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LibreMap submission agent for openwrt
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LibreMap agent for openwrt

This is the LibreMap submit agent for routers that run openwrt. The agent gathers information about your router and sends it to a LibreMap server (you can run your own!).


If your openwrt installation uses an opkg repository where the libremap-agent package is included then simply run

opkg update && opkg install libremap-agent

The plain libremap-agent package only uploads a minimal description of your router to a LibreMap server and you probably want to install some plugins that provide additional information (like community data, links of routing protocols like OLSR or batman-adv, ...). The following plugin packages are available:

  • luci-lib-libremap-babel - Gathers links and neighbors information from the babel protocol on the router
  • luci-lib-libremap-contact - Provide contact information of the router operator
  • luci-lib-libremap-location - Provide latitude/longitude/elevation of the router
  • luci-lib-libremap-olsr - Gathers links to OLSR neighbors (IPv4+IPv6) of the router
  • luci-lib-libremap-system - Provide information about your router (hostname, hardware, memory)


Compilation is straight forward if you know openwrt. If you're not familiar with openwrt, then check out these steps:

  1. Clone openwrt repo and change into new directory: git clone git:// && cd openwrt

  2. Add luci and libremap feeds to feeds.conf:

src-git luci git:// src-git libremap

   and enable them:

./scripts/feeds update -a ./scripts/feeds install -p luci -a ./scripts/feeds install -p libremap -a

3. Configure with `make menuconfig`. The `libremap-agent` can be found under *Utilities* and all plugins `luci-lib-libremap-*` can be found under *LuCI / Libraries*.
4. Run `make`, grab a :coffee: and use your packages under `bin/xxxx/packages/`.

## Development
Bug reports and feature requests should be filed as issues in this repository.

Feel free to extend the submit agent by enhancing an already available plugin or by writing a new one. We'd be happy to include your plugin in this repository - please file a pull request!
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