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paulgear commented Dec 2, 2015

The documentation should explain most of it. Most of this code has been running on my laptop for quite a while, and I've regularly rebased against master, so it should be ready to go, and moderately non-invasive, but I would like some feedback from interested parties.

laf commented Dec 2, 2015

This uses sql-schema 080 - do not merge before #2458 or the file is updated to 079

This was referenced Dec 3, 2015
@laf laf commented on the diff Dec 8, 2015
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@
$unit_text = 'Load %';
-$units = '%';
+$units = '';
laf Dec 8, 2015 Member

How come the load % unit has been removed?

paulgear Dec 11, 2015 Member

Because it was making them double up; it's already handled in the graph file that's included

@laf laf commented on the diff Dec 8, 2015
@@ -22,11 +22,7 @@
-// These are standard graphs we should have for all systems
-$graph_enable['poller']['poller_perf'] = 'device_poller_perf';
-if (can_ping_device($attribs) === true) {
- $graph_enable['poller']['ping_perf'] = 'device_ping_perf';
+enable_graphs($device, $graph_enable);
laf Dec 8, 2015 Member

How come the poller_perf and ping_perf graphs have been removed from $graph_enable?

paulgear Dec 11, 2015 Member

They were moved inside enable_graphs.

laf commented Dec 8, 2015

This PR seems to do more than just mib polling. It appears that functions have been removed, numerous graph files have been removed.

Can you provide some context around all of this.

@f0o f0o and 1 other commented on an outdated diff Dec 8, 2015
+ return $prefix;
+ }
+ $len -= 1;
+ }
+ return '';
+} // longest_matching_prefix
+function search_phrase_column($c)
+ global $searchPhrase;
+ return "$c LIKE '%$searchPhrase%'";
+} // search_phrase_column
+function quote_sql_word($c)
f0o Dec 8, 2015 Member

Why not using mres() ?

paulgear Dec 11, 2015 Member

Because I'm ignorant. :-)


Regarding the removed functions, 7ccea63 was removing some files which are unused.

@f0o f0o added the Rebase Needed label Dec 20, 2015
@paulgear paulgear removed the Rebase Needed label Dec 22, 2015


paulgear commented Jan 1, 2016

Any thoughts on this, @librenms/reviewers ? I've had a couple of people struggle with the git side of things trying to test it, and I'd like to be able to tell them not to worry and use master.

paulgear added some commits Jun 21, 2015
@paulgear paulgear Gather Ruckus radio stats table f1ab68d
@paulgear paulgear Move to fixed DS names in MIB-based polling; add script to convert RRDs 7752bc0
@paulgear paulgear Remove old roadmap stuff 724f55e
@paulgear paulgear Allow area graphs in generic_multi_line 45499e6
@paulgear paulgear Check for custom & MIB graphs before looking for a file 4fab952
@paulgear paulgear Remove unused files e5549e9
@paulgear paulgear Make things clearer by not trying to cram into one line c3a953c
@paulgear paulgear Skeleton framework for allowing MIB values to feed CPU & memory healt…
…h graphs
@paulgear paulgear Use stacked graphs for multi-instance MIBs; add larger colour palette cb7c87d
@paulgear paulgear Don't convert if we've already done it f0a7ed8
@paulgear paulgear Ignore 3rd-party libraries when searching 9741287
@paulgear paulgear Add debugging of MIB objects again 9b6496b
@paulgear paulgear Add code to populate mibdefs table; note about moving some items to d…
@paulgear paulgear Add MIB browser f2370bb
@paulgear paulgear Add timestamp to mibdefs 50bfd22
@paulgear paulgear Add device MIB association browser 5c2231a
@paulgear paulgear Update global MIB viewer ceeb362
@paulgear paulgear Generalise arp discovery cache; move to common 40a1cef
@paulgear paulgear Split polling & discovery of MIB-based poller 7619a34
@paulgear paulgear Include copyright 161e2b8
@paulgear paulgear Trivial cleanups 5d53761
@paulgear paulgear Add device OID storage and display 953ea3f
@paulgear paulgear Fix rebase for can_ping_device b52f7f5
@paulgear paulgear Restore name_shorten so we can provide backwards compatibility ed15e2a
@paulgear paulgear Add custom graph include 18c1a19
@paulgear paulgear Display sysObjectID on device overview screen 4d3b39e
@paulgear paulgear Overhaul documentation for MIB-based poller 22bd2d3
@paulgear paulgear Overhaul documentation for MIB-based poller 1b0614a
@paulgear paulgear Move rrd handling functions into includes/rrdtool.inc.php; add backwa…
…rds compatibility with file naming in old version of MIB-based polling
@paulgear paulgear Minor doc tidy fbc5555
@paulgear paulgear Remove roadmap; no longer relevant, covered by issue database 84b7d2e
@paulgear paulgear Fix up some funky formatting; add/tidy end-of-function markers to red…
…uce diff churn
@paulgear paulgear Make formatting changes consistent 3fb5210
@paulgear paulgear Support MIB-based overrides in processor & memory pools ea29977
@paulgear paulgear Add SQL schema d862b9c
@paulgear paulgear Fix issues flagged by scrutinizer 2244a5f
@paulgear paulgear Add global MIB association table 6fae987
@paulgear paulgear Fix count & create device link in global MIB association table ce880a6
@paulgear paulgear Minor doc fix ddb18e9
@paulgear paulgear Minor doc fix b98e691
@paulgear paulgear Fix display of Mikrotik CPU; probably unrelated to MIB-based polling …
@paulgear paulgear Remove redundant function
laf commented Jan 5, 2016

trigger ci

@laf laf merged commit 5647522 into librenms:master Jan 6, 2016

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