To use libproxy in your application, check out the external API in the 
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