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Johii commented Jan 16, 2017 edited

I have 2 female colleagues who feel that the:

"Allow the user to change his password. " would be more politically correct phrased "Allow the user to change password."


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crcro commented Jan 16, 2017

:)) this is some "tech" observation ... nice catch .., big ups to your 2 female colleagues :p

@laf laf added a commit to laf/librenms that referenced this issue Jan 16, 2017
@laf laf webui: Update add/edit user page to use their instead of his #5457 947a6ce
@laf laf closed this in #5460 Jan 16, 2017
@laf laf added a commit to InsaneSplash/librenms that referenced this issue Jan 21, 2017
@InsaneSplash @laf InsaneSplash + laf # This is a combination of 17 commits.
# The first commit's message is:
I agree to the conditions of the Contributor Agreement contained in doc/General/Contributing.md.

# This is the 2nd commit message:

Fixed error in pseudowires.inc.php files

# This is the 3rd commit message:

Change the colour of the port icon

# This is the 4th commit message:

Revert "Fixed error in pseudowires.inc.php files"

This reverts commit f64cb07.

# This is the 5th commit message:

Fixed error in pseudowires.inc.php files

# This is the 6th commit message:

Revised the primary menu to try standardise icons and layout. Fixed icon size for countdown_timer icons.

# This is the 7th commit message:

Fixed formatting non-compliance testing

# This is the 8th commit message:

Updated additional icons and adjusted to meet the new standard as per menu bar

# This is the 9th commit message:

found a few more lurkers

# This is the 10th commit message:

webui: Update add/edit user page to use their instead of his #5457 (#5460)

# This is the 11th commit message:

newdevice: Add wifi clients for Deliberant DLB APC Button, DLB APC Button AF and DLB APC 2mi #5456

# This is the 12th commit message:

various small doc improvements (#5459)

# This is the 13th commit message:

newdevice: Added CPU support for Edge Core OS

# This is the 14th commit message:

newdevice: Added support for CTC Union devices (#5402)

* newdevice: Added support for CTC Union devices

* added logo

* added unit test

* added missing snmprec file

* replaced logo

* reverted logo

* and again :/

# This is the 15th commit message:

fix: validate suid is set for fping (#5474)

# This is the 16th commit message:

fix as reported by @Compizfox (#5473)

# This is the 17th commit message:

fix: Updated prestiage detection #5453 (#5470)
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