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Store performance data for each poller module #2849

merged 1 commit into from Jan 24, 2016


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SaaldjorMike commented Jan 24, 2016

No description provided.


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LibreNMS-CI commented Jan 24, 2016

Auto-Deploy finished, Test PR at or

laf added a commit that referenced this pull request Jan 24, 2016

Merge pull request #2849 from SaaldjorMike/module-graphs
Store performance data for each poller module

@laf laf merged commit 2e274f5 into librenms:master Jan 24, 2016

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paulgear Jan 26, 2016


@librenms/reviewers - I know I'm a bit late to the party on this, but I think it could use some tweaks on the naming side of things. I'll get together a PR as a suggested change, but just flagging it for now.


paulgear commented Jan 26, 2016

@librenms/reviewers - I know I'm a bit late to the party on this, but I think it could use some tweaks on the naming side of things. I'll get together a PR as a suggested change, but just flagging it for now.

jhannah01 pushed a commit to jhannah01/librenms that referenced this pull request Oct 22, 2017

Jon Hannah
Squashed 'lib/vis/' changes from 46fd2ac..0017167
0017167 generated dist files for v4.21.0
3a2cf84 generated dist files for v4.21.0
45fbee6 generated dist files for v4.20.1
c7028b2 generated dist files for v4.20.0
89cc60d generated dist files for v4.19.1
c18d8a1 generated dist files for v4.19.0
5143685 generated dist files for v4.18.1
6b0db3a generated dist files for v4.18.0
8cd25fe do not ignore dist and test folders in master
1e2a562 added badges from (#2517)
9e0d232 added codeclimate badge
6bd5823 added Badges
2d48632 add 'dist' folder for deployment
8472fd6 do not generate source-maps in distribution version
18de2e7 Add Gitter badge (#2179)
de5dbfa Merge pull request #1 from yotamberk/v4.21.0
be98231 Fix review comments
d828ad0 v4.21.0
683544c Network: Relax clustering condition for adding already clustered nodes to cluster (#3554)
4a25c43 Network: Retain constraint values in label font handling (#3520)
6afc095 On timeline loaded (#3530)
3bc3d16 Drag object in to item (#3506)
aa320ae Additional changes for #3500 (#3525)
e4efee6 Allow disabling of RangeItem limitSize (#3050)
ecdb59e Network: Cleanup and refactoring PhysicsEngine (#3507)
3581561 re-adds edges if they are now connected and add does not add invalid edges (#3516)
2860d73 Item Redraw Performance - Bug Fix (#3513)
006b162 - Fixing a bug with the timing of the final setting of the vertical scroll position (#3508)
659f0e9 Network: Add extra check on null value during label handling (#3511)
4b489a1 Added describe sections to PointItem unit tests (#3509)
51a8977 Vertical focus (#3504)
9218b01 Subgroup stacking (#3501)
fe49e7e Improve Item redraw and initial draw performance (#3475)
409e4a3 Network detect clicks on labels (#3410)
663e294 Network: Adjust documentation for arrows.middle.scaleFactor (#3488)
9fa9b00 Network: Prevent image loading for hidden cluster nodes (#3492)
75e6263 Network: Fix handling of multi-fonts  (#3486)
3cac614 IE performance improvements #3425 (#3489)
3125aae IE11 svg image fixes (#3477)
1fd58cc Make negative scaleFactor reverse middle arrow correctly (#3474)
9f7b1f9 Network: Fix handling of space before huge word in label text. (#3470)
0f3789a Adjust for-in loops so they can deal with added properties in Array and Object prototypes (#3471)
f570fed Fix Group Performance (#3453)
9830616 Group redraw performance (#3409)
b0481d3 Strapping down of Extend-routines in util.js (#3442)
091473a Add endpoint 'bar' to Network (#3444)
1ec5191 Network: Fixes sorting on Layout, refactoring. (#3411)
9957798 The next fix on Travis unit test failure (#3431)
7157df0 Network: Consolidate code for generating endpoints (#3422)
afbd6b9 Fixes issue #3428 - Adds locale for Chinese (cn) (#3430)
fcb6c0a Network: Added default sizes for nodes without labels (#3421)
cb87892 Added new Hexagon shape in the Network (#3420)
c325418 Addresses code review comments from PR 3382 (#3398)
b97b265 DataSet - Adds unit tests for add, setOptions and on/off (#3394)
f75a893 Network: Cluster node handling due to dynamic data change. (#3399)
9c3c3cd Fixed #3395: allow for multiline titles (#3396)
f405fe8 fix orientation option (#3405)
b620f3a Eliminate possibility of 'window is undefined' during travis test (#3406)
8a8234d Add performance tips to timeline docs (#3360)
2678fd2 added @macleodbroad-wf to the support team (#3402)
469ab5f Addresses TODOs in Queue unit test by adding unit tests for setOptions and destroy (#3392)
6adbefd Network Clustering fixes on usage joinCondition for clusterOutliers() (#3388)
dc33994 Fix setting of edge color options via Network.setOptions() (#3377)
0ac1ce4 Add item with ctrlKey/metaKey when dagging on a selected item (#3379)
48c7cf9 Enable jsdoc-require MethodDefinition (#3382)
6dfb468 Enables "ClassDeclaration" for require-jsdoc lint rule, and adds all missing class-level jsdoc (#3373)
b998ecd Enables "requireReturnType" for valid-jsdoc lint rule (#3374)
13747ee Adds missing @extends/@constructor to jsdoc (#3372)
d4e4e9f Removes redundant .eslintrc from graph3d, lints the rest of the code … (#3363)
e44b0b0 Add edge styles support for DOT lib (#3348)
19beef7 Tightens up jsdoc lint rules on timeline (#3362)
046fb27 Enable unit testing for module Network (#3313)
8c8f21d Nested groups order logic  (#3206)
44ffb44 #3246 FIX - weekly scale minor label fix (#3361)
fbbb2cc #3246 - fix issue when showMajorLabels == false is used with a weekly scale. (#3305)
8589ff6 Stricter Lint Rules on Graph3d (#3359)
05cbb3b Adds missing jsdoc and adds lint rule require-jsdoc to build process (#3354)
97f33d2 Bug fix for null parent (#3342)
b5e94a9 Fixes #2839 - Re-words documentation to reflect symmetrical input/output of get() when passed multiple ids. (#3315)
059f307 Fixes Issue #1852 - Correct documentation for graph2d’s moveTo function (#3306)
3f54575 Fixes Issue #3316 - Updates network documentation to account for edge… (#3319)
810d088 [Network] Dynamically adjust clustering when data changes. (#3330)
35d27c6 Disable the default handling of the pinch event when handling it. (#3334)
a01ef86 [Network] Fixes for loading of examples (#3332)
aa07e2f Enable linting for Travis (#3331)
0465930 fix for #3169 - add parenthesis around ternary (#3324)
efc4b30 lint timeline (#3312)
ca5662c lint timeline component (#3311)
b5ef4b9 lint timeline component item (#3310)
0df59c8 Makes Network, DataSet and DataView eslint compliant (#3304)
c9a1183 lint shared (#3309)
07e1af2 lint lib (#3308)
e5d0b59 lint graph2d (#3307)
080b0f6 Fixed #3249 (#3250)
6b191f8 Network: Block recalculation of level in LayoutEngine._determineLevelsDirected() (#3294)
435a2ab updated the webpack example (#3295)
3adaefd Update module versions to latest stable (#3287)
536d250 Add option definitions and validation to Graph3d (#3099)
2697973 Cleanup mergeOptions() (#3280)
2525cc3 Fix missing ref on globalOptions in mergeOptions() (#3281)
16a639b Added dragStart event for adding edges. (#3141)
b9aec48 Graph3d: move Filter into DataGroup (#3159)
6aba9b2 Fix infinite loop on drawing of large labels (#3228)
f805b1f Update hierarchy when node level changes (#3239)
fc7b5f0 Multiple base edges in clustered edge (#3268)
90adc2f Network: Add pointer data to hover events (#3128)
9795e90 Refactoring and unit testing of Validator module (#3106)
9664c27 Refactor LayoutEngine for further work (#3227)
ca6beb0 Add unit tests for Graph3D issue (#3260)
af4e1fa Network: make 'hidden' and 'clustered' play nice together (#3274)
0fa017f Graph3d put guards before unsubscription in DataGroup (#3271)
658dbc1 Allow DOM elements for node titles (#3267)
e698c5d Fix missing commend end in .eslintrc (#3264)
e494514 Bidirectional scrolling in timeline - make horizontalScroll and verticalScroll work together (#3162)
eff7573 Fix manipulation examples for Network (#3266)
221757c Enable 'eslint' (#3230)
979b53a Fix missing reference to Graph3D instance in DataGroup (#3255)
843eb44 Upgrade packages and tools for Travis unit testing (#3262)
ad4d84d Small things missed during review of (#3226)
35ba2ea changed version to v4.20.1-SNAPSHOT
b110a05 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
9a95266 V4.20.1 (#3224)
77cf6df Fix subgroup collision (#3200)
d3c2008 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
eec083c Fix stacking when setting option (#3172) (#3201)
ff5916d Set dimensions properly of images on initialization. (#3205)
f115ebb Remove npm-debug logs
dab20a8 Merge conflicts
d8458a9 Small fix on ref usage in DataGroup (#3198)
2eb4bbc Release checklist (#3084)
a820ec4 Refactoring of Node Drawing (#3170)
13ef7ee Fixed #3183 (#3184)
427de22 Reverse nodes returned with 'from' and 'to' directions (#3186)
b29faf7 Merge branch 'releaseChecklist' of into develop
73423c0 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
48a1d3a Adjusting timeline TimeStep.roundToMinor - fixes #3105 (#3175)
56083ec Adding caching to Range getMillisecondsPerPixel function (#3154)
418b42b Refactored line drawing for Bezier edges (#3122)
33a4c28 Refactoring of `BezierEdgeStatic._getViaCoordinates()` (#3121)
98c0922 Consolidate code for determining the pixel ratio (#3088)
c16b2a3 Network: Smooth type 'dynamic' adjusted for node-specific option in hierarchical (#3130)
a746466 Fix usage of clustering with hierarchical networks (#3132)
f8ba6f0 Protect Network from zero and negative mass values (#3135)
04ecc85 Prevent crashes from invalid id's in `Clustering.findNode()` (#3166)
69fef3d Ensure start and end of stabilization progress events is sent (#3165)
33c3e3d Add data group class to Graph3d (#3152)
be036db Fix on call to i`fontOptions.chooser()` in module Label (#3124)
b882b38 Properly handle newline escape sequences in strings for DOT (#3112)
3ce7fbe Refactoring of LayoutEngine (#3110)
ee566f7 Added collapsible items for objects in graph3d doc (#3104)
e54bb16 Timeline: Allow overriding `align` per item (#3107)
22edb38 Fix option handling label selection of edges (#3116)
ed8d6cb Edge labels turn bold on select and hover (#3111)
003a4b2 Changed order of (de)select events for network (#3113)
0e6b6ec Added param 'direction' to Network.getConnectedNodes() (#3108)
28abf0a timeline - items always draggable upgrade for range (#3073)
87cd182 Add prefix  to cancelAnimationFrame() (#3087)
88d298d added make github release
26a249b unchecked everything
b81dbcf created a checklist for the release process
0efc1ef changed version to v4.20.1-SNAPSHOT
207b3a4 Release v4.20.0 (#3077)
421e361 Add support for multiple class names in utils add/remove class methods. (#3079)
545fb18 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
28fc990 Timeline 'showTooltips' option (#3046)
585d8b0 LineGraph: Add an existingItemsMap to check if items are new or not before skipping (#3075)
ec4699d Nathanbennett improve timeline stack performance (#3078)
e25db74 replacing all ES6 imports with CJS require calls (#3063)
9a56441 Fixes for loading images into image nodes (#2964)
85e36ed Configurable minimum and maximum sizes for dot-size graphs (#2849)
000fe82 Added check on mission var 'options', refactoring. (#3055)
168e79d Use get() to get data from DataSet/View instead of directly accessing member _data. (#3069)
bf80a90 Avoid overriding standard context method ellipse() (#3072)
02911c0 Add command line options to mocha for running tests (#3064)
63794a3 mouseup and mousedown events fixes #3032 (#3059)
f67d16c Fix #2922: bold label for selected ShapeBase classes. (#2924)
005fa97 Fix #2952 Pre-render node images for interpolation (#3010)
b20fe12 Fix for exploding directed network, first working version; refactored hierarchical state in LayoutEngine. (#3017)
e422c34 Refactoring of Label.propagateFonts() (#3052)
1673980 Set CircleImageBase.imageObjAlt always when options change (#3053)
29e696a Label.getFormattingValues() fix option fallback to main font for mod-fonts (#3054)
a58b92c Fix handling of node id's in saveAndLoad example (#2943)
10927b5 Fix click and doubleclick events on items (#2988)
41677bd Refactoring in Canvas.js (#3030)
0a64249 Implementation of a week scale feature (#3009)
77699b4 Eliminate repeatedly fired `rangechanged` events on mousewheel (#2989)
6bffd49 added documentation on how labels are used (#2873)
e17136a Fix placement label for dot shape (#3018)
79bb381 Add check for parent existence when changing group in Item.setData. (#2985)
253e52a Fix #2994: select edge with id zero (#2996)
0ae676c Add check for empty groupIds array and get full list from data set. Fixes #2877 (#2986)
28a4d44 Fix #2614: Timeline docs border overlaps (#2992)
0c27b50 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
b496717 Fix doubleclick add (#2987)
3028c14 Fix #2679 (#2973)
099a8e7 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
1ae1e15 Network: use separate refresh indicator in NodeBase, instead of width… (#2885)
bcbce0a Drag and drop custom fields (#2872)
03c6e9b Fix #2914: Use option edges.chosen if present in global options (#2917)
6e59ac9 Drop control - fix #2834 (#2974)
af16ffc Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
3d79ad5 Fix #2940 Gephi consolidate double assignment of node title. (#2962)
420f8a3 Fix check for nodes not present in EdgesHandler (#2963)
fc082d3 Fixes #2918: Remove usages of elementsCensor. (#2947)
1cd3b05 Rolling mode offset (#2950)
3d1e8a3 Add callback functions to moveTo, zoomIn, zoomOut and setWindow (#2870)
3ecc98f [Timeline fix #2814] Do not corrupt class names at high zoom levels. (#2909)
752da28 Fix typo in PR template. (#2908)
23e96c3 (timeline docs #2888) Fix error in class names. (#2911)
fd46ec1 updated moment.js (#2925)
ec20129 Reduce the time-complexity of the network initial positioning. (#2759)
1901a3e Visible items bug (#2878)
92088be added @wimrijnders to the support team (#2886)
0944445 changed version to v4.19.1-SNAPSHOT
d6f6358 Release v4.19.1
0906f0a fix(timeline): #2809 Fix docs typo in `showNested` (#2879)
a67a8e2 Fixes for removing and adding items to subgroups (#2821)
a6a7ee2 Allow nested groups to be removed by nulling the nestedGroups content. (#2852)
2a1ce02 fix(chore): Moved babel to devDependencies (#2875)
c18a392 changed to v4.19.0-SNAPSHOT
2d4491e Release v4.19.0 (#2874)
4f97bc8 Prevent redirect to blank after drag and drop (FF) (#2871)
ea1d8c1 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
76ed8ca Fix to sort nested groups - Related to #2810 (#2817)
a9e14d3 Graph3d tooltip styling (#2780)
659af58 fix(timeline): #2795 fix date for custom format function (#2826)
f8be0a5 Add animation options for zoomIn/zoomOut funtions (#2830)
6586c53 Remove all `Object.assign` from examples (for browsers that don;t support es5+)  (#2829)
abb3afa docs(graph3d): Adjusted graph3d doc for autoscaling; ref Issue #2540 (#2812)
3a2b781 docs(timeline): Update docs and example to suggest being explicit about item overrides. (#2806)
eba3cf8 fix(timeline): #2725 background items positioning when `orientation: top` (#2831)
88807e4 Add edited data as argument to the template function with update documentation (#2802)
91c2c31 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
e835e35 [timeline] Update "progress bar" example to reflect values. (#2828)
af86650 Fix for issue #2536 (#2803)
3df8107 Fix regression introduced in #2743. (#2796)
ee77164 added @bradh as member of the support team (#2801)
d137483 feat(timeline): Add item data as argument to the template function (#2799)
dd55439 added github templates for issues and pull-requests (#2787)
f5b43e8 fix(timeline): #2672 Item events original event (#2704)
0750015 [timeline] Update serialization example to use ISOString dates. (#2789)
20fc8ed [timeline] Update examples to use ISOString format. (#2791)
d0f2a63 Added support to supply an end to bar charts to have them scale (#2760)
6b5462e [Timeline] Modify redraw logic to treat scroll as needing restack. (#2774)
c83492e Initial tests for timeline ItemSet. (#2750)
6acc7bd feat(network): Improve the performance of the network layout engine (#2729)
ceb6986 fix(timeline): #2720 Problems with option editable (#2743)
4dc5082 fix: Range.js "event" is undeclared (#2749)
e51b996 feat(timeline): added new locales for french and espanol (#2723)
3a10511 fixes timestep next issue (#2732)
d59c4a1 Fix eslint problem on Travis. (#2744)
cd30aa9 feat(timeline): #2647 Dynamic rolling mode option (#2705)
411a43c fix(timeline): #2679 TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of null (#2735)
fae21a0 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
b0b4d54 Add initial tests for Timeline PointItem (#2716)
e42b2e9 fix(timeline): #778 Tooltip does not work with background items in timeline (#2703)
93d6d33 fix(timeline): #2598 Flickering onUpdateTimeTooltip (#2702)
e6ed962 chore(lint): added support for eslint (#2695)
efe2513 Trivial typo fix in how_to_help doc. (#2714)
228ee81 add link to a mentioned example (#2709)
4870ad2 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
c8d7223 feat(docs): use babel preset2015 for custom builds (#2678)
197f26b fix(build): use babel version compatible with webpack@1.14 (#2693)
e735b64 Added showX(YZ)Axis options to Graph3d (#2686)
c16bf0f feat(tests): run mocha tests in travis ci (#2687)
66a6772 feat(network): Allow for image nodes to have a selected or broken image (#2601)
8bd5971 feat(timeline): refactor tooltip to only use one dom-element (#2662)
c2cbff2 feat(timeline): Change setCustomTimeTitle title parameter to be a string or a function (#2611)
e2d4a99 chore(docs): Add note that PRs should be submitted against the `develop` branch (#2623)
109754b Fixes instanceof Object statements for objects from other windows and iFrames. (#2631)
f384521 chore: removed google-analytics from all examples (#2670)
c7a7eaa chore: do not ignore test folder (#2648)
9c32a91 chore: updated dependencies and devDependencies (#2649)
b39d9ed chore(docs): general improvements (#2652)
9c6fc82 changed to v4.18.1-SNAPSHOT
bcba4ce Changes for v4.18.1 (#2656)
cb20857 Fix(network): handle label composition for long words (#2650)
c236718 fix(network): Fix network manipulation together with Bootstrap styles (#2654)
d5fd1c8 fix(timeline): fixed htmlContents example (#2651)
6ac924c fix(timeline): Fix #2590 Min zoom bug (#2646)
c9312bb fix(timeline): Fix #2597 Zoom while dragging (#2645)
2682b9d chore: updated dependencies
3124d8e Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
3456acf Network: Fix tree collision in hierarchical layout (#2625)
81de568 moved babel plugins from devDependencies to dependencies (#2629)
6c22663 Minor cleanups in Timeline Range. (#2633)
1393eee Fixed #2458: Allow graph2D options to be undefined (#2634)
2e5c620 fix(network): #2589 vertically center label in network circle node (#2593)
100f47a fix(network): #2591 self reference edge should now appear in all cases (#2595)
bf71d7e fix #2613 with if statement, and null for pointer value rather than r… (#2615)
f1bd8ce values should be passed to check values.borderDashes (#2599)
39bcadd Fix typo (#2622)
55a8b70 Fix(examples): #2585 Fixed React example  (#2587)
ada1c90 Fix react example
b9eba1e changed to v4.18.0-SNAPSHOT
71bd17f Changes for v4.18.0 (#2583)
2b913d0 fix(timeline): #2522 Right button while dragging item makes items uneditable (#2582)
890c3f8 fix(graph2d): fix #2500 for graph2d (#2581)
e504dc7 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
001fd9f Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
0f7dc1f Fixed #2560: IE11 issue 'Symbol' is undefined with babel-polyfill  (#2566)
83cbc77 Fix missing blur edge event
1a3f786 Fix tooltip issue causing exception when node becomes cluster
db888bd Fix #2538 (#2551)
5cb13de feat: add initial Travis-CI config (#2550)
b9144d3 Add experiment travis code
4982679 Add .travis.yml file
9a27aa7 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
8645404 Added followMouse & overflowMethod to tooltip options (#2544)
e27de4f Fixed tool-tip surviving after item deleted (#2545)
4d31574 Fix small bug when subgroups start overlap without subgroupStack  (#2527)
3a4b8c4 Fixed hover events for HTML elements (#2539)
70710f4 Fixes removed event oldData items. (#2535)
723f91a Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse (#2534)
d3d1dc7 Fixed Timeline.setGroups for Array (#2529)
cb5cfc0 Fixed deleting item with id 0 (#2530)
cdba4c1 Fix: Fixes error in React example when adding a ranged item (#2521)
cd37b2d Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
2ec733b fix: #226 #2421 #2429 Fixed mouse events on timeline (#2473)
e9d1ebf Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
7f86cad feat: new stackSubgroups option (#2519)
412f6e3 Readme improvements (#2520)
bbb4849 updated npm dependencies (#2518)
d9cdcb8 feat: #2451 Allow pass the color of points in 'dot-color' mode of Graph3D (#2489)
c9f5861 [Timeline] Added HTML tool-tip support (#2498)
1eb05e5 readded throttleRedraw (#2514)
884b75e Babel update (#2513)
fb8e81c Revert "Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse" (#2512)
becf18e feat: change styles if element is selected (#2446)
8ab1d18 feat: #2300 Added nested groups (#2416)
534ad9f fix #2500 for timeline  (#2506)
58924d5 replace { bool } with { boolean: bool } to fix #2500 (#2501)
4681ace Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
9f0376e add template support for minor/major labels (#2493)
9be6330 Remove dist folder (#2497)
aee0fb3 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
3cfa8d0 Allow template labels
9d76f98 Don't pass non-string values to Date.parse (#2491)
01aada7 Fix minor bug when option is not defined (#2486)
2f04345 Fix error when option is not defined
502929b Create .babelrc (#2466)
3b27f47 Fix YUI Compressor incompatibilities and in so doing improve general JavaScript correctness (#2452)
60cd758 add example for network on Load animation. (#2476)
067a6e8 adding example of cursor change for 1845, and now doing it off develop to fix history (#2463)
73f880d Fix initial drag (#2474)
ffa8e0e Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
9692d0d Fix error on click for graph2D when no data is provided (#2472)
c584a75 Fix graph2D render issue (#2470)
a093bc4 Add visibleFrameTemplate option for higher item dom content (#2437)
3bc182b Fix Range ctor with optional options parameter (#2468)
3311b9b feat: #1746 rolling mode (#2439)
58cc1d9 fix: #2422 Timeline onMove callback (#2427)
66047ac fix: #2370 IE10 drag-and-drop support (#2426)
f96e6bf Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
419e6cd Fix: #1906 Pass through original hammer.js events (#2420)
582fc64 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
15b739d Merge pull request #2411 from almende/codeClimate
607950b fix: #2327 Add support to fixed times drag and drop (#2372)
0b73a13 mdlint: allow dollar signs used before commands without showing output
008371a csslint deactivated 'adjoining-classes'
de78088 csslint deactivated 'order-alphabetical'
69da649 disabled csslint rule box-model
8b18439 removed TODO; removed trailing spaces
d9056c1 added code-climate configs
1e9dce1 Merge pull request #2406 from almende/build-cleanup
9c96927 removed merge-stream
5900ea0 fix: _origRedraw sometimes undefined (#2399)
a77e462 fix: #2402 make sure a given element isn’t undefined before accessing properties (#2403)
4d7a21c fixes #2367 Group editable bug (#2368)
dcb2d58 Fix redraw order
8a9edbb fix: Font styles and width and height of nodes (#2385)
eeba7fd feat: add pointer position to zoom event (#2377)
d779efe Fixes #2336 mouse wheel problem on custom time element (#2366)
a32a7f7 Fixes #2307 timeline async initial redraw bug (#2386)
5f7a721 Fixed #2312 vertical scroll bug with groups and fixed height (#2363)
52b7474 Merge pull request #2357 from wimrijnders/PR28
2d42284 Readied 3d camera orientation code for merge into develop branch
769415e Improvement for camera 3d moving (#2340)
c4f6a6f Add ability to move graph3d by left mouse button while pressing ctrl key and rotate like before
b0c5659 fixed label disappearing bug for large axis values in graph3d (#2348)
44df7e5 Fixes #2333 Scrollbar width on browser zoom (#2344)
b31ae14 label margins for box, circle, database, icon and text nodes. (#2343)
17ce133 Edit edge without endpoint dragging, and pass label in data (#2329)
c0ca1af Fixes #2319 (#2335)
878f0c5 Improvements to support group visibility (see #2315) (#2334)
e79d709 Added option to change the visibility of a group (#2315)
baa6f9f More editable control of timeline items (#2305)
161c3d0 Merge pull request #2313 from Loreno10/patch-4
44f382a Changed "an" to "and" in graph3D docs
748ee5d Fixes #2273 Cannot scroll page when zoomKey is enabled (#2301)
0545f38 Fixes #2295 Issues with vertical scroll and maxHeight (#2302)
a29aae9 Fixes #2285 onUpdate event (#2304)
9310b22 Merge pull request #2296 from simo9000/docUpdate
b02c13f Timeline: updated group.content description to show that it can be an element
588d9b6 Fixes #2274 graph3d disappears when setSize is called (#2293)
2f77d80 Fixes #2251: no axis after daylight saving (#2290)
6fde6f8 Merge pull request #2286 from Loreno10/patch-3
023bb42 Update index.html of Graph3D
a83ef01 Timeline editable can override items (#2284)
876e0ab Graph2d performance enhancement (#2281)
0ec5b20 Merge pull request #2267 from almende/develop-snapshot
c34d4c6 marked development version as SNAPSHOT
655ca6f Merge pull request #2265 from almende/v4.17_release
a92c56c updated external dependencies; fixes #2243; updated how_to_puplish
9017d6f updated HISTORY from commit log
271c327 improved
b19383f creating commit log using "`git describe --tags --abbrev=0`..HEAD --oneline > log_v4.17.txt"
3351dfe bumped package.json version to 4.17.0
cac9a09 Merge pull request #2264 from almende/mojoaxel-fix2189
b522f4e fixes DataView.refresh bug introduced with #2189
feab6c5 Fixes #2261 Bugs with mousewheel events (#2262)
c6a55cf Merge pull request #2260 from almende/mojoaxel-patch-2248
1b89692 fixed bug introduced by #2248
4950efe Merge pull request #2258 from almende/revert-2256-timeline-editableOverride
b03c466 Revert "Timeline: options.editable to override item.editable"
51528ba Tooltip on item update time (#2247)
ecf1cad Removed redundant checks for item.editable in timeline (#2256)
f0582da Merge pull request #2248 from almende/issue1965
6ce3a41 updated example to support the safari browser; see #1965
0e0b6f5 Fixes background items with no groups (#2241)
2770bf3 Merge pull request #2246 from almende/sourceMaps
ff55379 Merge pull request #2245 from almende/issue2181
a3500f0 Merge pull request #2244 from almende/issue2015
6c637c4 generate details source maps of webpack modules
0e939b7 clean up of .gitignore
9b83948 git ignore dist/; fixes #2181
daf3e65 fixed conversion from moment to ISODate
e39dc89 improved timelines dataSerialization example
24ffacb fixed conversion from date-String to Number
dd324da Drag and drop support for the timeline (#2238)
4dedc62 Add zoomIn and zoomOut to timeline core (#2239)
088980b Added class Range for Min/Max value pairs. (#2230)
a604078 check parent DOM elements for direction attribute (#2237)
b96566e Merge pull request #2235 from yotamberk/rtl-dir
ed4bf21 Add german locale to timeline (#2234)
9d33372 Support parent dir and add docs + examples
510adfc Add support to rtl with dir
1053fc6 Fix editable point item
afdefcc Merge branch 'develop' of into rtl-dir
91c96ba fixes #2100 and issues with edges when clustering (#2229)
1d8a182 Merge pull request #2231 from yotamberk/template-fix
e3fdbcf Fix conflict
4b6a0d7 Fix to Core.js to updated Core.js
4f105a3 Fix templates
5195aa9 Merge branch 'develop' of into template-fix
2f2f5c4 Commit before pull
33795a9 Fix scroll bugs with vertical scrollbar (#2228)
249272c Merge branch 'develop' of into template-fix
70f76a2 Added point draw method for style 'line' (#2227)
6bb7432 Merge pull request #2224 from bradh/timelinedocs-2016-10-24
a70edfb Minor documentation cleanup.
1e55ee8 Bugfix in timeline (#2219)
c1a3f66 Merge pull request #2223 from bradh/rangeoverflowexamplecleanup
95cd631 Merge pull request #2222 from bradh/readmefixes-2016-10-24
7e342bd Remove stray reference to rangeoverflow in example comment.
3633bd9 Trivial README fixes.
5489a19 Merge pull request #2218 from mojoaxel/featureRequests
cad071e renamed some labels
ecf1c6a small improvements (#2217)
ac1d6a6 Fix small timeline bug when defining timeline with no options and fix docs explanations (#2216)
6adac31 Added point draw methods for styles 'surface' and 'grid' (#2215)
a9be8e7 Merge pull request #2214 from wimrijnders/PR23
9e1fd66 Add point draw methods for styles 'dot-color' and 'dot-size'
1c4e1a4 Add point draw methods for styles 'dot' and 'dot-line' (#2212)
171ee39 Merge pull request #2213 from mojoaxel/develop
66ab105 add two eyes review process
ab9d5f3 Merge pull request #2210 from wimrijnders/PR21
cf75437 Fix dragging items that have a React template (#2211)
5af1b89 Merge branch 'develop' of into template-fix
3addd51 Add vis-drag-center to fix dragging bug when template is react component
fcc817b Added point draw methods for graph styles 'bar-color' and 'bar-size'
8d13434 Merge pull request #2209 from wimrijnders/PR20
105356b Merge pull request #2208 from wimrijnders/PR19
d959843 Fix React support for group and item templates and add example (#2206)
c548b14 Merge branch 'template-fix' of into template-fix
342091d Fix review comments
44d6d86 Added explanatory text for graph3d tooltip demo
42c054f fix title
124b70f Undid last commit in a very roundabout way.
17c48c7 Fix typo
06c264e add react example
5d0a70e Added generic graph drawing loop; isolated point drawing of graph style 'Bar'
7689e21 Merge branch 'develop' into PR18
25a04fc Merge pull request #2204 from wimrijnders/PR17
cd1b18f Fixed another silly indent
d3b174d Interim save
13752ed Fixes after testing
b889a50 Add a vertical scroll option for timeline [solves #273, #1060, #466] (#2196)
7424bfb Graph3d: make setting dotSizeRatio public (#2202)
3d0acba Small code cleanup and consolidation.
178e9dc Horizontal scroll (#2201)
ea4d56c vertical scroll when zoomKey isn't triggered (#2197)
5030993 Merge pull request #2199 from wimrijnders/PR14
8cb0e74 Fix template to accept react elements
baed96e Fixes and hardening for Settings.js
3e84c35 Moved code for settings to separate module
776f4cc Updates DataSet and DataView remove event payload (#2189)
c92e2cd Line graph draw segments by depth order (#2200)
6fc876a Final cleanup for settings handling
31096e0 Add vertical scroll when zoom is inactive
7373a04 Resolve conflicts
9cfda2b Merge pull request #2195 from wimrijnders/PR14
e9df41e Merge pull request #2185 from Tooa/Italian_support_timeline
abb32df Final fixes
66ac9dd Added commond handling for settings with internal prefix 'default'
5d63ae0 Merge pull request #2182 from wimrijnders/PR13
ffa2e19 Fixed oversight with showTooltip
7c9bab8 Added fields tooltip and showLegend to defaults
6a34948 Merge pull request #2188 from mojoaxel/locales
f61c83a cleaned up locale; added all locals to example; set users local as default
51f0db9 Add Italian locale support for network (#2184)
e6351b6 Adjusted STYLE enum to previous
9a028a8 Added step to defaults; fixes to detect and survive inconstent data
bb627c6 Add Italian support for timeline
055e7ee Merge pull request #2183 from mojoaxel/weNeedHelp
832e963 linked users to there profile
f3e5643 Added handling of settings for camera
f5fe722 Managing help offers (#2178)
1446540 Added handling of settings backgroundColor and dataColor
810922a Merge pull request #2176 from wimrijnders/PR12
49e5582 Merge pull request #2175 from wimrijnders/PR11
8b39874 Merge pull request #2174 from ZacBrownBand/dataview_include_olddata
7c62486 Re-ordered keys to match other usage.
165aa03 Added xCenter and yCenter to defaults
b21f5a1 Fixed typo
b2e0eb9 Added structure for default values
ffc5447 Replaced sin/cos usage in drawAxis() with unit vector
f847430 Adds oldData to the update event payload in dataview to match dataset.
674813d Uniform handling of common user options (#2168)
5740c13 Merge pull request #2171 from wimrijnders/PR10
9b5eb3f Added methods for drawing Y and Z axis labels
db89162 Merge pull request #2167 from wimrijnders/PR8
11b9210 Merge pull request #2165 from wimrijnders/PR6
0187ab9 Merge pull request #2166 from wimrijnders/PR7
9e13640 Consolidated code for drawing x-axis label
ccec638 Added method for drawing lines between 3D points
a2350bb Moved recurring code for StepNumber to start() method
b84e9e4 Removed restriction to allow clusters of a single node. (#2013)
fe1dfc8 Merge pull request #2162 from wimrijnders/PR5
85222bf throw real Error instances (#2160)
4b235ab Translation of all data points to single method.
ca94ee0 Merge pull request #2161 from aanm/fixing-get-point
bced0e6 Merge pull request #2159 from wimrijnders/PR3
0330e2f Added 2D line drawing method
fed0441 ignore '.directory' (#2158)
029b6ab Consolidated usage of getContext (#2157)
b136380 Fix blur edge for dense networks (#2124)
932dfb1 Fix Vertical visibility for all item types (#2143)
f99d204 Merge pull request #2066 from mojoaxel/newArrowTypes
d2aa7b0 fixed typo
37c595e added arrow-type docs; #1993
0970cf6 added arrow-type example; #1993
dc2c233 added arrow-type 'circle'; fixes #1993
439aa79 Expose the item/group element in option.template and option.groupTemplate  (#2153)
ea859d4 Add example to export to JSON and import it again. (#2152)
12e2fa4 Custom function label - fixes #1098 (#2145)
4079d2c Merge pull request #1967 from mojoaxel/npmpackage
f95375b moved some dependencies for production
217299e Add the source data to Point3d objects in Graph3D (#1884)
0921868 Add documentation for react mounting
b32f942 Fix comment typo
89a0bfd Add element to templates options
c130f0b Merge pull request #2091 from Teamwork/requestAnimationFrame-for-redraws
c5dcf85 Merge branch 'develop' of into develop
48b492d Rtl documentation (#2141)
82e686e merged russian locale #2111
3115955 Merge conflicts
d805427 Small bugfix to prevent null pointer exception (#2116)
ee1e5d9 timeline: add missing require for util module (#2109)
6afe0f1 timeline: use css style instead of delete image (#2034)
ff3948f Use requestAnimationFrame to throttle redraws
d9576be Added floating-point compensation to range-item width calculation (#2107)
6539ca7 Fixed position of box item (#2106)
d37bcea Added Timeline itemover, itemout events (#2099)
fe02557 Fix grammar/syntax in loading instructions (#2093)
bb549ea generate individual css files for network and timeline (#1970)
d5e8a14 Select the closest edge, not just any nearby (#1922)
0ba6e16 Hide vertically hidden ranged items in groups that are not visible (#2062)
d29fad2 Prevent moment deprecation warning (#2089)
cd29400 only use shape.radius if availible; fixes #1625 (#2005)
096703b Removed all build-related stuff from bower.json (#1968)
1f6935e updated deprecated dependencies (#1953)
34e9cd8 general questions should be asked on stackoverflow (#1991)
f1cb732 Hide vertically hidden ranged items in groups that are not visible
f1a403b Merge branch 'chrisbenseler-master' into develop
57a3dfb Added pt-br locale to network
b752755 Added getBaseEdge, getClusteredEdges updateEdge and updateClusteredNo… (#2055)
343ead9 fixes BoxItem's initial width if content width is dynamic; fixes #2032 (#2035)
8419c73 correct spelling for 'deprecated' and 'deprecation' s/depricat/deprecat/g
9962987 Added getBaseEdge, getClusteredEdges updateEdge and updateClusteredNo… (#2055)
8dd7849 fixes BoxItem's initial width if content width is dynamic; fixes #2032 (#2035)
bcca755 correct spelling for 'deprecated' and 'deprecation' s/depricat/deprecat/g
ae04736 Merge branch 'mokraemer-master' into develop
29f2d98 timeline: set weekday css class on high zoom levels; fixes #2014; code cleanup;
539afa7 #2014, changed visible to 2 day limit in zoom
9249fb7 #2014
e37759a Merge branch 'chonton-master' into develop
30620e4 improved shape example with a ellipse with long label text; see #2011
dd3639f decrease whitespace in ellipses having long text
adedd6a Merge branch 'daattali-patch-2' into develop
cc61cd8 implement a smarter zoom in/out that gets back to the original window
d951959 Changes how current, start, and end are set to create a moment instance with the same locale as the TimeStep's moment instance (#1932)
7a88861 Merge branch 'chiarishow-master' into develop
67823f1 Fix issue #1156 (#1976)
ae1ecf5 Merge pull request #1987 from Stexxen/develop
9e4c42e Merge pull request #1940 from cgrandfield/master
412a503 fix documentation: properties.nodes doesn't exist, it's properties.items
727b5c2 Merge pull request #1998 from dejvo/develop
9d30222 Fix incorrect documentation URL
eb675cd Resolve issue almende/vis#1857
ba5ce26 Merge pull request #1946 from doubleoevan/fix-known-security-issue-with-handlebars
6460e39 fix known security with handlebars
9ec77c6 fix wrong indentation
d07a3ec better variable name
8cd847c fix #1723
181c98e Added support for drawing legends to all graph types other than line and barsize. Added a "showLegend" option which can be used to toggle legend drawing Added legend drawing to 11_tooltips and to playground examples Added description of showLegend option to documentation
944511f Fixed getPoint for same node edges
f516cb0 Fix right orientation axis for Graph2D, see examples/graph2d/05_bothAxis. It was broken by PR (#1729), which fixed issues #112 & #1730. As far as I can tell that change shouldn't influence the DataAxis (vertical-axis), but only the horizontal axis.
2c78738 Merge pull request #1862 from raphink/content_width
087b96b Set content width to avoid overflow (Fix #1853)
94d9fdc Merge pull request #1822 from herregroen/master
5f7510a reset switched{Day,Month,Year} in next function, not in isMajor function
6de24a2 Released version 4.16.1
a94ffb6 Merge pull request #1800 from SonIcco/patch-1
b19af5f Merge pull request #1796 from abxu/fixed-updating-arrows-string-type
2cc2c4e BugFix - Network.options.nodes
8cde43e Fixed #1786: Timeline having zero height on Internet Explorer, regression introduced after fixing #1697
9af8c49 Fixed updating arrows with the string type
97264f7 Bumped version number again to 4.16.1-SNAPSHOT
10300d9 Reverted changing version number on master
38b1104 Added link for post-it
e3682a2 Right align post-it
4b00d9c Added we need help post-it
d3bfca5 Bumped version number to v4.16.1-SNAPSHOT
240f0c2 Released v4.16.0
ef9ec3f Created bundles for individual visualizations: `vis-graph3d.min.js`,   `vis-network.min.js`, and `vis-timeline-graph2d.min.js`
f4baaa9 Fixed stacking not working (due to a small bug in the PR for rtl support)
8757b43 Updated history and /dist
a12b82e Merged PR #1729
6f1dc42 Fixed #1774: Wrong initial scale when Timeline contains a single item
190fd29 Updated /dist/vis.js
a7f86dd Fixed #1697: Timeline not drawn when used within the Angular.js directive (re-committed this fix)
c3b9203 Reverted support in Network for custom id fields, which was still broken
dc70824 Some more fixes regarding custom id fields. Still broken!
a95aa84 Some more fixes regarding custom id fields
3cf665e update dist/timeline
4f49135 remove extra console.logs
68a5639 fix conflict
8e34b48 remove extra comma
16cfa8c Merge branch 'master' of into develop
885ebff fix delete btn and remove console.logs
eb445d6 fix stacking bug in rtl and css for rtl
e87627f Fixed #1697: Timeline not drawn when used within the Angular.js directive
60d81a8 add events support for rtl
a549ed2 add rtl of groups in timeline
4a72096 Fixed #1707: Network not supporting data with a custom id field
4d65ed2 Updated version number to 4.15.2-SNAPSHOT
0666cb1 Merge branch 'develop'
6aa9c6a Release v4.15.1
95fd8ed Fixed import of Configurator
1c7d5eb Upgraded to babel v6
f051f1f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
53219c3 Upgraded (most) dependencies
1724c1b Merge pull request #1265 from ckane/box-leftalign
d997d90 Moved fix to the right version in history
3d4b1dc Added a comment
b10f7d0 Add an application-specific example of a CFG-viewer for analyzing software
b97a2a7 Add left-align to the example
6b398f5 Merge pull request #5 from almende/develop
311ea1e Fixed #1455: allow vertical panning of the web page on touch devices
d79553b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
40aac52 not set scale to 3.3 when initializing empty
23814fc Fixed #1695: Item line and dot not correctly reckoning with the line width when using left or right align
c1dd635 Fixed #1692: Error when y-axis values are equal
d29d7cb Bumped version number to 4.15.1-SNAPSHOT
1eaaeb8 Merge branch 'develop'
3874ad5 Released v4.15.0
eeab20d rebuilt
42b7462 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
822243e fixed another bug in hierarchical layout
448734c Fixed #1683: implemented `currentTimeTick` event
4347286 - Fixed #1672: Implemented stepped scaling for nice interpolation of images. - Added interpolation option for interpolation of images, default true.
b9c62af Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
386082e Fixed #1677: updating groups through manipulation now works as it should.
02de079 Fixed #1661: main files for bower should not be minified
d7382cd Updated history
d1c081f Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
b11ab77 Updated history
130b79c Merge pull request #1655 from ttjoseph/ttjoseph-patch-1
bc90ffe Use parseFloat instead of Number.parseFloat
1cb16f6 Fixed #1575: fixed selection events
2bff294 - Fixed #1644, #1631: overlapping nodes in hierarchical layout should no longer occur. - Added parentCentralization option for hierarchical layout.
53d37f1 Fixed #1635: edges are now referring to the correct points
1e1f59a Fixed #1637: the built-in tooltip now shows the provided `xLabel`, `yLabel`, and `zLabel`   instead of `'x'`, `'y'`, and `'z'`
8e180da Fixed #1634: several minor HTML/CSS bugs
014645d Fixed #1630: fixed docs of `getItemRange` and `getDataRange` in docs
c966a5f Put node-label alignment into 'align' rather than 'textAlign'
37fbe7f Fix a typo and swap SHR for mul-by-coeff
b5c59a5 Remove the "must be a box" requirement.
e39f3af Update documentation for PR #1256
486f89c Allow node labels to be left-justified with textAlign: 'left'
564ebb0 Merge pull request #2 from ckane/develop
aaa5aad Merge pull request #1 from almende/develop

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