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Ğeconomicus is a generic free economic game under GPLv3, that includes a set of free graphics, files and rules allowing to play a generic economy simulation based on 80 years human life expectancy or more, with different money systems.

You will find, and you can contribute in:

  • SVG images you can adapt and print, or use in programs.
  • Examples of different money rules to play.
  • Examples of results in LibreOffice Calc.
  • HTML full website including all necessary to play, you can install in your own server

Ğeconomicus HTML

Website including online rules (french) and zip ready-to-print cards & banknotes + calc spreadsheets :

Ğeconomicus latest release

Spread Ğeconomicus, download and install Ğeconomicus Website on your own server :

XMPP Chat room

XMPP chatroom to join Ğeconomicus developers online:

You can study and install Jabber/XMPP free clients softwares.


Ğeconomicus was inspired by several economic games like La Corbeille another free game under GPL v3, Monopoly™, La bonne paye™, online MMORPG that include also economy simulation and specific money code that is created following specific rules.

Ğeconomicus adds another dimension to any economic game based on its principles : limited lifetime of the players, rotation of the money and rotation of the values, in order to be able to simulate at least a life expectancy game time (near 80 years in Europe in 2016), where players can die and be born again and where money and economical values can follow this entire cycle.

It includes free money system like it is demonstrated in Relative Theory of Money (GPL v3) = a money system based on a Universal Dividend (see or, money debt, and other money systems in order to compare their impact in the final result.

Ğeconomicus uses the Ğ caracter as it is defined in

Generate HTML

Install Sphinx 1.3

Require Python 2.6+ or Python 3.3+ Require Sphinx 1.3+

On Ubuntu:

    $ sudo apt-get install inkscape
    $ sudo apt-get install imagemagick
    $ sudo apt-get install python-pip
    $ sudo pip install virtualenv

Create and activate a virtual environment for python:

    $ virtualenv -p /usr/bin/python3.4 venv
    $ source venv/bin/activate

Install Sphinx 1.3:

    (venv) $ pip install sphinx==1.3
    (venv) $ pip install sphinx-intl

Build HTML

    (venv) $ ./

The Ğeconomicus HTML web pages are generated in the rst/build/html folder.

Build release

    (venv) $ ./
    (venv) $ ./

The Ğeconomicus zip releases are generated in the rst/build folder.

After build, to only deactivate the virtual environment in your shell:

    (venv) $ deactivate

After build, to deactivate and remove the virtual environment in your shell:

    (venv) $ deactivate
    $ virtualenv --clear venv

ICC profile

We use the PSOcoated_v3 icc profile, downloaded at

Locate or create the folder .local/share/color/icc and put the profile in it. Open Inkscape > Document Properties > Color Management and link the profile.

Choose colors in the CMS tab with the PSOcoated_v3 icc profile selected.


Update translation files

Every time you modify RST files, you must update translation files

    (venv) $ ./

Build HTML in english (US)

    (venv) $ ./

To do after the standard french build. Does not generate cards/banknotes.


Ğeconomicus is a free economic game. It simulates more than life expectancy and allows to compare different money systems







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