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LibreCores CI image for OpenRISC development

Docker Pulls

Librecores CI image for OpenRISC development is based on the standard Librecores-CI docker image and it largely targets the FuseSoC use cases. This image mainly focuses on OpenRISC project that creates a free and open processor for embedded systems.

Quick Start

Currently librecores-ci-openrisc is successfully implemented in mor1kx and or1k-marocchino projects.

The or1k Continuous Integration (CI) suite is running in a librecores-ci-openrisc docker container in Travis CI. Parallel execution of tests runs in librecores-ci-openrisc docker environment.

The librecores-ci base image includes installation of common EDA tools such as Icarus Verilog, Verilator and Yosys that is required by CI suite in openrisc projects for testing. librecores/libreocres-ci-openrisc docker image gets the toolchain required, downloads and compiles the or1k-tests.

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