The Dungeons of Moria
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Comment by Librae
This is a classic *ancient* game MORIA, awesome, and complex.
If you have a character based environment, it is enough.
I pick the essential resources of the original tarball and did a little
modification in order to make it pass compilation, then share them here.
NOTE: For now, UNIX or its variant only!
Ps: excute like `/path/to/moria -r' to use rogue like command set.

Below is original README. Great thanks to all those excellent antecessors :)


This is the source for Umoria 5.5.2, a dungeon exploration game.  This
is my second major release of the game.  These sources have been
compiled successfully at least once in the following environments: UNIX
(4.2 BSD, 4.3 BSD, SYS V, Xenix, HP-UX, and many similar systems),
IBM-PC (MSC 5.0, Turbo C 2.0), Mac (MPW 3.0, Think C 4.0), Atari ST
(MWC, GCC, TC 2.0), Amiga (Aztec C 5.0), and VMS.  The following ports
have been added but not tested other than by the people who sent them:
386BSD, HP Apollo, Linux, Lattice C.

I consider these to be production sources.  They should work without trouble
on all of the systems mentioned above.  Some minor bugs must surely remain,
but there should be no major program bugs encountered.

People who are accustomed to Umoria 4.87 MUST read the file doc/FEATURES.NEW
which documents many of the user visible features.  Don't send me bug reports
unless you have read the file.

Umoria 5.x does not understand Umoria 4.87 savefiles.  The changes to the
game are so great, that supporting the old savefile format is not worth
the effort.  Implementing a savefile conversion program will be an almost
impossible task, and at least two people have tried and not succeeded.

You may distribute modified copies of this game.  However, you must clearly
indicate the extent and purpose of the changes.  Also, if the changes are
extensive, I request that you call your sources something other than
`umoria' so that they won't be confused with my version of the game.
I would also appreciate receiving a copy of your changes, so that good ideas
can be added back into my version.

David Grabiner
Department of Mathematics
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138

Internet electronic mail addess:

Jim Wilson
856 University Ave.
Palo Alto, CA  94301

internet electronic mail address:

If the above addresses fail, then try contacting the alumni
organizations of Princeton University for David Grabiner, or Case
Western Reserve Univ (Cleveland, OH) or Univ California at Berkeley for
Jim Wilson, for current addresses.  These addresses are expected to
remain valid for an unknown length of time.

First revision (alpha): February 28, 1990
Second revision (beta): May 4, 1990
Third revision (production): March 25, 1991