KDictionary is a simple dictionary/translator plasmoid written in pure QML.
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Simple Dictionary/Translator Applet/PopUpApplet for Plasma Desktop

Check this widget on kde-apps.org, please vote up if you like it.


Require KDE >= 4.11 (KDE 4.10 may works but I didn't test it)

  1. Download KDictionary plasmoid from KDE-Apps
  2. Run plasmapkg -i kdictionary-<ver>.plasmoid to install it
  3. Run kbuildsycoca4 to refresh desktop cache
  4. Have fun
  • If you've installed an early version of KDictionary, you need to run plasmapkg -u kdictionary-<ver>.plasmoid instead to upgrade KDictionary.


All Dictionary API keys are built-in, but please don't abuse it because the query times are limited. Take Merriam-Webster's as an example, it cannot exceed 1000 queries per day.

More Providers?

Check Wiki Pages. You could make KDictionary more powerful.