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  1. wuthering-hacks

    A data dashboard done from Newcastle public libraries open data.

    JavaScript 4

  2. catalogues-librarydata

    A web service project for searching all UK public library catalogues for books. Part of LibraryData UK project.

    JavaScript 1

  3. england-librarydata

    Display English libraries data mixed with public libraries news in a data dashboard. Part of LibraryData UK project.

    JavaScript 1

  4. librarieshacked-web

    The main public website for Libraries Hacked. Built using Pico CMS.

    HTML 1

  5. librarieshacked-web-content

    The content directory for the Libraries Hacked website. Updates made here will be pushed to the website.

  6. libraries-twitter

    Displaying libraries and library services on Twitter in a gallery. Data compiled by @ShedSue and @JuliaC2

    JavaScript 2

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