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Mirth MIB #2639

tylerapplebaum opened this Issue Dec 16, 2015 · 7 comments


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tylerapplebaum commented Dec 16, 2015

The MIB and OIDLIB are attached in the ZIP file. Is this something you'll support?




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laf commented Dec 18, 2015

You've not linked to a mib. However that alone isn't what we need and we will need to know what it is you want to see out of it.


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tylerapplebaum commented Dec 18, 2015

I'm looking for the Mirth connect channel stats in table form:

MIRTH-MIB|mirth connect channel stats: #[]

@f0o f0o added the MIBs label Dec 20, 2015


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laf commented Oct 9, 2016

We will need the output of snmpbulkwalk -Onet -v2c -c COMMUNITY HOSTNAME . to progress this further.


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tylerapplebaum commented Oct 10, 2016


It's attached. Thanks for sticking with this one!

@laf laf added the Device 🖥 label Oct 11, 2016


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laf commented Dec 5, 2016

Sorry about this, can you confirm more info on what Mirth is, what is the name of the actual OS.


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tylerapplebaum commented Dec 6, 2016

@laf - Mirth is an HL7 interface engine. It's Java software with Apache that runs on Linux. The shell is rather locked down, so I can't do much from the console.

An NMAP scan gives these details:

Device type: general purpose
Running: Linux 2.6.X
OS CPE: cpe:/o:linux:linux_kernel:2.6
OS details: Linux 2.6.9 - 2.6.18

laf added a commit to laf/librenms that referenced this issue Dec 6, 2016


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laf commented Dec 6, 2016

Thanks, pr submitted.

@laf laf referenced this issue Dec 6, 2016


newdevice: Added support for Mirth OS #2639 #5117

2 of 2 tasks complete

@laf laf closed this in #5117 Dec 10, 2016

laf added a commit that referenced this issue Dec 10, 2016

VimCommando added a commit to VimCommando/librenms that referenced this issue Jan 4, 2017

jhannah01 pushed a commit to jhannah01/librenms that referenced this issue Oct 22, 2017

Jon Hannah
Squashed 'html/js/moment/' changes from d5ff2cf..29afed6
29afed6 Build 2.19.1
40564b1 Bump version to 2.19.1
c623835 Update changelog for 2.19.1
fecf12e Merge pull request #4232 from moment/maggie/fixBuild
a498bb8 revert locale fallbacks in require, re-add react native aliasing
5f94d71 Merge pull request #4226 from ichernev:revert-package-json-es6
993e026 Revert "jsnext:main -> module (#3904)"
43a226e Merge pull request #4225 from ichernev:revert-require-rename
4c7e5d4 Revert "Rename dynamic require to avoid React Native crash"
5125099 Revert "Move require rename inside try/catch"
9483e2a Build 2.19.0
ba016c6 Bump version to 2.19.0
5625653 Update changelog for 2.19.0
98867b7 Merge pull request #4215 from ichernev:ts-duration-clone
8704e53 Add duration clone to TS
6115ae5 Merge pull request #4214 from ichernev:fixup-react-native-p2
79e9131 Move require rename inside try/catch
967ee9a Merge pull request #4213 from ichernev:fix-react-native
6a230ae Rename dynamic require to avoid React Native crash
36f29b3 Merge pull request #4199 from Joddsson:fix-year-setter-for-leap-years
243e4e9 Setting year from feb 29 on leap year to a non leap year returned mar 1.
c037874 Merge pull request #4131 from mikeparas:mismatch-weekday
a8ba52e Fix code style error
6734504 Update tests for mismatching weekday
f65950f Fix day-of-week validation (issue #4112)
1ba87ac Merge pull request #4062 from ashsearle:fix/3960
26d3fed FFS
a982e89 Use strict operator
10518ac Rewrite for clarity, and add more unit tests
7b7e44c Fix: Math.sign isn't supported by IE
effaf87 Fix toString for durations with mixed sign
9a010fd Merge pull request #4063 from ashsearle/fix/3997
a9728d0 Merge pull request #4146 from ashsearle/fix/4145
2a55d07 Reimplement fix: minimize and simplify change.
5b5e21f Fix v2: Some numbers still led to floating-point errors
d031c5d Fix #4145: floating-point errors in ISO duration format
7ff10bd Merge pull request #4093 from JimiHFord:patch-1
1348cf1 improve formatting
a739422 Merge pull request #4088 from keirog:develop
6ad7ab5 Add missing word to comment
eef541e Merge pull request #3839 from FourwingsY:develop
7bd4dd8 ndo the changes to locale/ko.js
69be366 fix ordinalMonth testing
b20a979 update ko.js weekly ordering test
de52ab2 update src/locale/ko.js
fc8c624 update ordinal format in korean locale
c870878 Merge pull request #3930 from kkopanidis:fix1
aaeb5e6 Add strict parsing test for es-do
a65bcc5 - Changed test
41efc3e - Changed test
40dafd3 Revert: - Fixing issue #3132
696e3a7 - Fixing issue #3132
c00cb92 - Fixing
2a584dd Merge pull request #4108 from ichernev:fixup-rfc2822
695ee5b Make jshint happy
ba763de Fix rfc2822 multiple issues
20a0db6 Merge pull request #4034 from ovangle:fix/4033
6437917 Add typescript declaration for moment.RFC_2822
49819dc Merge pull request #4042 from ovangle:fix-4031
8d2df8c Fix #4031 - Missing ES6 module during tree shaking
e2fcca2 Merge pull request #4058 from waclawjacek:pl_next_week_day_declension
4f82466 Adding a fix for Polish next week day name declension.
2b51817 Merge pull request #4079 from ashsearle:fix/4072
b97f083 Fix #4072: Use indexOf util for IE8 compatibility
619d0d2 Revert "Merge pull request #3848 from marwahaha:add-coveralls"
2847a99 Merge pull request #4080 from ashsearle:fix/4078
bd3d100 Fix comment
c67543a Use notEqual for clarity
77b2a3b Fix #4078: Implement a clone method for durations
0d0b291 Merge pull request #4077 from Petrukha:fix3985
c293d4b Fix #3985 code review changes
77307e7 Fix #3985 fix Invalid date for RFC 2822 with some refactoring
76f3ca0 Merge pull request #4017 from erhangundogan:4006-calendar-tr-issue
cfd0275 tr locale update regarding to calendar lastWeek, nestWeek issue
9083ea8 Merge pull request #4007 from kshitijb:develop
4025ba4 Using character class instead of non capturing group
3f9bf53 Added tests for + sign
e390a15 Updated regex to support + sign in between the string
279ada1 Support "+" / positive sign as well.
fceb92c Merge pull request #4003 from rubycut:patch-1
7a5ead8 remove tests when installing moment through bower
8f75a05 Merge pull request #3947 from rentalhost:locale-pt-br
bc032f7 Added tests to "ss" threshold localization to pt-br;
c5e2403 Updating "ss" threshold localization to pt-br;
54121cb Merge pull request #3933 from mestremuten:locale-ca-cldr
cdaab77 Adapt [ca] locale to Unicode CLDR data
1e65a6f Merge pull request #3924 from xizhao:patch-1
5acc5c5 Add license report and scan status
8d169c7 Merge pull request #3915 from kaypro4:pt-locale-month-lowercase
0b979b9 Lowercase the first letters of months in Portuguese
d0db697 Merge pull request #3902 from sgorsh:develop
1760cc2 Added isObjectEmpty benchmark.
d150dc7 Use getOwnPropertyNames to check for empty object.
9b1707a Use Object.keys for empty object check - improves performance.
e068fde Merge pull request #3894 from kkopanidis:develop
a8f056e - Whitespace fixes
30ed65b --
1ec7752 test for issue #3132 - TODO: less issue specific
e25a2d7 - Changed test
ad13d23 - Changed test
91c400a -Code formatting revert
1dd2ab6 -Revert space changes
11bc49e -Fixed es error for DD-MMM-YYY format -Added a simple test to confirm
76e0e17 Merge pull request #3877 from marwahaha:fix/3487
d5bd278 Fix node 0.12 tests
db2d2a8 Remove RTL scraping from preparse
f5953bd Merge pull request #3875 from marwahaha:fix/3358
475d4c1 Do not use recursion, fixup #3875
dfd7bce Add tests for daysInMonth overflow behavior
9245568 Write test for Feb 29 0000 validity
41d900c Calculate daysInMonth without Date()
71c41b1 Merge pull request #3850 from bustta:develop
c4703dc add locale es-us
7c3d1ea Merge pull request #3848 from marwahaha:add-coveralls
7099140 Add coveralls testing to travis build
759b4a4 Merge pull request #3829 from Seldaek:german-fixes
f5005f5 Fix up month abbreviations in german locales, fixes #3803
2bbf05b Merge pull request #3724 from zhkuskov:patch-1
0c79b2c Fix #3724, change correct files, fix tests
30a3fc9 Update ru.js
d27bbca Merge pull request #4106 from ichernev:drop-is-numeric
0aa39fa Drop isNumeric utility fn
10135c3 Merge pull request #4105 from ichernev:rename-gu-in
c315345 Rename gu-IN locale to gu
8919a98 Added Gujarati locale for moment (#4004)
dccd388 Add bambara language. (#4001)
431bf1f NL and BE locale weekDaysMin should not be capitalized, updated to lowercase. (#3961)
a22d8f7 #1428: Updated Danish 'L' dateformat to use dots rather than slashes, aligning with article from DSN. (#3945)
6e00c1e update travis to only test back to node 4
aea6a97 jsnext:main -> module (#3904)
555c00d Fix localeData months on Greek (#3868)
62d62bc Merge pull request #3854 from kienpham2000/switch
6ae49d6 Merge pull request #3735 from wi-ski/developmentsetter_garbage_fixusingIsNaN
f206152 Merge pull request #4061 from NTag/develop
01f84a1 Fix moment issue #3997
d9cc5ef Fix #4060: bundle.generate returns a Promise now
b8a7fc3 Build 2.18.1
4119adf Bump version to 2.18.1
93e0019 Update changelog for 2.18.1
863f861 Merge pull request #3853 from shmendo:develop
2b3d9f5 compute monthDiff only for the type that needs it
0863827 convert long ternary operator to switch for easier readability
394a1f6 Fixed issue with a whitespace character which caused an error in the browser during parsing in Chrome.
f2af24d Build 2.18.0
54a6fe0 Bump version to 2.18.0
514113d Update changelog for 2.18.0
562a38b Revert "Merge pull request #3666 from josephjaniga:calendar-overload-formats"
8cd97f2 Revert "Merge pull request #3786 from netguru:develop"
20f395e Merge pull request #3847 from moment:fix/3631
43e92fa Fix lint errors
c9d4cc5 Filter out en from locales
7ccee7c Merge pull request #3840 from marwahaha:fix/windows-dev
552dbb9 Use npm to run typescript tests
859b986 Merge pull request #3828 from moment/meteor-readme-simplification
30f169a Simplify Meteor Readme
7785323 Merge pull request #3793 from fbonzon:ordinal-parse
ad683fd Fixup new locales
46bba4e Add fallback for lenient parsing
07bffcd Add fallback for old name ordinalParse
8839a2e Sync with develop branch
1f613c2 Rename ordinalParse → dayOfMonthOrdinalParse
ff89eba Merge pull request #3819 from sschueller:develop
699a4bc Update de-ch header
2771325 Added de_CH (German Switzerland)
6eb0715 Added de_CH (German Switzerland)
36ff612 Added de_CH (German Switzerland) Test
56fde68 Added de_CH (German Switzerland) according to Weisungen der Bundeskanzlei
7b2c12e Merge pull request #3800 from lashad:patch-2
55820da change the tests to meet grammar issue in ka.js file.
0432eb7 Update ka.js
c9822be Merge pull request #3790 from fbonzon:fr-ordinal
dc508d8 Align code formatting of fr-ch, fr-ca and fr locales
6409bef Honor grammatical gender for ordinals in French locale
7589bb8 Merge pull request #3708 from TracyGJG:develop
25f0dce Further correction
fd5df5b Zulu conversion correction.
6773394 Testcases revised to track down issue.
e37659c Correction to military case insensitive time zone
80d1e15 Enhanced positive test cases to include a variety of time zone/offsets. Made the military time zone case insensitive in line with specification.
f32a601 Changed parsingFlags().rfc2822 from a function call
8d6c97b Checking rfc2822 parsingFlags
b020932 Missing semi-colons added.
e58c42b Positive and Negative RFC2822 testCases streamlined.
55583a7 rfc2822 ParsingFlags moved to the bottom of the parsing code.
108d006 Update from-string.js
d07c05d Update from-string.js
332db3b Update from-string.js
338ebee Update from-string.js
85e9b63 Update parsing-flags.js
3a9451c Update relative_time.js
739ba8a Revert "Further style correction."
ca4ff20 Further style correction.
de40da5 Style correction.
5a211c6 Parsing flag weekdayMismatch added and applied to the RFC parse validation.
55c58d5 Removed the breaking comments in the test case.
0ad7951 Correction: Style of comment!
8756826 Retest rfc2822
4f2db07 Trial day-of-week validation using a vanilla Date object.
9d849f3 Removed import of moment library.
f873962 Revoked weekday check and test
915219e Style correction
940e59d Further trial
b3048d7 Trial validation of weekday
a8bec68 Removed rfc2822 prefix from internal variables.
aa9aea4 Test case 'RFC2822 datetime with CFWSs' revised to replace the template literal with a complex string.
576af81 Revised RFC2822 regular expressions
af60c89 Near-candidate solution
42a0c3f Timezone/offset processing added.
e3666e8 Work in Progress - Do Not Merge
820a24c Merge pull request #3671 from marcoil:locale_ca_add_de
1881b4b Improved Catalan localization
6361e74 Merge pull request #3814 from dimkinv:develop
19b313d Moment interface now extends Object to inherit toString() function
8adecd1 Merge pull request #3812 from webbiesdk:ts-fixes
22d019c Small fixes to the .d.ts file
a77dc0e Merge pull request #3817 from billschaller:patch-2
7e1f710 [Easy] Don't enumerate momentProperties with 'in'
238929d Merge pull request #3815 from marwahaha:fix/3702
e0f203c Add a test
83d34b0 Add typings for weeks on DurationInputObject
1d70961 Merge pull request #3806 from timfish:develop
76bf51e code style
197f989 revert two missed files
629630f @ichernev tips
97e1d8b I should probably run the code style tests locally...
b2baed3 code style
ff1efd4 code style
d9ce7f0 get tests passing
ac8b52e another code style issue
00f2565 Fix code style errors
53101f3 Add localeData tests
25e5ec5 Fix code style errors
29bedd0 Fix issue #3805
63a0ad9 Merge pull request #3792 from nusretparlak:develop
f56895d Remove locale/ar-kw.js (autogen later)
03048ff Ar-KW Test Updated
ee10f52 Ar-KW Test Updated
753e5e2 Ar-Kw(Kuwait) Language Test Package Added .
b8b720d Ar-Kw(Kuwait) Language Package Added
8ca50f1 Day of week updated.
a961a2e Ar-Kw(Kuwait) Language Package Added .
b1862fd Merge pull request #3786 from netguru:develop
6848b18 Do not mess up with global.window
40e0d67 OS-29 Detect user locale in a browser when a 'default' sting is passed to the locale method
a3ab616 Merge pull request #3780 from marwahaha:patch/3765
8566826 Ensure year 0 is displayed with YYYY
b592f68 Make suggested fix by @vagsa2
2d7fea5 Merge pull request #3778 from WikiDiscoverer:patch-1
770833a Create gom-latn.js
37587a1 Merge pull request #3776 from fbonzon:https
435dca5 Prefer HTTPS links when they exist
24510e0 Merge pull request #3773 from keheliya:master
7ca5f7d moving install commands to install phase
32438b4 Merge pull request #3766 from EzequielB:k_and_kk_parsing_support
073d315 Add support for k and kk format parsing
8446fb3 Merge pull request #3747 from mperrando:fix-italian-grammar
0b1e5c6 Weekdays must be written with lowercase initial.
ed1fc74 Merge pull request #3738 from pndewit:develop
38844ac Remove s/ss global flag
9a7ada4 implements optional threshold for a few seconds to %d seconds: #2558
14b29f6 Merge pull request #3726 from nasserghiasi:develop
5004252 fix context in persian (fa) locale files
3491829 Merge pull request #3737 from hupfis:patch-1
b151a81 Fix formatting of changelog
c338954 Merge pull request #3787 from marwahaha:fix/3717
83fd287 Move logic to overflow section
ac5f4f2 Force day-of-year to nonzero parsing
c2ea3cb Merge pull request #3753 from Rasulbeeek:develop
b22a774 added uzbek latin locale
35b77d3 Merge pull request #3750 from rajeevnaikte:kannada_locale
8b638ee Add locale for Kannada
bf7ab87 Merge pull request #3712 from marwahaha:fix/3693
1f8efb4 Use isFunction instead of instanceof Function
e4364f5 Merge pull request #3710 from moment:maggie/isostringnull
8c81bd9 toISOString returns null for invalid date
c2c8860 Merge pull request #3707 from miestasmia:develop
90f565f Add missing credit to header in Esperanto locale
1bbe442 Fix various different grammatical errors in Esperanto locale
3d22d17 Merge pull request #3701 from gregpabian:fix/locale-specifier-typings
82b6eb6 Fixed up invalid typings for LocaleSelector.
9b738aa Merge pull request #3695 from nwhittaker:develop
98daf44 Adjust Thai localized short date format to read day/month/year (moment/moment#3692).
5e84443 Merge pull request #3676 from Dok11:develop
5a8c028 Fix fatal error
a2df2a3 Merge pull request #3666 from josephjaniga:calendar-overload-formats
195d8dd fixed comment per request
277d792 Removed trailing space...
48dac46 Issue no. 3658 adding overload for single parameter to calendar function
a52400e Merge pull request #3664 from FindHotel:pt_weekdays
6c1364b All weekdays min values in pt and pt-BR with 2 characters.
ef0f548 Merge pull request #3659 from narainsagar:sindhi-locale-support
eb581ab Added Sindhi locale support
e76d361 Merge pull request #3654 from codenhagen:develop
158f914 Fixed locale typos and errors
5c54613 Merge pull request #3643 from moment:maggie/offsetminutesashours
fee7911 fix conversion of parsed offset to hours
363626c Merge pull request #3641 from ibnesayeed:develop
1447907 Added a fallback point of contact
b83aa0c Added unit tests for Urdu locale
fe610ea Added meridiem and formatting improvements
338e719 Indentation corrected
8bda446 Added Urdu locale translations
a05fbb2 Merge pull request #3611 from marwahaha:patch-3225
5b88a92 Create moment.duration.invalid()
30ec96f Make rest of code review changes
0e1edd9 Make easy changes as per code review
77f5da6 Add validity check for decimal values on non-smallest duration unit
bd6c67d Add second invalid duration test case
e3c482b Fix duration functions to follow tests
ccdc991 Write duration-invalid tests
b7b911b Replace arrow function
43610d1 Return invalid date for humanize if duration is invalid
7a36cb4 Add accessor function to isValid
a8639a4 Create _isValid property for durations
2d5c9f6 Merge pull request #3608 from jasonkb:standardizedcjktimeformats
28d03bf Revert LLL and LLLL in zh-cn to what it was.
431f0d2 12-hour time for Korean
f38d69c Standardize CJK time formats.
a3dc5c7 Merge pull request #3559 from captbaritone:undefined-unify
5166fd1 Clean up ussage of `typeof`
b4f8d0e Merge pull request #3351 from colus001:develop
a079069 Update ko.js
ebc2fd2 Change '일분' to '1분'
d28a819 Merge pull request #3337 from skfd:feature-minify-without-comments
530c7e9 Give explicit reg exp for filtering comments.
b36ae1c Merge pull request #3799 from ichernev:fix-tests
b5d8f03 Fix test broken only in March
6bcb87e Changed setter check behavior to use isNaN() for checking whether an input is a valid value
5deaff1 Removed unwarranted spaces, changed illegal quotes
aa7aabc Added semicolon to helper
6fad4a2 Added new line in helper file
ab08b1e Added helper 'isNumeric' to test values for validity in setters
b8a297c Build 2.17.1
2a85168 Bump version to 2.17.1
4537db5 Update changelog for 2.17.1
372dfd1 Merge pull request #3640 from ichernev:rm-bg-x
f317011 Fix comment in Yoruba (yo) locale
fa8a0aa Remove mistakenly commited bg-x locale
aedd0dd Merge pull request #3638 from ichernev:fix-ts2
b1d5fa8 Change typescript version back to 1.8.10 and remove strictNullChecks
0a361fa Remove null from typescrip tests
5a1843d Replace null/undefined with void in moment.d.ts to fix pre 2.0 typescript users
1392ce1 Merge pull request #3628 from skfd/feature-sign-cla-link
d1c9243 Adds "sign CLA" link to ``.
4710a79 Build 2.17.0
14f80a5 Bump version to 2.17.0
b1e5aa9 Update changelog for 2.17.0
82ec22c Merge pull request #3597 from vanillajonathan:patch-1
f4ca785 Fixed capitalization
c891a4f Merge pull request #3591 from tiagoefmoraes:fix_3589
2cfb22b Proper support for null and undefined for typescript 2.0
d7dc91d Merge branch 'develop' of into development
d739027 update typescript to 2.0.8, add strictNullChecks=true and fix CalendarSpec type #3589
fae8004 Merge pull request #3435 from andela-batolagbe:add-yoruba-locale
8f3ba55 add locale for Yoruba, Nigeria
f8b4a0e Merge pull request #3504 from willdembinski:development
9fa4d84 Fix for conditional in src/lib/units/offset.js:164 - I interpreted this is as simply not catching  being a falsy (but assumedly valid) time zone modifier (_tzm?) of 0
fefc7c8 Merge pull request #3506 from samuelfullerthomas:develop
4ba3f90 Update invalid date check in tests
65a1fc8 fix linting errors
26039f9 add validation for moments with invalid dates at construction
104cf6e Merge pull request #3563 from pereorga:devel
5606951 Improve Catalan localization
93d1a67 Merge pull request #3595 from davidxmoody:develop
e172cce Fix accidental reference to global "value" variable
4d0f36f Fix linter issue
37d55e6 Fix nuget-publish task
73f3c91 Build 2.16.0
ee3b697 Bump version to 2.16.0
d51a257 Update changelog for 2.16.0
b127b89 Merge pull request #3581 from ichernev:fix-parse-zone
94aee09 Fix parseZone, redo #3504
a8dcd91 Use Function constructor in place of eval for rollup's satisfaction
2c372df Merge pull request #3571 from captbaritone:is-number
83dedaa Introduce isNumber function
f6b13a7 Merge pull request #3570 from captbaritone:bool-check-develop
20841c7 Avoid boolean type check
1a8243f Merge pull request #3366 from eximius313:patch-3
b665f0c Change weekdays short in pl
cea1bd1 Update tests
270d7f2 Merge pull request #3342 from catalpainternational:develop
e693b28 Fix tdt -> tet in locale comment
5b76fb6 Add locale and test for Tetum (tet) locale
70c0f76 Merge pull request #3231 from glenjamin:inspect
63c3b92 Add moment.inspect() for friendly console output
0394ade Merge pull request #3393 from noureddineme:develop
9872d5a Adding locale for Algeria
0ad3055 Merge pull request #3416 from kevinzwhuang:migrate-nl-locales
afdf03a Cleanup nl-nl in favor of nl
b841017 Restore ancestor nl locale for nl-nl and nl-be
e934def Create nl-be (Belgium) locale & redefine nl (Netherlands) to nl-nl
0e001fe Merge pull request #3429 from judikdavid:update-hu-locale
b0b015b Update hu.js locale
5d16ed3 Merge pull request #3448 from tomalec:patch-1
16fe21f Add and typing-tests to bower ignores
8a1cd61 Merge pull request #3490 from ichernev:fix-ts
ed610b6 Remove TODO
d9c9597 Remove most commented code and add proper deprecation
f574661 Fix date shortcut
675cfa1 Finish locale refactor, todos and tests.
8c0c6a3 Second batch, finished moment and duration protos
a1bd612 First batch fixing #3419: approx until moment.fn.lang
39026d2 Merge pull request #3498 from RIanDeLaCruz:develop
e954f2f Fix sameDay translation
0dddad8 Update tl-ph test
2d3e25f Update tl-ph.js
68a68b8 Merge pull request #3502 from markstos:fix-3500-iso-regex-problem
e11791d Fix invalid ISO format dates in the test suite.
9459859 Fix #3500: ISO 8601 parsing should match the full string, not the beginning of the string.
47cffae Merge pull request #3515 from markstos:hotfix-issue-2300
20c140a Fix #2300: Default to current week.
66721ca Merge pull request #3523 from icambron:parseZone
287b9d5 parseZone should handle UTC
03d7831 Merge pull request #3530 from johncrisostomo:develop
055bd6b fixes issue #3529
0085966 Merge pull request #3573 from ichernev:rm-babel
4acb990 Remove babel from rollup+babel combo to speed up build (and we're not using it anyway)
31e82c7 Merge pull request #3538 from meteor:fix-issue-3531
cc9a07d Publish Meteor package from meteor directory to fix #3531.
eb1db7c Merge pull request #3543 from ichernev:ar-sa-dow
2d06a07 [ar-sa] Change start of week from Saturday to Sunday
e107f50 Merge pull request #3546 from ichernev:fix-locale-race
a83615a Implement lazy-loading of child locales with missing prents
a4de1ca Merge pull request #3545 from ichernev:babel-redo
257791d Use ES5 for transpile script, too much meta
faa85ed Random thing failing around DST
b4bd22f jshint satisfaction
a198148 Add rollup and rollup-plugin-babel to package.json
036a64c Fix moment-with-locales and customization and add locale parent checks
a1e6947 Fix transpile-row and make linter happy
1ae579e Apply custom header to generated files
2cf3fa8 Remove unused templates
dc3cbfb Initial working version
7873743 Merge pull request #3567 from ichernev:drop-0.10-travis
61057c2 Drop 0.10 environment from .travis.yml
3891698 Fix buggy test around DST
ff06ec5 license typo
2012904 update contributing and license for JS Foundation
e95ce52 Update for  check,
c790f4f Update
dc1e659 Build 2.15.2
764faae Bump version to 2.15.2
85d8101 Update changelog for 2.15.2
4149ae0 Merge pull request #3466 from tgfjt:fix/japanese-javanese
c0cab6a Fix typo of Javanese
663f33e Merge pull request #3525 from ichernev:speedup-regex
fa9c4d9 Speedup lithuanian month standalone/format RegExp
a7a0cd0 Speedup default month format/standalone regex
2c15d36 Added comment as requested in:
9c2136c Fix for conditional in src/lib/units/offset.js:164 - I interpreted this is as simply not catching  being a falsy (but assumedly valid) time zone modifier (_tzm?) of 0
986dba9 Build 2.15.1
9588468 Bump version to 2.15.1
0df008d Update changelog for 2.15.1
0d67e7e Merge pull request #3438 from ichernev:fix-locale-autoload
b8042c6 Revert "Merge pull request #3344 from yiminghe:module_require"
e90e864 Merge pull request #3404 from anotheredward/patch-1
497f918 Update Moment.js.nuspec authors and put releaseNotes (not used for 2.15.0 unfortunately)
f32e2e5 Add meteor/package.js to bump version script
a262292 Use fixed version in meteor/package.js
c587bf0 Build 2.15.0
9c8cef7 Bump version to 2.15.0
ec9813e Update changelog for 2.15.0
7706054 Merge pull request #3427 from ichernev:fix-ie8
c3988f1 Detect Date().toISOString before using it in tests for IE8
c80a4df Exclude ro locale from weekday parsing safety checks
504d957 Fix isObject in IE8
ccbd89a Merge pull request #3345 from webbiesdk:updateTo214
c994108 Updated the declaration file. Added locales, new since 2.12 Added a new overload of isoWeekday, which is possible since the input is passed through `parseIsoWeekday` since 2.14 Added defaultFormatUtc, new since 2.13.
9d9cd86 Merge pull request #3323 from seansfkelley:union-types-for-typings
0866ff9 Make moment's typings for parsing stricter and also allow them to accept union types.
b5c51dd Merge pull request #3316 from gachou:develop
c44a022 Add #creationData() to TypeScript interface in moment.d.ts
9b5695b Merge pull request #3303 from poke:develop
1e1c22d Add date to UnitOfTime
6f3d87a Merge pull request #3282 from johnnyreilly:develop
12b4fc7 Make sure to run typescript tests with regular tests
2c23c88 Do NOT depend on global typescript installation
cc0a85f Drop usage of moduleResolution
52246f2 Moved to use Grunt approach to run TypeScript tests as suggested here:
6a8626f Trigger npm run test-typings in Travis CI build
856a706 Add TypeScript as a dev dependency
24f0e20 Add tests for moment.d.ts
b9a59ea Merge pull request #3273 from tamird:patch-1
1505c97 Include moment.d.ts file in packages (jspm)
f443825 Merge pull request #3398 from JohnMacAslan:shorten-thai-LT
78a7aad shorten Thai LT and LTS formats
7f94e51 Merge pull request #3396 from fidelpita:develop
29b1721 Corrections to Galician locale
d09ff3d Merge pull request #3388 from CorasWorksSolutions:develop
e387157 Update deprecate function to expand values of an argument which is an object
de7bfe0 Update deprecation message for non ISO dates to be more explicit
de9799b Merge pull request #3383 from ben-ng:develop
f975373 Incorporate discussed changes
161bddf Fix isValid so that toJSON works after a moment is frozen
71f215b Merge pull request #3381 from schempy:hotfix-issue-3083
b2ee2d4 Fixed parseZone without timezone returning unexpected result
dca93a4 Merge pull request #3372 from joineral32:develop
6f9f5b0 Added benchmarks for some supported operations
cbc3621 Merge pull request #3356 from shaishavgandhi05:develop
0e17002 Added commits
e0ceab4 Changed 'DD. MM. YYYY' to 'DD.MM.YYYY'
bb6a30e Merge pull request #3344 from yiminghe:module_require
a8ed716 use module.require for nodejs
d4c5f8e Merge pull request #3339 from jfarid27:fix-issue-3338
2b340a5 fixes #3338
d48c073 Merge pull request #3333 from skfd:feature-loc-zh-hk
e2df5ad fix comments
503baaf `zh-hk` support.
d09f1d1 Merge pull request #3326 from abeja-inc:develop
46c2b2e Japanese to JaVanese in jv.js
25f7d7c Merge pull request #3322 from pranjalk:develop
cc01523 Update
5350e77 Merge pull request #3317 from Nicolaidavies:patch-1
3cd578a Change Locale name
626bd19 Merge pull request #3312 from sibennayak:fix/3284
cc5b7fb Drop unused import
622e313 Fixed a jscs error
a9308bb Added Unit tests (refs #3284)
37cb8b7 Fix for locale-data without moment (fixes #3284)
8cba0f5 Merge pull request #3310 from shakib609:locale_bn_fix
ce8f2f1 Update some bengali translations
f907f6b Merge pull request #3299 from jorrit:patch-1
bc3d1e0 Remove npmignore file from npm package
6848096 Merge pull request #3276 from not-an-aardvark:issue3266
902b3db Use extra duration precision for rounding
0d9b7af Ensure that millisecond durations are parsed from .NET timestamps
6cf3f1f Merge pull request #3267 from kikoanis:develop
63621e3 Add full locale name in comment
3a4c895 Undo changes to component.json
bd74eeb removing ./locale/ar-ly/js
494f210 Added ar-ly locale test
6620436 Added ar-ly locale test
39e20f6 Added ar-ly locale
2afd32c Merge pull request #3259 from middagj:fix-nl-parse-month
118d63c Parse Dutch abbreviated month name without dot
ae03e51 Merge pull request #3255 from johnideal:add-maori
4a831c5 Minor changes
daaa936 add contact / author info
b79ad7b add maori (mi-nz)
ee4d674 Fix flaky test
54e154b Merge pull request #3055 from ichernev:locale-scripts
20e74aa Add find-commenters option to the script
03a01d1 Initial version of script for dealing with locale authors
8602f49 Make sure all locales have authors with github links
d56daad add license to bower.json
826c498 Merge pull request #3186 from maggiepint/issueTemplates
9622b26 Add more info about nuget setup
227746b Build 2.14.1
e9d2560 Bump version for 2.14.1
39e1033 Changelog for 2.14.1
d2c82f5 Merge pull request #3280 from todd/fix_typings
d32e72c :bug: Fix Typings
d40760a Build 2.14.0
445f5be Bump version to 2.14.0
7cb51f6 Update changelog for 2.14.0
9c04c82 Remove calendarFormat from moment.fn (its under moment.calendarFormat)
5997543 Merge pull request #3275 from ichernev:ts-2.14.0
9f7e20b Update typescript definitions with 2.14.0 changes
5fcecb5 Merge pull request #3063 from ichernev:add-member-info
f271e0c Add info on becoming a team member
d675e20 Merge pull request #3272 from ichernev:fix-af-march
80e2d89 Fix Afrikaans March abbr
8e081f1 Fix rest of locale comments
4b3fc58 Change locale comments
60212c4 moment issue template
470490a Merge pull request #3235 from ichernev:fix-locales
f29eaf5 Cleanup day-of-week
081a482 Replace hacks with harder to spot ones
9175f82 Use proper locale inheritance for the base locale
b812d4b Merge pull request #3252 from jasperSpeicher:patch-1
073a475 Add weeks to Duration interface
a2c9e3e Merge pull request #3244 from jvanoostveen:dts
474a7f8 Added updateLocale() in the moment namespace.
2af5a1e Fixed return type in d.ts file for isDuration.
fb9a5c3 Merge pull request #3082 from dasa:amd-moment
ba4598f Use relative amd moment dependency
5dd306c Merge pull request #3241 from middagj:compute-regex-escape-fix
27d25d3 Minor refactor
be2468e Escape all 24 mixed pieces, not only first 12
a4883b5 Merge pull request #3234 from ichernev:fix-mwl-comment
89fa774 Add comment on top of moment-with-locales.js
3ec23a5 Merge pull request #3233 from ichernev:mont-is-format-lt
46500ad Update isFormat to handle Do MMMM as well as MMMM Do
bef8102 Introduce month.isFormat for format/standalone discovery
79597d1 Merge pull request #3236 from Moeriki:develop
182f778 add() defaults string specifier to milliseconds
800fba5 Merge pull request #3238 from ichernev:fix-empty-obj
761865b Make jscs happy
76fea37 Handle empty object and empty array for creation as now
f01ca7a Merge pull request #3232 from ichernev:neg-0-diff
1682723 Fix negative 0 in certain diff cases
0a7e286 Merge pull request #3230 from maggiepint:dateWithDateFormat
4b05b20 fix passing date with format string to ignore format string
76c0c23 Merge pull request #3213 from david-driscoll:patch-2
171ce25 Update moment.d.ts
b06f137 Merge pull request #3192 from nickmessing:develop
fdf307b Adding support for rollup import.
1df38b4 Merge pull request #3191 from jonathathan:develop
697203b toDate: remove ternary, add unit test
b4b4efe toDate returns a copy of the internal date object
5f93a8a Merge pull request #3183 from sokolovstas:master
81bc463 Added missing functions to moment.d.ts
07358ff Merge pull request #3177 from nvdh:bugfix-2704
f9cd922 Style changes in parseIsoWeekday
2f7af1e Fixes #2704 - isoWeekday(String) inconsistent with isoWeekday(Number)
e3439fa Merge pull request #3175 from maggiepint:calendarExtend
0c0f40b make moment calendar extensible with ad-hoc options
3227fff Merge pull request #3160 from maggiepint:deprecateDSTShifted
ecefea5 deprecate isDSTShifted
961e277 Merge pull request #3157 from Pephers:develop
92926b0 Add Dominican Republic Spanish (es-do)
4f347ef Merge pull request #3155 from Knagis:develop
7cacef4 Make jscs happy
7586fa2 Added tests for LV locale
cf8ad4a Fixed Latvian locale - 'After 211 years'
204bf43 Merge pull request #3152 from aijo:thai-month-fixed
3195db2 Revert changes to locale/*
cd641f0 Fixed short thai months with unit-test
f0cd1c7 Fixed short thai months
8fa1934 Merge pull request #3147 from generalov:patch-1
f2c17e0 Call calendar format function with moment context
6d72a46 Merge pull request #3135 from tomvlk:develop
d961520 Fixing argument type for updateLocale in definition file.
24a7abe Adding updateLocale and defineLocale to typescript definition.
695f070 Drop non-LTS node versions from travis
22c9c34 Merge pull request #3129 from david-driscoll:david-driscoll-patch-1
7aa8201 isDate, isMoment, isDuration as guard methods
76f8108 Merge pull request #3127 from socketpair:rmofix
3b6a4aa Fix russian locale regexps
ca51844 Merge pull request #3122 from blakeembrey:update-ts-def
00af5ea Improve `diff` argument name
6c65ffa Merge pull request #3119 from hehachris:chris/zh-tw-improvement
798a159 Update test cases
aba4cfd Update zh-tw translations
6db3218 Merge pull request #3115 from maggiepint:linkChanges
46b7f2b update links to direct to guides section
9aed9c5 Merge pull request #3112 from marijaselakovic:develop
72f57b2 optimize configFromStringAndFormat
00d924a Merge pull request #3008 from maggiepint:objectSetter
7f7993d object set ordering
f4ab83e Merge pull request #3237 from ichernev:fix-cs
51d5dc5 Redo #2997, fix #2016
c37aa84 Merge pull request #2848 from numeraltwo:develop
f3cd368 Allow user to get/set the rounding method used when calculating relative time
9b8a187 Merge pull request #3218 from monoblaine:jscs-editing
df2b9e0 Fix code style errors reported by jscs
5653342 Fix jscs 3.0 error: 'The `esnext` option is enabled by default.'
aea2a89 Include moment.d.ts file in packages (npm)
d6651c2 Build 2.13.0
54ec69a Bump version to 2.13.0
bf914c3 Update changelog for 2.13.0
81859d2 Fix indexOf and Object.keys for IE8
3a3e6cc Merge pull request #2916 from gdi2290:typings-support
f339260 Update typescript definitions for 2.13.0
43ddc40 feat: moment.d.ts
126c592 Merge pull request #2901 from JunhoKim01:patch-1
63da4b8 Update ko.js
339b0a2 Merge pull request #3015 from gaplo917:develop
29e863e Resolve issue #3014 inconsistent relativeTime locale in zh-tw
d1332bc Merge pull request #3023 from sereysethy:develop
410af94 Fix locale for khmer (km) - miss spelling of March
adb7472 Merge pull request #3024 from talgautb:develop
200f7db Change months, weekdays to lowercase
a3393d2 Merge pull request #3028 from mj1856:fix-for-3016
7d367f5 Fix issue with DST transition in Chinese locale
e4856c9 Merge pull request #3030 from ksnabb:develop
2a0738e added kl. to the swedish translations
ba6f5f3 Merge pull request #3070 from Chyngyz:develop
ea895da Update and rename kg.js to ky.js
a50b6c4 Update and rename kg.js to ky.js
b1f3e76 Added Kyrgyz_kg locale
3c8ea4d Add exact parsing for weekdays in siswati, rel #3081
a1bd429 Merge pull request #3081 from Nicolaidavies:develop
fbb0dc5 Fix spelling
7c5855e Add siSwati (ss) locale
5df9e18 Merge pull request #3089 from flugger:patch-1
d34aa3d Fix nn locale test
ea85ce1 Update nn locale as well
86760b5 Update locale test
9a4cc03 Change string in nb locale
aaefcb8 Revert change in wrong file
d536c4d Update norwegian locale
5a93650 Merge pull request #3098 from lcarva:default-utc-formatting
c593737 Using Z suffix when in UTC mode (#3020)
6558bdb Merge pull request #3109 from wadahiro:threadsafe_on_server_side
eb337b9 Fix #1756 Resolved thread-safe issue on server side.
544a059 Merge pull request #2995 from akura-co:develop
968c44a Added tests for #2978
0cdad3f Using 1000 * 60 * 60 instead of 36e5 to avoid floating point rounding errors
6592ad9 Merge pull request #2955 from stephenreddek:develop
31a3338 added parsing negative components in durations when ISO 8601
5393485 Merge pull request #2982 from datyayu:develop
bcbd728 Add 'date' as alias to 'day' for startOf() and endOf()
670d6c2 Merge pull request #2991 from dbkirk4211:develop
8b4a7ac Refactored isBetween, related to #2991
90efd78 Added inclusivity param to isBetween Method
18d65b9 Merge pull request #3059 from maggiepint:diffNegZero
9a7c546 fix bug where diff returns -0 in month-related diffs
e52fd3a Merge pull request #3036 from mj1856:set-across-dst
09397bc Setting year should keep time when offset changes
b2cf25d Merge pull request #3060 from andrewhood125:ps
74d9a1f Fix x-pseudo test issues
82ddf62 Add pseduo locale (x-pseudo)
16d9750 Add custom month regexes for Russian (fixes #2977)
6c6989e Merge pull request #2977 from socketpair:rufix3
df479ac Russian locale: Сокращения названий месяцев
486a9db Merge pull request #3102 from not-an-aardvark:kk-format-token
4609376 Add k and kk formatting tokens
84da7c2 Merge pull request #3093 from moment:timrwood/remove-old-tasks
8a4857e Remove old unused grunt tasks
2749f08 Merge pull request #2877 from topaxi:explict-valueof
b576d2f Use explicit .valueOf() calls instead of coercion
1a460a9 Merge pull request #3105 from ichernev:add-locale-sorted-weekdays
08b2661 Add localeSorted argument to weekday listers
e7bb14a Merge pull request #3045 from maggiepint:parsingFlags
421b784 Add parsed date parts array to parsing flags. Add meridiem to parsing flags. Change isValid to cause date to be invalid if only token parsed is meridiem.
41fdb58 Merge pull request #3078 from ichernev:fix-word-parsing
6900cca Enable weekdaysParseExact locale flag to fix weekday parsing on some locales
fc5a352 Add monthStrictParsing to all locales with dots in the names
c2c2472 Merge pull request #3092 from TheAlphaNerd/peg-grunt
2a55465 deps: peg grunt to ~0.4
877405b Merge pull request #3065 from ichernev:no-deprecations-in-tests
735d95c Mark unit test deprecations in tests
ef5b7d4 Prepare deprecation checking framework for tests
8906637 Merge pull request #3013 from mj1856:dont-validate-line-endings
e5042cf Don't validate line endings
14f3716 Introduce end-of-line normalization
e2a641a Merge pull request #3032 from mj1856:restore-tests-for-1379
ba9cdfe Use iso getters to check the iso setters
46f5f5f Restore unit tests commented out in #1379
69c259e Merge pull request #3034 from mj1856:fix-dst-tests
94a7fcf Remove duplicate tests
2e5163d Ignore these tests during DST
8ed930c Fix test for DST
1c2c65a Fix locale-specific unit tests for DST
1930d99 Merge pull request #3038 from mj1856:more-dst-fixes
bc41288 Remove duplicate unit test
8471736 Keep in UTC to avoid DST issues
476c123 Test mid-day to avoid DST issues
c1331614 Merge pull request #3053 from gre:patch-1
b9ec704 Update
b135bf1 Build 2.12.0
44db95c Bump version to 2.12.0
3e0a6d3 Update changelog for 2.12.0
10e3a20 Merge pull request #3007 from ichernev:bring-back-src
94bfeb7 Add src without src/test to npm package
5083c7c Merge pull request #2829 from XueWei:develop
ada5b15 Add day marker character for Japanese.Update test again.
0bb5c4e Add day marker character for Japanese.Update test.
0000b80 Add day marker character for Japanese.
6dd81c9 Add day marker character for Japanese.
e402e25 Merge pull request #2804 from marlonmleite:develop
9dac6e6  Correction of tests for the new names of the days of the week.
6f5b45b Correction of the week names
05775fe Merge pull request #2826 from danielgindi:patch-1
5305483 Updated tests for am/pm in `he` locale
3cbbb02 Localized am/pm in `he` locale
73243d7 Merge pull request #2852 from zhantongz:develop
9b2cc43 Update en-ca.js
c9acf4e Update en-ca.js
638cb74 Merge pull request #2911 from jonoskar:update-locale-is
a13c3c9 Updated the icelandic locale specifier 'L' to use dot instead of forward slash.
834a9f3 Merge pull request #2917 from harpreetkhalsagtbit:localePunjabiIndiaFormatConversion
945bd33 Add:Tests for Punjabi(Gurmukhi) India Locale Conversion
e65c00c Add:Punjabi(Gurmukhi) India Locale Conversion
602718d Merge pull request #2897 from andrewkolesnikov:develop
96b771b Convert to int before days-in-month check
02322ed parse string arguments for month() correctly, closes #2884
cfc7698 Merge pull request #2818 from JohnAnthony:parse-duration-day-and-week
b981542 Fix parsing of ISO-8061 duration with both day and week values
2255756 Merge pull request #2887 from wraithgar:invalid_null_date
421e2d3 update comment explanation to be correct
a289cf1 Fix toJSON casting of invalid moment (#2886)
c0519b5 Merge pull request #2932 from jisaacks:list-locales
87127e1 Add smarter test for moment.locales
bb99170 List loaded locales
59ba744 Merge pull request #2946 from crteal:fix-min-max-deprecation-warnings
6397a9e Fix usage suggestions for min and max
34ff8eb Merge pull request #2958 from marijaselakovic:develop
6888c66 optimization of isArray and unit tests
d46af5c Merge pull request #2970 from maggiepint:decimalAddSubtract
897cd4f Fix test comments
4aba8bb change add subtract to handle decimal values by abs rounding
ec8cc7e Merge pull request #2972 from nono:develop
7280628 Use npmignore when publising npm packages
52a045a Merge pull request #2989 from Oire:fix-vi-ampm
fe4b752 Vietnamese: added meridiem, fixes #1747
78bfe90 Merge pull request #2774 from ichernev:locale-inheritance
bd6399e Implement locale inheritance and locale updating
917b920 Merge pull request #2850 from ichernev:common-locale-tests
8c6da86 Add common locale tests, to avoid copy-paste between locale tests
a9ec578 Fix meridiem parsing for bn,bo,dv,ml,si,tzl
33fef0e Remove 'meridiem invariant' test from all locales
3b5f686 Remove extra newlines in tests
76baaea Remove 'weeks year starting *' tests from all locales
8d57cce Remove 'strict oridnal parsign' from all locales
cf1de41 Remove 'lenient ordinal parsing of numbers'
a4969ae Remove 'lenient ordinal parsing' from all locales
ee56920 Use helpers/each instead of reimplementing it in moment/format
fd511b6 Merge pull request #2907 from socketpair/rufix
d8c0872 Russian locale: make first characters of names uncapitalized
dd9cff0 Build 2.11.2
df48104 Bump version to 2.11.2
75285e1 Update changelog for 2.11.2
52a807b Merge pull request #2939 from rvagg:regex-dos-no-more
34af63b use full-string match to speed up C# duration match
49f84cc Merge pull request #2778 from nickmerwin/patch-1
d731fe7 Build 2.11.1
5dc1f7d Bump version to 2.11.1
ac1a238 Update changelog 2.11.1
398c67f Fix IE8 test bug
cd03dae Merge pull request #2869 from ichernev:per-locale-month-regex
2b5d12c regex-escape months for exactMonthsParse (incomplete)
c32074a Sort month names by reverse length when constructing month parse regex
6e0b7a9 Fix months parsing for stranger locales
542bacd Merge pull request #2830 from TheAlphaNerd:add-grunt-cli
c404a81 dep: add grunt-cli
566b333 Merge pull request #2864 from SimenB:patch-1
30af003 Include changelog in npm release
f07dc54 Update copyright to 2016
f8ffaac Merge pull request #2858 from nowells:global-date
e6fe681 Fix Date mocking regression introduced in 2.11.0
5925ade Merge pull request #2865 from ichernev:fix-undefined-checks
66bb2d9 Fix lint issues
ccbb6c2 Use typeof checks for undefined for global variables
74141ae Merge pull request #2868 from ichernev:fix-y-token
1159e24 Apply PR comments
0d9cefb Add format and parse token Y, so it actually works
f1d7270 Merge pull request #2881 from ichernev:revert-sept
a8ff975 Revert "Merge pull request #2746 from mbad0la:develop"
f472e19 Add commented console log that helps with debugging
0eb7101 Rebuild 2.11.0
bb712fc Fix broken week-year test
c74a101 Build 2.11.0
6effd83 Bump version to 2.11.0
a6f3d6d Update changelog for 2.11.0
14a6497 Fix issues in ca, tlh and tzl locale
2dc2997 Check all locales for bad expanded tokens
f149c6c Merge pull request #2842 from ichernev:fix-ie8
9d3c200 Do not depend on Date to parse an ISO string for IE8 compat
4b582f1 Do not use Object.keys and [].forEach for IE8 compat
fb3fb8b Do not use String.trim for IE8 compat
2015146 Do not use substr(-1) for IE8 compat
57e26cd Fix ISO matching for IE8
bbaa8aa Fix saucelabs config for Edge and IE
404cfd0 Merge pull request #2835 from ichernev:add-strict-creation-data
5cd0486 Add strict field to creationData
8bb5dff Merge pull request #2833 from ichernev:fix-now
b1d686e Use instead of for changing time source
0897f50 Fix forgotten merge note in #2646
bf8642f Merge pull request #2666 from amaranthrose/klingon_tlh_locale
87e55fd Adds klingon(tlh) locale
a7c225b Merge pull request #2799 from clairecoloma:develop
df5dced revert local file
63047bb Remove caps in spanish month and days
bba7bc0 Merge pull request #2794 from SwamWithTurtles:develop
284ba78 Remove checked in IDEA files
08cc66a Remove now unused tz_hour variable
89134c0 Remove northern hemisphere dependent tests
c536c70 Make tests involving hours-only off-set pass when non-whole hour offsets
c3e79c7 Merge pull request #2786 from manveru:develop
6016d1d don't treat string offsets like ints
61800d3 Merge pull request #2777 from johanneswuerbach:two-digit-time-zone
c0013e5 Tests for two-digit time zone offsets
75a178e Merge pull request #2773 from rclanan:develop
5f691b1 New isUndefined utility method
816245f Merge pull request #2766 from notebowl:alternate-clock-source-support
331029b Fix tests for all timezones
b601c88 does build server use UTC time?
f54a32f implement support for retrieving current date from alternate clock sources
9ea2d6b Merge pull request #2746 from mbad0la:develop
e78353d Fix monthParse functions for en family
7ba8c9e Update en.js
18d7f08 Added Sep/Sept parsing test
8820045 Update en-ca.js
64cc91e Update en-gb.js
4014c78 Update en-nz.js
88c272e Update en-au.js
9b5ac21 Update is_valid.js
e3ef9e9 Update create.js
676466a Update create.js
9a43cfb Update listers.js
293a4f8 Update en.js
5d4a7ce Update en-nz.js
2720639 Update en-gb.js
40e369e Update en-ca.js
e427b59 Update en-au.js
ed5c97b Update month.js
6a02f58 Update en-au.js
16212ae Update en-ca.js
14cfe89 Update en-gb.js
759ec12 Update en-nz.js
f52a868 Merge pull request #2744 from mj1856:setFullYear
f89da2d Only call setFullYear when necessary
11b18a8 Merge pull request #2741 from ichernev:fix-cases
810363e Fix hr accusative/nominative
8016bbe Better support for accusative/nominative months and long weekdays
a978248 Merge pull request #2740 from ichernev:duration-format
a47bc4e Enable 'd hh:mm:ss.sss' format for durations
4205550 Merge pull request #2739 from ichernev:semicolon-before-iife
1bf7e9c Add ; before each main file's IIFE
c86a868 Merge pull request #2734 from chriscartlidge:develop
b918aeb FIXED: Typo
a922e27 ADDED: Support for the en-ie locale based on the IS/EN 28601 standard.
1d7599f Merge pull request #2731 from kambo:develop
1294c4c Added dot after days and [kl.] on time formats for "nn" locale
2fca078 Merge pull request #2726 from B0k0:fix/locale-mk
f1d0844 Update tests for locale/mk
3467900 Fix Macedonian locale
5e0823a Merge pull request #2724 from zbarnett:develop
df14024 Test is no longer dependent on the time it's being run and is now statically set to the Summer Solstice of 2015 which should make it immune to DST-related inconsistencies.
a7f7151 Merge pull request #2723 from calebcauthon:develop
63959ab Use QUnit.expect since assert.expect is not available in the latest version of npm-qunit.
046fab0 Show arguments in deprecation warnings.
3945432 Merge pull request #2721 from troyastorino:support-object-with-strings
5e8ba8e Fix moment creation with object of strings
3ab9469 Merge pull request #2709 from nscornia:add_date_comparison_methods
7f006b8 Add convenience methods for date comparisons
ed95a54 Merge pull request #2785 from ichernev:fix-ta-numbers
5b720a1 Add preparse/postformat for ta
11db26c Merge pull request #2684 from max-mykhailenko:develop
96a1ede fix Ukrainian version when build relative time
50e6e72 Merge pull request #2663 from nickdandakis:meteor-1.2-fix
66c4998 Use Meteor v1.2 core when available. This fixes the package breaking on apps running Meteor v1.2
c0f8023 Coveralls badge should use develop branch
ff4d890 Merge pull request #2717 from paladox:patch-2
6a51dd7 Update Gruntfile.js
ffb0fa3 Update Gruntfile.js
bca1f3d Merge pull request #2683 from lukemcgregor:develop
7b0d51a Moved files to correct places and added tests
0055c46 en-NZ locale, values from windows locale settings
aee4e2f Merge pull request #2648 from alburthoffman:instanceof
eab88a7 add new line feed
0d8e645 fix issue #2640: support instanceof operator
6baebcd Merge pull request #2639 from jisaacks:patch-5
03ef5b0 Fix broken test
b31ee80 Updated strings
fa77d56  Same length for weekdaysMin parts (Italian) ES6
a075df4 Merge pull request #2236 from massic80:patch-1
7fab654 Same length for weekdaysMin parts
4e0baa2 Merge pull request #2691 from kepta:develop
fa2bf29 Use isFunction instead of === 'function'
c6e9056 Allow calendar to use functions
c8d8095 Merge pull request #2669 from joelmheim:develop
e0bffa1 Rebase, fixup of a couple of old messages.
20bdc7d Added support for ordinals for quarter. Fixes issue #2559
cedef93 Merge pull request #2646 from elreimundo:issue-2645-pre-1970
03b2954 Pass linter
6cd13af Fix #2645 - invalid dates pre-1970
d03e902 Merge pull request #2630 from vnathalye:develop
7545d32 Changed translation and test case
20a911c Revert "Changed relativeTime"
26048dd Revert "Changed translation and test case"
0776778 Revert "formatting related changes"
2994d1e Revert "Removing my changes"
5788c60 Revert "restoring the locale/mr.js file"
997f79c restoring the locale/mr.js file
dd31a5b Removing my changes
9bb059a formatting related changes
4a034d5 Changed translation and test case
fa988d9 Changed relativeTime
2038387 Merge pull request #2613 from nurlan:develop
f2e3612 adds kazakh(kk) locale
19536b6 Merge pull request #2594 from jawish:develop
e819528 Changed to Unicode
2f91e67 Convert to Unicode
a9121f1 Create dv.js
0cf1525 Create dv.js
d4d06b3 Merge pull request #2587 from mcauser:develop
4eeeca4 Fix minor typos in the changelog
7592c8d Merge pull request #2579 from RomeroMsk:patch-1
80fa7c5 Capitalized first cahracters in Russian names
f5d86d8 Merge pull request #2565 from alburthoffman:develop
7741be1 creationData for issue #2443
180e4f3 Merge pull request #2562 from lucidogen:develop
6effee8 Adding swiss french locale fr-ch.
a7f677f Merge pull request #2556 from kcthota:develop
e1474fc telugu locale
a21e2aa Merge pull request #2549 from sereysethy:develop
661a80d Fix language locale for Khmer
0a01d89 Merge pull request #2548 from bbc:add_scots_gaelic_support
6268fde Update .gitignore
78b07a0 code review action
b0091d7 Language definition and unit tests for Scottish Gaelic (gd)
e19671f match scottish gaelic months - these are the letters 'am' or 'an' followed by a space followed by the month name. Some month names can be preceded by the 't-'.
3e5449b ignore intellij settings
cdcd363 Merge pull request #2545 from ryanhart2:swahili_locale
46a5ce3 Add swahili (sw) locale
1baf5b5 Merge pull request #2544 from ryanhart2:lao_locale
08dc83c Add Lao locale (lo)
84de6f0 Merge pull request #2543 from gabrielmaldi:is-function
a945b33 New isFunction util
1f6310e Merge pull request #2541 from vsn4ik:fix_ru_locale_next_week
4aa1054 Fix russian locale for calendar next week
fb758ea Merge pull request #2534 from liorch88:verify-require-function
3a08d17 verified 'require' is a function (on templates)
d162987 Merge pull request #2498 from StevenHeinrich:develop
1567af2 change spanish capitalization of months and days to lowercase, except two letter day abbreviations
5158c25 Merge pull request #2487 from thehungrycoder:fix-bangla-evening
716a87c Fix Bangla translation for Evening, relative time, friday
b6c19e5 Merge pull request #2486 from mathiasrw:patch-1
ebfbe5b Run travis tests on last IO.js + node versions
a16c65d Merge pull request #2464 from sigurdga:develop
6952fdd Rollback locale/nb.js
52a77f8 Update nb.js and tests. Tests pass locally. See discussion on #2464
67635b4 Undo the "forrige" to "sist" change, as advised in #2464
a218b44 Using "sist" instead of "forrige", meaning "last" instead of "previous".
9f0bb05 Have found several references which cites the official abbreviation statements
4aaff47 Colon has been approved as separator between hours, minutes and seconds
cd4553c Merge pull request #2458 from shabanovd:develop
38ec38f Typos at months
3dc2821 Typos at months
d1332d4 Merge pull request #2455 from Karamell:develop
6a9dbbe Northern Sami
7da558c Merge pull request #2738 from ichernev:fix-nepali
6c814f3 Fix language, meridiem and days of week.
da969bf Merge pull request #2422 from mik01aj:de-capitalization
2517943 German words for today/yesterday/tomorrow should not be capitalized
01dee76 Merge pull request #2702 from ichernev:week-rework
cc641eb Flip dow,doy arguments of dayOfYearFromWeeks
f589240 Refactor weekOfYear and weeksInYear to make more sense
d128090 Refactor dayOfYearFromWeeks so it makes more sense
181fd62 Collect week-calendar utility functions in src/lib/units/week-calendar-utils
f393109 Add weekday overflow check
9289a15 Fix (iso)weekYear setter
331fb9c Add week overflow checks on creation
87b0ae1 Fix moment creation from week-calendar when year didn't match week year
a4e932b Merge pull request #2700 from ichernev:hmm
90788a3 Add Hmm and Hmmss tokens
0fce088 Add hmm and hmmss formatting tokens
4c61eb8 Merge pull request #2735 from ichernev:reset-locale-at-end
2be047b Reset the locale back to 'en' after defining all locales in min/locales.js
a9b175f Merge pull request #2665 from ichernev:better-strict-weekday
a8a7abf Implement stricter weekday parsing
1ef3e76 Merge pull request #2641 from ichernev:iso-8601
ed6436d Add more iso tests variations (strict and non-strict ISO_8601)
329e9a4 Use different regexp for extended and basic iso
59ba020 Fix a few crashes with invalid iso strings
95d8a69 Implement basic format and comma as ms separator in ISO 8601
2fb832b Merge pull request #2635 from ichernev:fix-thresholds-under-half-next
fa34905 Fix wrong humanize format with weird custom relative thresholds
c3c412e Merge pull request #2634 from ichernev:fix-strict-month-parsing
7d16b57 Fix strict month parsing issue in cs,ru,sk
d58a049 Merge pull request #2624 from ichernev:fix-2619
5e36733 Make jshint/jscs happy
d4a1694 Ensure special handling of invalid moments in all moment methods
3e98e6f Fix wrong Greek tests
2de9c39 get,set,add,subtract handle properly invalid moments
7d121f2 Merge pull request #2650 from PeterMortensen/develop
93600af Update
cd49a73 Merge pull request #2528 from ichernev/ignore-tests-npm
eb35595 Ignore min/tests.js from npm package
f3fbef9 Build 2.10.6
129494b Bump version to 2.10.6
6a2e2c0 Update changelog for 2.10.6
9483d70 Merge pull request #2515 from ichernev/fix-constructor
87c9ae9 Fix regression outlined in #2512
faaedc3 Add sudo: false to .travis.yml
1d986a1 Build 2.10.5
3a3ceec Bump version to 2.10.5
3c09492 Update changelog for 2.10.5
f2e4640 Implement suggested improvements
3764d5a Support up to milliseconds tokens up to 9 digits, fixes #2436
6a50a5a Merge pull request #2461 from ichernev:duration-bubble
99026e0 Use ratios to convert bubble days to months and years
950bfea Improved duration bubbling, fixes #2166
d5bfee9 Merge pull request #2476 from ichernev:fix-is-dst-shifted
945c058 Fix isDSTShifted, fixes #2141
768cfcc Merge pull request #2494 from stewartml:yyyy-fix
55a6641 Fix two digit year parsing with YYYY format
4b0909e Merge pull request #2506 from ichernev:to-object
4bea6c4 Redo #2123 in es6
1711bb2 Merge pull request #2507 from ichernev:redo-2191
cee118d Redo 2191 in es6
70598a6 Merge pull request #2508 from ichernev:redo-2124
3bfc879 Redo #2124
4e3973f Merge pull request #2420 from ignasne:develop
06a490b Fix tests
6477f55 nominative month translation added to lt.js language
1af8570 Disable reporting for now
ae81cb4 Ignore more coverage stuff
ec22f9e Merge pull request #2387 from bcoe:coverage
933961e add coverage reporting using nyc and coveralls
6f33c70 Merge pull request #2489 from Xaar37:develop
2a70715 Update deprecate.js
27e22be Merge pull request #2473 from mj1856:fix-2023.1
7e40b53 Expect 0 assertions to fix #2382
b3c812e Merge pull request #2467 from mj1856:fix-2337.6
2aeea46 Fix test for fractional-hour offsets
b93ffa1 Merge pull request #2460 from ichernev:support-partial-test
4180b69 Make jscs happy
37fd569 Support grunt test --only=moment/duration,locale/ru
bfa059b Merge pull request #2459 from ichernev:fix-add-regex-token
82c98f7 Fix function check to workaround old browsers, fixes #2325
8620c53 Merge pull request #2456 from ichernev:fix-str-weekday-parse-check
31d6730 Mark moment as invalid if bad string weekday repr is parsed, fixes #2423
b88ef0a Merge pull request #2439 from raleksandar:develop
bb3f3af Fix imports in locale files
c410da4 Merge pull request #2438 from cwohlman:fixInvalidMin
79925ce Add test to ensure invalid moments isSame returns false
a2fda50 Revert "valueOf should return NaN for any invalid moment"
b18b272 valueOf should return NaN for any invalid moment
0b10cce Add tests and fix for inconsistent moment.min and moment.max behavior.
40e7a0c Ensure moment.isAfter and moment.isBefore match js math operations
ef3ebbe Merge pull request #2434 from Leocrest:fix/hu
dc3d660 fix(hu):Improve long date time formats for hungarian.
cc72862 Merge pull request #2421 from aniruddha-adhikary:develop
d32ae90 Revert autogenerated file changes
d5684be fix bengali translation of morning
5f2a5de Merge pull request #2414 from motain:ordinal-fr
bee76dd Revert fr locale changes, suggested by
47da67e Set an abbreviation for ordinal numbers >1
ffecd46 Merge pull request #2404 from philjohnson789:develop
5b7550e Changing a unit test case that is incorrectly labelled as valid.
b819d86 Fixing ISO-8601 date parsing when no time component is present.
0a8946f Adding unit tests to verify strict date parsing of ISO-8601 dates.
b6b7b87 Merge pull request #2368 from wyantb:clone-perf
fe43941 perf: add duration benchmark, cleanup benchmarking output
de2a8fd perf: use faster form of copying dates, across the board improvement
8cc296b Merge pull request #2477 from ichernev:add-ms-locale
362de9b Copy ms-my to ms locale, redo #2347
6349dbf Merge pull request #2357 from NobodysNightmare:feature/iso_date_bubbling
b728ddb add tests for ISO bubbling
bb51350 prevent bubbling of minor units for ISO dates
1b37624 Revert "Merge pull request #2347 from wajatimur:develop"
779eab5 Merge pull request #2347 from wajatimur:develop
5662733 Change locale files ms-my to ms in src/locale and test
4ed1e50 Change Malay language code to comply IOS639-2
0137bc1 Merge pull request #2336 from gregor-rayman:year_week_fix
239e2f0 Fixes year/week parsing for non-standard dow/doy combinations
49f8886 Merge pull request #2127 from Gobie:patch/cleanup
1cee6e7 Clean the structure of conditons in parseWeekday
74b79bf Use existing absFloor function
89e3d05 Optimize speed of zeroFill and add benchmarks
5d2253d Clean up the code a bit
eef69fc Merge pull request #2371 from cvrebert/patch-1
3f0cb90 bower.json: remove moot `version` field
c5f93cd Merge pull request #2393 from pioneerlike/develop
deefa93 Merge pull request #2424 from joefreeman/develop
89d76e5 Merge pull request #2377 from nasitra/develop
360f572 Merge pull request #2419 from jisaacks/local-format-fix
15df9d7 Allow custom formats to be passed to calendar function.
925d63a Fix for style guide
ce072ac Add semicolon to make jshint happy
7385880 Ensure all longDateFormats are fully expanded
ae47f76 Merge pull request #2288 from seferov/develop
96f8d8e Merge pull request #2380 from pgilad/patch-1
32e1479 Fixes for generateMomentWithLocales
acddc95 update license attribute
097b6d4 Remove unreachable code
25cc720 Build 2.10.3
fa7caab Bump version to 2.10.3
5c0348e Update changelog for 2.10.3
d344254 Add tests for moment#toNow and fixed prototype
81167a6 Add and moment.fn.toNow with tests (redo #2120)
a65cbb8 Fix broken tests
b0413fc Fix from/fromNow on invalid moments (fixes #2079)
0a41577 Add locale Sinhalese (si) (redo #2119)
34e0d94 Merge pull request #2126 from Gobie:patch/editorconfig
d203b12 Add .editorconfig for project
a2efa84 Add Montenegrin locale (me.js) (redo #2136)
5992861 Use Cyrillic letters for Chuvash diacritics (redo #2139)
da33603 Javanese locale (redo #2159)
78e5500 Changed Swedish locale (redo #2156)
c9ebd25 generate stack trace when logging deprecation messages (redo #2175)
45bd00c Merge pull request #2176 from chulkilee:more-ignore
d662296 ignore files in packages
f2ee575 Merge pull request #2181 from tomhorvat:patch-1
dfd513b Update hr.js and tests
974b108 Merge pull request #2204 from zenozeng:patch-for-pull-2051
9903bc8 add a space (from AprilOrange's pull#2051) and add tests
937b250 Merge pull request #2211 from elvinyung:develop
ff17d89 Add unit tests for 0 hour bigHour checking.
bce3886 Fix bigHour checking for hour 0.
b79fce9 Patch to regular expression that was causing a lint warning (redo #2220)
6fb5fde Fix Slovenian locale (redo #2226)
6b7864f Fixed Monday's abbr in Burmese (redo #2239)
1e0b598 [locale/ar] Fix text direction of D/M/Y formats (redo #2268)
e9807f5 Merge pull request #2278 from szwacz:develop
7d6d21a Fix PL locale months parsing
935c1fb Simplify expression in duration#as (#2286)
3f65e56 Merge pull request #2303 from brianwyantora:develop
8d66e33  perf: avoid calling new Date(+date) twice, Moment ctor will clone it properly
aae371a perf: checking == null faster than hasOwnProperty
61f1418 perf: check instanceof before toString, like #2257
06b987a perf(parsing flags): lazily initialize parsing flags
5e8a407 perf: benchmark moment(Date) ctors
9598a58 Merge pull request #2321 from JanisE:develop
d4894d8 - If you insist. :)
a81cf8b - Grammar for relative times (see example in - Fix singular unit durations for withoutSuffix=true cases (they matched withoutSuffix=false cases). - The short date format adjusted ( - Cache already split units, do not split them every time.
0843b0e Merge pull request #2328 from raphamorim:develop
76b4d6e update tests in moment/locale for (es) nomenclature lastest changes
44ac77a adjust and update tests for en
7d147d6 adjust nomenclature (es)
31258d7 adjust tests for pt
9cc102d adjust nomenclature (pt)
4d89bc7 adjust tests for pt-br and added a forgoted uppercase
a1ed7d5 adjust nomenclature
00c3ec7 Merge pull request #2329 from hemp:feature/update-zh-locales
91d9058 Add the minute unit of time for zh-cn and zh-tw locales and update tests.
da5bb37 Add gitter badge to readme
ac5d7bd Update CONTRIBUTING with info about ES6 modules
e128fca Update year range in LICENSE
25bdaa1 Update with info about @mentioning original locale author
606d7cf Fix for meteor in IE8 (#2308)
0f8eaff Merge pull request #2319 from leehankyeol/patch-1
a4e6691 Update link to example unit test
ce233ce Build 2.10.2
5123ae1 Bump version to 2.10.2
8006783 Changelog for 2.10.2
0fbc4d8 More fixes to tasks/transpile
5645c61 Fix transpile script to handle esperanto get default madness
862fde8 Build 2.10.1
790e0d9 Bump version to 2.10.1
8b6655b Update changelog for 2.10.1
dc5b034 Merge pull request #2312 from ichernev/readd-duration-fn
eeb83f8 Add duration.fn back
58af74d Update with es6 grunt tasks
a43829c Add info about co-maintainers in README
fe310f1 Fix jscs issues
7516656 Built 2.10.0
2a4936a Bump version to 2.10.0
010e11c Update changelog for 2.10.0
15f39bc Merge pull request #2168 from moment/feature/es6-modules
3ba9efe Remove es6 notice from README
6e71671 Update README with es6 instructions
cf4bafa Add npm test -> grunt test
d77c2fe Remove test/ (use grunt test)
446cee8 Also put build locales in locale/
1fe7f76 Make sure karma/sauce works with the new setup
516f5f6 Add min/tests.js to repo
34cddc4 Fix jscs warnings in tasks
e5d79f4 Add custom language bundle support to grunt transpile
1579fba Build
940eeb1 grunt update-index now copies min/tests.js too
bdc22f2 Better logging in grunt transpile
165d3b8 Make jshint happy
95338f9 Increase qunit total time limit, just in case
a037272 Remove broccoli
d281de7 Fix tests in karma/sauce
095e76d Fix grunt bump_version
ab39bcf Minified files
23e641a Update grunt default, grunt test and grunt travis
b5413e6 Fix lazy loading on node.js
c5819ee Fix jscs warnings in grunt tasks
38f4cd3 Fix jscs errors
6928b84 Replace double with single quotes
328f189 Update grunt jscs
4e7d258 Fix jshint errors in grunt tasks
6476d47 Update grunt jshint
bc479f3 Add grunt update-index to copy build products onto former source code locations
2d8704b Fix random broken test (because its Sunday?)
af9c20c Fix version in moment.js
31163b8 Generate moment-with-locales.js and locales.js bundles
af9c7ac Increase time limit in qtest
3bd7fa7 Port test/locale/he.js to es6 (had utf-8 bom choking recast)
d9fb039 Port all locale tests to es6
ae32797 Fix src/locale (missing local variables)
b398e8a Fix lazy loading locales for node.js
bfa4446 Convert locales to es6, add locales to transpile task
92c28cb Move es6 files to src, add transpile and qtest grunt tasks
5fb4720 Put back node hack for lazily loading locales
3676152 Clean up the defaults implementation.
eb4c014 Finish a bunch of TODOs
e76a66b Remove T token
9494aaf Clean up jscs and jshint errors in tests.
d5262a0 Convert moment.js to ES6 modules.
f5e077f Add Broccoli build pipeline.
7ce3fa7 Switch core tests to QUnit and es6 modules.
62154ca fixed typos
78a53b8 Update README with es6 notice
cf4df1c Add Moment.js.nuspec into bump_version task
94ad539 Build 2.9.0
898ef8a Bump version to 2.9.0
d6e4005 Remove meteor-package from bump_version files
894ab4f Fix Frisian locale tests
c4f331a Update changelog for 2.9.0
337c18a Put absolute links in README, for better embedding
d009cd6 Remove publish-meteor from release task
4c60d3c Merge pull request #2133 from ichernev:fix-month-diff
ae83a69 Reimplement month diff logic
75ed8e6 Merge pull request #2111 from chasenlehara:nullDuration
583f380 Create valid duration object when null is passed to moment.duration()
5d6968c Merge pull request #2131 from ichernev:diff-quarter
d16828e Add quarter diff support
436371c Merge pull request #2128 from ichernev:locale-dow-doy
4b378d1 Add firstDayOfWeek, firstDayOfYear locale getters
d67554f Fix bug in iso-week creation test
ef27605 Merge pull request #2054 from elad:develop
bbf4271 Make sure updateOffset on creation won't cause infinite …

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