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AI+News: Nowcasting the Global Risks Interconnections from the Web

We envision a future where journalists will no longer be limited to report past or current affairs, but they will be empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to write about future events with a fair degree of certainty.

Our goal is to predict and visualize the (non-obvious) interconnections of global risks that will be at the core of tomorrow’s news.

Minerva leverages news data collections available in the Web and uses Artificial Intelligence based on Machine Learning (AI/ML) to discover the multiple relations among global risks, a data-driven approach that is more appealing in terms of timeliness and efficient discovery of such relations than current methodologies based on opinion surveys.

You can interact with the Global Risks Interconnections Graph at

About this Repo

  • This repository contains the source code for the fundamental components in folder minerva
  • A Jupyter Notebook in notebooks provides an example of how Minerva works
  • The folder www corresponds to the user interface of the system and contains the necessary elements and data to display the interactive graph, which uses D3.js as core visualization library

Supported by Google through the DNI Innovation Fund: Project Codename: Minerva ID: r3-ywoLejjZpgAv