Java language bindings for the Librato API
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Java language bindings for the Librato Metrics API.

Looking for a previous version?

You can find documentation for versions < 2.x.x here.

Maven Dependency



You must first initialize the client:

LibratoClient client = LibratoClient.builder(email, apiToken)
    // these are optional
    .setConnectTimeout(new Duration(5, SECONDS))
    .setReadTimeout(new Duration(5, SECONDS))
    .setAgentIdentifier("my app name")
    // and finally build

Once your client has been built, you can submit measures to the Librato API:

PostMeasuresResult result = client.postMeasures(new Measures()
    .add(new GaugeMeasure(name, value))
    .add(new GaugeMeasure(name, value).setSource("uid:43"))
    .add(new GaugeMeasure(name, sum, count, min, max))
    .add(new GaugeMeasure(name, sum, count, min, max, sumSquares))
    .add(new CounterMeasure(name, value))
    .add(new TaggedMeasure(name, value, tag, tag))
    .add(new TaggedMeasure(name, sum, count, min, max, tag, tag ,tag)));

for (PostResult postResult : result.results) {
    if (result.isError()) {

Note that if you wish to submit tagged measures you need to first contact to get early access to this new feature.