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I want to help translating!

Awesome, thanks a bunch! It's just a couple of easy steps that you have to follow and we'll make sure to put the translation up as soon as you're ready. Please be aware that if you contribute to these translations, we will license your work under GPL-3.0 by LibreBike.

1. Get the language files

If you know how to use Git, please clone this repository – otherwise, download this file and save it somewhere on your computer.

2. Duplicate the English texts

Open the file you just downloaded (if you cloned the repo, it's _config.yml) and copy everything from line 2 to 46 (that's all lines in English language). Then paste them to the very end of the same file.

3. Make the translations

Translate everything in the section that you just pasted into the file. If you find HTML tags (e.g <a href="…">Visible Text</a>), please only change the visible text.

4. Send us the translations

Once you're ready, send us the translated file via e-mail to librebike <AT> protonmail <DOT> com or make a pull request in this repository. We will take care of the rest. Thanks again!

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