A jQuery plugin for extracting metadata from DOM elements.
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jQuery.Metadata Plugin

Plugin originally created by John Resig

Why this fork?

The modifications made in this fork were made in order to use it in conjunction with the jQuery.Validation plugin (versions 1.10.0 and below), allowing to store the validation rules as data-* attributes.

For example:

<input type="text" name="email" data-required="true" data-email="true" data-messages="{ required:'Your email is required', email:'Enter a valid email'}" />

For jQuery.Validation 1.10.0, a more straightforward way of defining messages was introduced:

<input type="text" name="email" data-required="true" data-email="true" data-msg-required="Your email is required" data-msg-email="Enter a valid email" />

But with the previous version of jQuery.Metadata, this caused an error. So this particular fork made some changes to allow it.

For jQuery.Validation 1.11.0, jQuery.Metadata support will be dropped as jQuery.Validation will include support for data-* natively.


Changes from version 2.0:

  • Added the support for HTML5 data-* attributes made by Craga89 on https://github.com/Craga89/jquery-metadata
  • Corrected behaviour when using HTML5 data-* attributes for the jQuery.Validation plugin, as trying to use the values stored in data-* as plain strings wasn't straight-forward. The values first get evaluated as usual (working for booleans, hashes, arrays, etc.), if that fails it is evaluated as plain string.
  • Default type changed to 'html5'


For examples on the other 4 types of metadata storage refer to the in-code comments or refer to the original repo https://github.com/jquery/jquery-metadata

In the case of the HTML data-* attributes, their use is as follows:

<p id='one' class='some_class' data-item_id='1' data-item_label='Label'>This is a p</p>

This particular version of the jQuery.Metadata plugin already sets the use of HTML5 data-* attributes by default, so to get the values in them you just use:

$('#one').metadata().item_id == 1; $('#one').metadata().item_label == 'Label'