Cisco-CIMC Error causes segmentation fault in discovery module #4902

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Please read this information carefully.

  • Is your install up to date? Updating your install
    Please do not submit an issue if your install is not up to date within the last 24 hours or on a stable monthly release.
  • Please include all of the information between the ==================================== section of ./validate.php.
  • If you would like us to add a new device then please provide the information asked for here
  • Please provide as much detail as possible.

There is a bug in the Cisco-CIMC that causes dicovery.php to crash.

CIMC version: 1.4(3c)

./discovery.php -d -v -h -m entity-physical
Cisco-CIMC Error...

Please log an issue on github with the following information:

Subject: CIMC Unknown Table:
Description: The entity-physical module discovered an unknown CIMC table.
A dump of its contents is below:
[2] =>


Segmentation fault

LibreNMS Version: 6996576
DB Schema: 148
PHP: 7.0.11
MySQL: 5.5.50-MariaDB
RRDTool: 1.4.8


laf commented Oct 31, 2016

Disable this module for now.

Please comment out line 594 in includes/discovery/entity-physical/ and try again.

runekausland commented Oct 31, 2016 edited

That works:
594 # $component->setComponentPrefs($device['device_id'], $components);

./discovery.php 2016-10-31 10:31:35 - 1 devices discovered in 7.403 secs
MySQL: Cell[1/0s] Row[45/0.01s] Rows[3/0s] Column[0/0s] Update[33/0.03s] Insert[106/0.11s] Delete[0/0s]

Is it much work to have validate.php verify that discovery has finished within the last 24h?

laf commented Oct 31, 2016

please create a separate issue for that.

@laf laf closed this in #4910 Nov 1, 2016
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