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LibreCores CI Base Image for Docker

Docker Pulls

This is a base image which includes common EDA tools.

Included tools

Quick start

Librecores CI docker image can be used in various projects which involves the use of various EDA toolsets and Fusesoc for testing and continous integration. As an example Librecores-CI docker image is currently used in OpenRisc projects such as mor1kx and or1k_marocchino.

The or1k Continuous Integration (CI) suite is running in a Librecores-CI docker container in Travis-CI. Parallel execution of tests runs in Librecores-CI docker environment. As a reference one can follow up the blog to get an idea of how librecores docker images can be integrated to existing continuous integration suite.

Yosys Parser

Yosys is a framework for Verilog RTL synthesis. For monitoring resource usages of any hardware project, this parser script ( can help to visualise results better. This take input from huge yosys.log file and outputs 'Printing Statistics' like :

wire bits,16199
public wires,1058
public wire bits,11151
memory bits,0

Quick Start

To use Yosys Parser, you can see its implementation in openrisc project.

One can quickly get started with Fusesoc, a package manager and a set of build tools for HDL (Hardware Description Language) code. Fusesoc provides the icestorm backend ( edalize ) which uses yosys to handle synthesis, arachne-pnr for place & route and icepack for creating the bitstream.

  1. Do changes in core description file to support icestorm for your project. One can follow quick tutorial for writing a core description file. Example:
 default_tool : icestorm
 filesets : [X, Y]
 pnr: none
 toplevel : {XYZ}
  1. Once modification in core file is done, you are set to run yosys synthesis in librecores/librecores-ci docker environment ( make sure to run the command in librecores/librecores-ci docker environment ), For example, for mor1kx following commands are run to obtain printing statistics while running yosys synthesis :
fusesoc library add mor1kx /src
fusesoc run --target=synth mor1kx
test-scripts/ < build/mor1kx_*/synth-icestorm/yosys.log
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