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Sample Jupyter notebooks for the RATOM project
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A selection of Jupyter notebooks to demonstrate features of libratom and other utilities developed for the RATOM project.

These example notebooks are under development

Using ratom-notebooks (simple)

The simplest way to interact with these notebooks is via mybinder, which automatically builds an executable environment you can interact with from a web browser. The following link will generate an environment from this repository:

Sample data from the redacted Enron email corpus will be automatically downloaded when this instance is created. You can view the sample files in the RevisedEDRMv1_Complete folder that appears in the Files tab of the Jupyter instance.

In the binder folder, you’ll find three Jupyter notebooks:

pst_walk.ipynb, a simple example demonstrating walking a PST file using libpff to identify the number of messages present.

message_viewer.ipynb, which examines the contents of a PST file.

entities.ipynb, which identifies all of the entities present in every message body and commits them to a sqlite3 database. Note: this is intended to be run on a local or dedicated hosted instance; running this notebook in mybinder may reduce performance.

Using ratom-notebooks (advanced)

More coming soon...


Logos, documentation, and other non-software products of the RATOM team are distributed under the terms of Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution. Software items in RATOM repositories are distributed under the terms of the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for additional details.

© 2019, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Development Team and Support

Developed by the RATOM team at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

See for additional project details, staff bios, and news.

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