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Captive portal that will allow the communities to manage access to their Internet Gateways as they want.
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Voucher and Captive Portal solution for community networks

ALPHA Software, don't use in production

This tool allows an administrator to manage a voucher system to get through the gateway.

It could be used in a community that wants to share an Internet connection and for that the user's pay a fraction each, but needs the payment from everyone. So the vouchers allows to control the payments via the control of the access to Internet.


This are the currently implemented features:

  • Runs directly from the OpenWRT/LEDE router: no need for extra hardware
  • Integrates it's administration with Ubus
  • Has a command-line interface for listing, creating and removing vouchers
  • Voucher database is shared among nodes in the network

All planned features are accesible at:


This software assumes that will be running on a OpenWRT/LEDE distribution (because uses uci for config). Needs ip6tables-mod-nat and ipset packages installed.


Not clear yet, but would be something like:

  • add the libremesh software feed to opkg
  • opkg install pirania
  • opkg install pirania-app

How it works

It uses iptables rules to filter inbound connections outside the mesh network.

General overview of file hierarchy and function

    /etc/config/pirania is the UCI config
    /etc/pirania/db.csv (default path) contains the database of vouchers
    /etc/init.d/pirania-uhttpd starts a uhttpd on port 2055 that replies any request with a redirect towards a preset URL

    /usr/lib/lua/voucher/ contains lua libraries used by /usr/bin/voucher
    /usr/bin/voucher is a CLI to manage the db (has functions add_voucher, add_many_vouchers, auth_voucher, get_valid_macs, list_vouchers, remove_voucher and url)
    /usr/bin/captive-portal sets up iptables rules to capture traffic

    /usr/libexec/rpcd/pirania ubus pirania API (this is used by the web frontend)
    /usr/share/rpcd/acl.d/pirania.json ACL for the ubus pirania API

luasrc/ contains the luci-app to manage vouchers
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