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To get started, you first need some alert rules which will react to changes with your devices before raising an alert.

Creating alert rules

After that you also need to tell LibreNMS how to notify you when an alert is raised, this is done using Alert Transports.

Configuring alert transports

The next step is not strictly required but most people find it useful. Creating custom alert templates will help you get the benefit out of the alert system in general. Whilst we include a default template, it is limited in the data that you will receive in the alerts.

Configuring alert templates

Managing alerts

When an alert has triggered you will see these in the Alerts -> Notifications page within the Web UI.

This list has a couple of options available to it and we'll explain what these are here.


This column provides you visibility on the status of the alert: ack alert This alert is currently active and sending alerts. Click this icon to acknowledge the alert. unack alert This alert is currently acknowledged until the alert clears. Click this icon to un-acknowledge the alert. unack alert until fault worsens This alert is currently acknowledged until the alert worsens or gets better, at which stage it will be automatically unacknowledged and alerts will resume. Click this icon to un-acknowledge the alert.


This column will allow you access to the acknowledge/unacknowledge notes for this alert. alert notes