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arrmo commented Dec 27, 2016


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I know I can manually change this (1-by-1), but thinking there should be a better way (and there likely is). For WAP's running, for example, OpenWRT, DD-WRT, ASUSWRT-Merlin, Tomato, etc. ... because they run Linux they show up as a device type of "server" (based on Operating System) - but perhaps based on Platform they could / should be categorized as a device type of "Wireless"?


I'm fine changing this in the code to help out, just can't figure out what / where to change it ... :(.


laf commented Dec 27, 2016

If we have a way to detect these devices then we should - we'd need the output of the info asked for in point 3 above.

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arrmo commented Dec 28, 2016

Sure, NP! Files attached - for the three commands (discovery, poller and snmpbulkwalk), for both ASUSWRT-Merlin and Tomato. I don't have DD-WRT (that router died), and OpenWRT (not using it) - but start with these two at least? And - perhaps use the output of distro?



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E-t-z commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

Well, running those OS'es does not immediately mean, they are always running as AP's and in case of OpenWRT, it does not even mean it always even has Wireless.
Also you can run OpenWRT as NAS software or as plain simple Firewall if you wish, without any wireless hardware even present.

AsusWRT has also multiple operating modes, Router/AP/Media Bridge/etc.. , so running AsusWRT does not always mean that it runs as Wireless AP.

In summary, IMHO only device operator knows exactly in what mode those devices are run, so I don't think that identifying them all as "Wireless" is an good idea. They should be rather categorized as "Network" as they all are mostly used as Network device OS'es.

Anyway, I can do some OpenWRT dumps if necessary on 2 different devices.
(One is Turris Omnia and other is Inteno).

Unfortunately I cannot help with DD-WRT, as I have no devices for running it.

E-t-z commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

OpenWRT (Inteno DG301A)


Will do, Turris Omnia run later, as I first have plug it in and re-add it to LibreNMS.

arrmo commented Dec 28, 2016


No issues here using Network rather than Wireless - agree with your point above. Right now they show up as Server, not sure that's the right selection ... ;).


E-t-z commented Dec 28, 2016 edited

As promised earlier, from OpenWRT on Turris Omnia:


Currently testing it, will replace that Inteno once I have fed up with playing around with it.
It is currently most powerful OpenWRT based router on the market with open hardware. 👍

E-t-z commented Dec 28, 2016

About DD-WRT I only found this: https://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/SNMP#Known_OID.C2.B4s_via_SNMP

As I have 0 devices with it, cannot unfortunately help with anything else...

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@laf laf newdevice: Added Tomato and AsusWRT-Merlin OS #5254 4007ffb
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newdevice: Added Tomato and AsusWRT-Merlin OS #5254 #5398

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laf commented Jan 11, 2017

I actually think a lot of these are taken care of if you install the distro script from the librenms-agent repo. However I've added detection for Tomato and AsusWRT-Merlin as we can detect those natively. The others don't appear to offer anyway to do so via snmp.

arrmo commented Jan 12, 2017

Thanks! Will give it a try once this is merged - much appreciated.

FYI, I do have the distro script installed (Tomato at least).

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@laf @murrant laf + murrant newdevice: Added Tomato and AsusWRT-Merlin OS #5254 (#5398)
* newdevice: Added Tomato and AsusWRT-Merlin OS #5254

* that should not be there
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