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The Librelio platform provides a simple solution to publish your app on the App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android), and Windows Store (Windows 8).


Here are some examples of apps powered by Librelio:

How it works

1- Build your branded app

What you need to do first is to build your branded app.

Librelio offers an open source client app on iOS, Android and Windows 8. You can either choose a simple graphic customization, or hire a developer to make a more advanced customization, and add extra features.

Once your app has been built, you will need to submit it to the stores, and wait for approval.

If you need assistance for this phase, you can optionally choose one of Librelio's paid plans.

2- Manage your contents

After publishing your app, you will be able to update your contents without rebuilding or resubmitting your app(s).

If you have chosen Librelio's Developer or Publisher plans, you will get access to a cloud server where you can upload your new contents, and make them available for the client apps. If you have chosen our Community plan, you will need to set up this server, and develop your own custom code.

Librelio's Developer or Publisher plans give you the choice to either make your contents available for free, or sell paid publications using the "in app purchase" feature available on the 3 mobile platforms.

3- Manage your audience


You can track your app(s) using Google Analytics by default. You just need to enter your GA tracking code when building the app initially. You can also choose alternative tracking methods if needed.

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