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Amlogic common source and unofficial Ramos W22PRO source
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This is an unofficial code converted from It is possible that some functions are disabled due to lacking of proper configurations or right codes.

###Some AML-specific repos It is highly recommended to use the branches which named jellybean-aml in my repo that I forked and changed, because some modifications need to be applied to make the device play around properly with CyanogenMod. In addition to that, you need to use other jellybean-aml branches from Christiantroy's repo.

The Priority Sequence My repo > Christiantroy's > Original CyanogenMod

Thank Christiantroy for his excellent work for Ainol Elf II!

###Requirement Android Jellybean building environment. Also, it is recommended to use GCC 4.4.x (4.6.x may be okay, too) rather than 4.7.x or even higher version.

###Want to give me a hand? Fork and push!

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