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Piper is a GTK+ application to configure gaming mice. Piper is merely a graphical frontend to the ratbagd DBus daemon, see the libratbag README for instructions on how to run ratbagd.

If you are running piper from git, we recommend using libratbag from git as well to make sure the latest bugfixes are applied.

Supported Devices

Piper is merely a frontend, the list of supported devices depends on libratbag. See the libratbag device files for a list of all known devices. The device-specific protocols usually have to be reverse-engineered and the features available may vary to the manufacturer's advertized features.


resolution configuration screenshot

button configuration screenshot

LED configuration screenshot

And if you see the mousetrap, something isn't right. Usually this means that either ratbagd is not running (like in this screenshot), ratbagd needs to be updated to a newer version, or some other unexpected error occured.

The error page

Installing Piper

See our Wiki for how to install Piper.

Building Piper from git

Piper uses the meson build system. Run the following commands to clone Piper and initialize the build:

git clone
cd piper
meson builddir --prefix=/usr/

To build or re-build after code-changes and install, run:

ninja -C builddir
sudo ninja -C builddir install

Note: builddir is the build output directory and can be changed to any other directory name.

See our Wiki for what to do when you encounter missing dependencies.


Yes please. It's best to contact us first to see what you could do. Note that the devices displayed by Piper come from libratbag.

For quicker development iteration, there is a special binary piper.devel that uses data files from the git directory. This removes the need to install piper after every code change.

ninja -C builddir

Note that this still requires ratbagd to run on the system bus.

Piper tries to conform to Python's PEP8 style guide using the black formatter. Checking if code is formatted is done as a part of the test suite.

You can check if your code passes tests before submitting changes using the following command:

meson -C builddir test


git clone


Bugs can be reported in the issue tracker on our GitHub repo:


Licensed under the GPLv2. See the COPYING file for the full license information.