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This is the repository of the LibreMesh web pages.
All pages should be written using[asciidoc syntax].
Top level pages are located in this directory while the "Documentation"
can be found in the docs/ sub-folder.
The website is generated from asciidoc using jekyll invoked by a cron script
every 15 minutes.
In order to generate the pages locally for testing your changes,
install, issue "jekyll serve" and navigate to with your browser.
Jekyll and its dependencies can also be installed using gem and bundler:
gem install bundler
cd lime-web && bundle install
jekyll build
In Ubuntu/Debian you would need to install ruby header files
apt-get install ruby-dev
An alternative to install Jekyll and all the gems required on your system
can be to use Docker containers.
An image from the jekyll project is available and documented here:
All you need to do -provided you have Docker installed- is to open a terminal
and move to the folder where you cloned this repo and issue:
$ export JEKYLL_VERSION=3.5
docker run --rm \
--publish 4000:4000 \
--volume="$PWD:/srv/jekyll" \
-it jekyll/jekyll:$JEKYLL_VERSION \
jekyll serve
The container just created will install missing dependencies for you and will
start a developement webserver inside itself.
You then just need to open a browser visiting .
Auto refresh is available and follows the edits you make to the code on your machine
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