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kamils85 commented Nov 21, 2016 edited

Add support for DCN switches. Unfortunately I cannot find anywhere how the OS is called...


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discovery, poller and snmpwalk attached
DCN support.txt

SWS4#sh version
S4600-52P-SI Device, Compiled on Jun 06 16:24:54 2016
sysLocation xxx
CPU Mac 00:03:0f:64:40:dd
Vlan MAC 00:03:0f:64:40:dc
SoftWare Version
BootRom Version 7.2.16
HardWare Version 1.0.1
CPLD Version N/A
Serial No.:SW045010FB16000330
Copyright (C) 2001-2016 by Digital China Networks Limited.
All rights reserved
Last reboot is cold reset.
Uptime is 16 weeks, 3 days, 13 hours, 20 minutes

SWS4#sh vendor

SwitchName 12 S4600-52P-SI
VersionPre 0
VendNameEn 30 Digital China Networks Limited
VendNameBr 3 DCN
VendWWW 28
VendLocate 5 China
CopyRight 58 Copyright (C) 2001-2016 by Digital China Networks Limited.
VendContact 12 400-810-9119
WebLogo 2729
WebLogin 8683
WebFacebd 21104
WebBG 14685
WebLang 2 cn
VendorOid 16
DeviceOid 26
KeyNeed 4 0
BaseMac 6 00 03 0f 03 00 00
CliStyle 3 0
HsrpNeed 4 0
DevType(ID) 4 280
ChassisCard 0
FileVersion 7 10.9.11
IMGPrefix 0
RomPrefix 0
HardWarePre 0
Prompt 0
UserName 0
PassWord 0
ManageIP 0
NeedLicense 6 NO

laf commented Nov 21, 2016

The snmpwalk needs to have certain params passed, can you please re-run this:

snmpbulkwalk -OUneb -v2c -c COMMUNITY HOSTNAME .


That's the snmpbulkwalk result attached below.



Just managed to get the MIB from the distribution. Attached below.

laf commented Dec 6, 2016

What 'os' would you say these run? We need a name that is not typically the vendor name.

kamils85 commented Dec 6, 2016

According to the DCN Partner, the OS it's called "SoftWare" (and the show version confirms that).
Because the name is very generic, I would recommend to use "dcn-software" as the OS name?

If I find the proper name (if there is one...) I will open a new request to change it.


Anything else I can provide to get this added to LibreNMS?


@laf laf added a commit to laf/librenms that referenced this issue Dec 24, 2016
@laf laf newdevice: Added support for DCN switches #5031 8d8e65c
@laf laf referenced this issue Dec 24, 2016

newdevice: Added support for DCN switches #5031 #5238

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