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Libraries Hacked website

The main public website for Libraries Hacked, built using Pico CMS.

What it is

Libraries hacked is aimed at promoting open data and technology hacks in libraries. It is currently deployed to The website is built using Pico CMS, an easy to use flat file content management system.

This repository contains all the custom configuration and code required to set up the website - additional Pico code is required to run the website. This is decribed in the directory structure.

Supporting technology

Technology Description
HTML/JavaScript/CSS The these for the site is custom designed using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS
PHP Pico CMS uses PHP for server side processing
Markdown Content is written in markdown format, which is processed on the server
IIS/Apache The site can be hosted on a number of different web server platforms including these two

Directory and files structure

Directory/File Description
/bin Populated with the bin directory from Pico build
/config Contains custom config file for site
/data Contains data files used in the examples and tutorials
/icons Icons used in semantic HTML for the site
/images Any images display on the site. Images must be freely licensed
/plugins Plugins for the site to deliver specific functionality
/themes Site themes. Includes single bootstrap directory which is the custom site theme
/vendor Populated with vendor directory from Pico build
robots.txt file to ward off or instruct robots
favicon.ico the favicon file for the site to be displayed in browsers
web.config For IIS hosting, provides various redirect rules

Build instructions

  1. Download the latest Pico release. Copy the content of the lib and vendor directory into the corresponding directories in this repository
  2. Copy the complete content of librarieshacked-web-content into the content directory.
  3. Run bower to download the themes library dependencies. 'bower install'
  4. Run gulp to move the required files into the theme directory. 'gulp'


The built website is designed to deploy easily onto a webserver. Copy the entire site and deploy to your web host.

Third-party licences

Project Description Licence
Pico The underlying content management system powering the site MIT


Original code available under MIT Licence.

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