ADD: Support dasan V8240 #5359

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aliakcza commented Jan 9, 2017 edited

Is it possible to add support V8240?

  SysInfo (System Information)
  Model Name: V8240_SFU
  Main Memory Size: 1024MB
  Flash Memory Size 8 MB (SPANSION 29GL064N), 32 MB (SPANSION 29GL256N), 32 MB (SPANSION 29GL256N)
  H / W Revision: DS-A5-340-A1
  H / W Address: = [CUT] =
  RTC Information: DS174X
  Serial Number: = [CUT] =
  S / W Compatibility: 3, 7
  Package Version: RP610-003
  NOS Version: 6.10
  B / L Version: 6.04
  PLD Version: 0x11

. = STRING: "V8240_SFU NOS 6.10/00:d0:cb:83:da:39"
. = OID: .

Component Version
LibreNMS 3d0cf76
DB Schema 153
PHP 7.0.13-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
MySQL 10.0.28-MariaDB-0ubuntu0.16.04.1
RRDTool 1.5.5

snmpwalk: :)


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laf commented Jan 9, 2017

Please please please read the information above!

@laf laf closed this Jan 9, 2017

I updated information, please check :)

@laf laf reopened this Jan 13, 2017
laf commented Jan 13, 2017

You're still missing the snmpwalk :)


added :)

@laf laf added a commit to laf/librenms that referenced this issue Jan 25, 2017
@laf laf newdevice: Updated detection for Dasan NOS devices #5359 d3840ab
@murrant murrant closed this in #5606 Jan 25, 2017
@murrant murrant added a commit that referenced this issue Jan 25, 2017
@laf @murrant laf + murrant newdevice: Updated detection for Dasan NOS devices #5359 (#5606)
* newdevice: Updated detection for Dasan NOS devices #5359

* added missing file
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