Convert memory page to use bootgrid #1192

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Rosiak commented Jun 3, 2015
  • Based on @laf code from the storage page
@Rosiak Rosiak referenced this pull request Jun 3, 2015

Ability to SORT Columns #1182

@laf laf added the WebUI label Jun 3, 2015
@laf laf self-assigned this Jun 3, 2015
@laf laf merged commit 455c619 into librenms:master Jun 3, 2015

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@ekoyle ekoyle added a commit to ekoyle/librenms that referenced this pull request Jan 6, 2016
@ekoyle ekoyle Squashed 'lib/typeahead/' changes from 588440f..3d2a7eb
3d2a7eb Merge pull request #28 from sheeley/feature/select-on-hover
2d5d521 Set cursor on hover.
d60aed0 Merge pull request #27 from sheeley/feature/complete-current-selection
5e351d1 Merge pull request #41 from Pheil/patch-1
53400c3 Fixed 404 links
5c49ed8 Complete to currently selected suggestion.
6da45f5 Merge pull request #37 from jorrit/patch-1
eab11e6 Fix typos in comments in plugin.js
3d929c8 Add stuff that has been changed or added by now
79a991b Reformat changelog
b46224c Merge pull request #25 from jesperronn/node_version
f241826 update travis to run latest supported node version
5d69578 Merge pull request #19 from jesperronn/npm_package_updates
d78ad00 lock jasmine-query to old version 1.7.0, which has guaranteed support for jquery 1.
0cb71e9 updating npm packages dependencies
e7dfc42 Change capitalization
14dfe96 Update to new domain name
9c2b65c Merge pull request #22 from jesperronn/cache_node_modules
9e40c85 General overhaul of the readme
c665a6b Add some badges
b111a6f Remove jQuery package manager has been deprecated
b802342 Update NPM and Bower
6c12035 attempt to speed up Travis builds with cache directive
e5c0213 Merge pull request #18 from jesperronn/license_for_npm_package
8d448ea Fixed npm error: adding License link
e0556c5 Merge pull request #16 from jesperronn/node_static_dependency
c1c6ef9 Merge pull request #15 from jesperronn/npm_postinstall
76dbb90 Travis must have bower installed before running "npm install"
b170811 node-static webserver installed locally is good enough.
eee05f0 added a postinstall step to npm to cater for easy setup
1f0684f Merge pull request #14 from jcrben/patch-1
e232400 bloodhound.get->
c69b990 Merge pull request #10 from thiagof/dist-build
a080d81 distribution build
8e1ffc4 Merge pull request #8 from coopy/fix-async-render-corejs
a52bd45 Update rendered-count _after_ async results have displayed
6f191d2 Merge pull request #5 from corejavascript/integration-0.11.2
5e62960 Merge pull request #2 from chip-miller/integration-0.11.2
fad5bd1 Merge pull request #4 from corejavascript/integration-0.11.2
9722aeb Adding Option: matchAnyQueryToken (default false) - By default a search result must match ALL query-tokens. Instead, this option returns results that match ANY
a36e6a0 gh-pages are now hosted on the .io domain
6e33c92 Merge pull request #1 from corejavascript/update-name
86ddae4 Update name and links
312d481 Merge pull request #1200 from jharding/1185-bad-async-logic
e2d9608 Merge pull request #1199 from jharding/1163-val-undefined
173b4b5 Fix bad async suggestions rendering logic
c58519e Coerce val to string when set through API
b2b588d Merge pull request #1192 from jharding/1102-scroll-top-open
04f1d66 Scroll menu to top on open
4fe2a34 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1148-index-remote' into integration-0.11.2
212fe89 Register as an anonymous AMD module
f885f48 Make indexing remote a top-level option
5b70c60 Bloodhound optionally indexes/matches remote data - twitter/typeahead.js#1148

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