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// Copyright (c) The Libra Core Contributors
// SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0
syntax = "proto3";
package admission_control;
import "get_with_proof.proto";
import "mempool_status.proto";
import "transaction.proto";
import "vm_errors.proto";
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------- Submit transaction
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// The request for transaction submission.
message SubmitTransactionRequest {
// Transaction signed by wallet.
types.SignedTransaction signed_txn = 1;
// AC response status containing code and optionally an error message.
message AdmissionControlStatus {
AdmissionControlStatusCode code = 1;
string message = 2;
// Additional statuses that are possible from admission control in addition
// to VM statuses.
enum AdmissionControlStatusCode {
// Validator accepted the transaction.
Accepted = 0;
// The sender is blacklisted.
Blacklisted = 1;
// The transaction is rejected, e.g. due to incorrect signature.
Rejected = 2;
// The response for transaction submission.
// How does a client know if their transaction was included?
// A response from the transaction submission only means that the transaction
// was successfully added to mempool, but not that it is guaranteed to be
// included in the chain. Each transaction should include an expiration time in
// the signed transaction. Let's call this T0. As a client, I submit my
// transaction to a validator. I now need to poll for the transaction I
// submitted. I can use the query that takes my account and sequence number. If
// I receive back that the transaction is completed, I will verify the proofs to
// ensure that this is the transaction I expected. If I receive a response that
// my transaction is not yet completed, I must check the latest timestamp in the
// ledgerInfo that I receive back from the query. If this time is greater than
// T0, I can be certain that my transaction will never be included. If this
// time is less than T0, I need to continue polling.
message SubmitTransactionResponse {
// The status of a transaction submission can either be a VM status, or
// some other admission control/mempool specific status e.g. Blacklisted.
oneof status {
types.VMStatus vm_status = 1;
AdmissionControlStatus ac_status = 2;
mempool.MempoolAddTransactionStatus mempool_status = 3;
// Public key(id) of the validator that processed this transaction
bytes validator_id = 4;
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------- Service definition
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
service AdmissionControl {
// Public API to submit transaction to a validator.
rpc SubmitTransaction(SubmitTransactionRequest)
returns (SubmitTransactionResponse) {}
// This API is used to update the client to the latest ledger version and
// optionally also request 1..n other pieces of data. This allows for batch
// queries. All queries return proofs that a client should check to validate
// the data. Note that if a client only wishes to update to the latest
// LedgerInfo and receive the proof of this latest version, they can simply
// omit the requested_items (or pass an empty list)
rpc UpdateToLatestLedger(
returns (types.UpdateToLatestLedgerResponse) {}
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