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ekoyle commented Feb 17, 2016

Revert previous visjs update and use 'make vis' to update this time.

ekoyle added some commits Feb 17, 2016
@ekoyle ekoyle Revert "update VIS to ver. 4.7.0"
This reverts commit e603881.
@ekoyle ekoyle Squashed 'lib/vis/' changes from 58f0da39..46fd2ac
46fd2ac Merge branch 'develop'
4f831b1 Released version 4.14.0
1d49599 Fixed a regression: Timeline/Graph2d constructor throwing an exception when no options are provided via the constructor
cd3bb8a Fixed #1615: implemented new option `dotSizeRatio`
2adde9d Bumped version number to 4.13.1-SNAPSHOT
7df01ee Merge branch 'develop'
8fd57e3 Added images to /dist again
f24e90c Released version 4.13.0
ecca6d8 Removed version number from bower.json, it's not used by bower and can be found in package.json
82f6bc8 Fixed initial load performance issue, triggered by failing comparison on Date objects.
8f4e9e9 Several changes to get the performance on dragging back in check.
00436ab Major redesign of data axis/scales, with large focus on creating a sane slave axis setup
fc03c75 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:almende/vis into develop
f02da0b Merge pull request #1610 from felixhayashi/fix/variable
81510b6 Fixed wrong variable reference
f171328 Fixed #1541: Timeline and Graph2d did not load synchronously anymore
717f1f1 Moved `emit('_change'...)` from Timeline.setItems to ItemSet.setItems to be consistend with ItemSet.setGroups
ea26388 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:almende/vis into develop
bb1e008 Fix typo, default position of right hand legend is top-right.
dee98d8 Merge pull request #1599 from mauk81/patch-2
ac2c21e typo
7b434c3 reverted example
c32aa90 Fixed #1597: Allow zero borders and addressed scaling artifacts. unified border calculation. Needs to be centralized to avoid duplication.
7a83087 Fixed #1594: bug in hierarchical layout.
84b65fd Fixed #1596: correct clean up of manipulation dom elements.
5e8b98d Fixed #1585: Allow bar groups to exclude from stacking
ec89306 Fixed #1580: Invisible timeline/graph should not be drawn, as most inputs are invalid Moved initial autoscale/fit method to an handler of the "changed" event.
7cf090e Fixed #1521: Prevent items from staying stuck to the left side of the viewport.
246de7f Fix autoscale of timeline axis.
1cb691c Update HISTORY
12f1468 Fixed #1177: Fix custom range of slaved right axis.
f462072 Fixed #1592: Emit a "changed" event after each redraw. Made "change" event private (by prefixing _).
85318a5 Update HISTORY
9031dc3 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:almende/vis into develop
aa2a2d6 minor cleanups.
f064963 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
9136141 Fixed #1584: Navigation buttons broken
daa643e Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:almende/vis into develop
bbf04d3 Fixed #1403: Graph2d change yAxisOrientation, Cleanup of linegraph's event handling Fixed #1557: Make sure we don't default to scientific notation. Couple of minor fixes in group counts and ranges.
6b773ce Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
18e1d1f Fixed 1588, destroy now releases the dataset.
f8a6513 Merge pull request #1583 from sapegin/patch-1
f97e57b rebuilt
0fdb5bf Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
39ea3b4 - Added options to customize the hierarchical layout without the use of physics. added example. Improved handling of options for hierarchical view.
8c9d85a Point main field in package.json to non-minified script.
5c96bbc Merge pull request #1576 from felixhayashi/develop
8ed7b69 added clearfix + updated example
d6cb3b6 = Fixed #1334 (again): Network now ignores scroll when interaction:zoomView is false.
7317714 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
d2a3c7d updated mistake in the docs
5d740ae Updated vis.js in `dist` folder (see #1556)
a2293fd Fixed #1556: Network throwing an error when clicking the "Edit" button on the manipulation toolbar
f9c2da7 reverted examples
1d2488b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
26c8369 rebuilt
2977dfd - Improved the hierarchical layout algorithm by adding a condensing method to remove whitespace.
b6b3807 Fixed #1017: Allow overriding of the minWidth of bars while zooming out. Fix the variable month width bug. Update documentation to better describe the current behavior.
69ce07d Update HISTORY
257d876 -Fix default axis formatting function. Fixes #1557. -Keep single defaults location -Update documentation on formatting function.
6e9e4cc - Altered edges for arrows and added the arrowStrikethrough option.
d844875 Bumped version number to 4.12.1-SNAPSHOT
9a5d1a0 Merge branch 'develop'
ae4df55 Released version 4.12.0
8d575d9 Released version 4.12.0
d5f15e9 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
27c75df Fixed #1554: wrong cursor on readonly range items
2be3235 - Fixed upscaling when the window size increases. - Accepted pull request #1544, thanks @felixhayashi! - Fixed documented bug in #1544.
dc51099 Merge pull request #1544 from felixhayashi/fix/colorpicker
3828e07 fixes positioning of colorpicker BUT ALSO HAS A BUG
a6149d2 Fixed #1543: upgraded to hammer.js 2.0.4 and propagating-hammerjs 1.4.4
d7eee22 made database shape box a rectangle
11888f2 - Added #1138, enable the user to define the color of the shadows for nodes and edges. - Fixed #1528, #1278, avoided ID's being cast to string for methods that return ID's as well as storePositions casting to string.
573d355 - Fixed #1404, made the array returned by findNode match the docs.
589093d - Fixed #1406, control nodes are now drawn immediately without a second redraw.
ceac4bf - Fixed #1529, clustering and declustering now respects the original settings of the edges for physics and hidden.
34bd031 - Fixed findNode method. It now does not return internal objects anymore.
53cc2f6 Fixed #1531 , #1335:  border distances for arrow positioning
c7aac14 Added space to console warning
5faef92 Fixed #1127: `doubleClick` event not being fired
4cae296 Fixed #1527: error when creating/updating a Timeline without data
e547401 Bumped version number to 4.11.1-SNAPSHOT
36a8594 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master'
ce3f82d Released version 4.11.0
df4e3d4 Fixed #1523: end of data range wrongly determined
d9e3619 Merge pull request #1504 from almende/fix_null_pointer
01af560 Merge pull request #1508 from marlosin/develop
9b7a2de Merge pull request #1510 from synthomat/patch-1
66aa047 Tiny typo
c32a986 Fix "sources" relative location in sourcemap file
00e791a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
d866866 Fixed #1486: Item range sometimes wrongly calculated on IE in case of old dates
4c721d4 Remove non-implemented option again.
95d46a3 Introducing "point" style as new label for "points", consistency in naming. Some fixes and cleanups after the large rewrite.
9458e04 Updated the history release notes
5d90e67 Merge branch 'develop' of github.com:almende/vis into develop
5249806 Introducing a zindex option to control the svg render order. Provide the DataView.map() method similar to the DataSet one.
590dfbf Merge pull request #1505 from ttjoseph/svg2
02a7889 Use SVGElement.getBoundingClientRect() instead of .offstHeight
c4636af Fixed #1487: DataSet cannot remove an item with id `0` correctly
5fd3efc Fixed #1491: Problem using ctrl+drag in combination with using a `DataView`, and an issue with ctrl+drag when using `snap: null`
af8971f Prevent excessive rerendering and unknown group warnings.
d4324cf Put a proper scale limit on the bar icon Minor cleanup
2eeb1ac Merge pull request #1498 from almende/newShading
81c5730 -Move icon rendering code to their specific subclass. -Draw points in bar icon if appropriate -Introduce point icon -Cleanups
6dcb5e6 Merge pull request #1496 from almende/newShading
bfa68bb Update the documentation to reflect the new stacking options.
a582f7d Fix couple of off-by-one errors Add some enhancements for stacking (especially with regard to shading)
6be82f3 Merge pull request #1495 from almende/newShading
9ebdaa9 Fix bar graph Y-axis scale with stacking bar graphs.
f53a8b7 Don't copy datapoints on every render, only add render data to existing copy.
da29bb0 Another significant scalability optimization
c4d4fd4 More cleanups, more optimisations: -Never push into arrays that have a known length -Move more functions back into the main updateGraph method
8839373 Couple of performance gains in data insertion.
57a4c1f Fix placement of points in bar's side-by-side view Fix no-group data input case.
a44e88e Introducing group based shading Separate shading from line drawing (fixes drawing order) Cleanup of draw code Fix icon-shading CSS override
486cf53 Added a debug mode to visualize the forces on nodes (very cool :))
1815737 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
9c2dbe5 cleaned up a little
3234dba updated history
4ccd606 Merge pull request #1481 from zefrog/setselection-method-not-exposed
4d8a259 reevaluated object bridging over extending. New implementations to prevent bugs.
4a18f89 Expose publicly setSelection method
8abded7 Updated history
893c8dc Merge pull request #1478 from almende/fixDataView
44dc1f8 Merge pull request #1463 from almende/graph2d_updates
6e9228c Remove unnecessary field reduction again.
22a964d Fix DataView for Graph2d, cleanup group initialisation.
24aa860 updated jdocs
d856af1 Cleaned up code, possibilities for future custom sorting of levels. Whitespace cleaning, options for layout, documentation and examples are still required.
e98f7b9 Warn on incorrect input
6059ff3 Revert inadvertedly included commit 9bf7452041ece6e7a0b95c227d7e2fe5045872df
7087b2d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
5ea731c improved layout hierarchical view. TODO: cleanup level allocation to use the crawler.
2f1ff1b Fixed #1470: broken url in docs
6fc2a65 Fixed #1441: Height of subgroups not immediately updated after updating data in a DataSet or DataView
83671c8 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
f57288e wip improved layout for hierarchical
e02ce1f Bumped version number to 4.10.1-SNAPSHOT
3263082 Added missing images in /dist again
dadadba Released version 4.10.0
1dff079 Fixed broken unit test
5f0755a Fixed #1437: Restored `data` property of the update event of DataSet.
77112d8 Fixed configureOptions for new option `maxMinorChars`
6453cd0 Fixed #1449, #1393: text of minor grids sometimes not being drawn.  Implemented option `maxMinorChars` to customize the width of the grids.
1330708 improvements on hierarchical layout
d48f3d6 added 1345 to the history
c964fe2 - Fixed #1461: Reset order of SVG elements in legend icons.
22b09d2 Add shading example.
7c5ca07 Update documentation for new Shaded option. Removed some old incorrect texts.
9bf7452 Prevent potential null pointer error
050bb42 Introduce "zero" shade orientation.
349017c - Fixed #1416: Fixed error in improvedLayout.
410f83a - Fixed #1358: Fixed example for clustering on zoom. Also removed private keyword from public methods. Let physics listen to data updates instead of being called from network.
ffa3be8 - Fixed #1408: Unclustering without release function respects fixed positions now.
3c9b849 - Fixed #1414: Fixed color references for nodes and edges.
5302f74 - Fixed #1362: Layout of hierarchicaly systems no longer overlaps NODES.
2490e15 Updated history
608446e Merge pull request #1421 from zefrog/feat-network-setselection
998bfac make edges and nodes parameters optional. dead vars removal
28e2711 Updated history and docs
9a200c6 Merge pull request #1423 from hansmaulwurf23/issue_1378
a09df56 defined a read only property 'data' to avoid breaking the api
9605e5c Fixed warning message
f22eb05 Updated history
73f3be9 Merge pull request #1395 from liuqingc/develop
5009adc Rename timeline option 'allDraggable' to 'itemsAlwaysDraggable' and update documentation
1eccf09 cloning old data before updating to fix #1378
572cafb updated doc with new setSelection method
11288ef Merge branch 'develop' of https://github.com/almende/vis into feat-network-setselection
ee0300c added method setselection used by both selectNodes and selectEdges methods
603d155 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
46dbe3a Expose `vis.timeline.Core` for customization purposes (see #1126)
c94bb05 Merge pull request #1415 from labianchin/patch-2
0a0e2e2 Fix the example link in timeline docs
ce4fec4 - Fixed #1324: Labels now scale again.
759cff0 - Fixed #1398: Support nodes start with the correct positions.
dc7fdaa Updated docs on DataSet.get() and DataView.get(). See #1401
af51794 Added accidentally removed `__any__` field from locales structure again
5e1169e add allDraggable option for timeline to support dragging unselected item
a022e56 Updated history
4822b75 Merge pull request #1381 from phimimms/develop
04d3b97 Fixed #1385: Draw lines on top of bars
627d708 Replaced for-in loops in DataSet.js and DataView.js with Object-key iteration of cached length for greater computational performance.
9744c5e Fixed #1353: Custom bundling with browserify requiring manual installation of `babelify`. Updated readme on custom bundling.
db2b1c8 Updated history
a67c245 Merge pull request #1354 from hansmaulwurf23/multiselectFiltersGroup
4b41464 renamed option from multiselectFiltersGroup to multiselectPerGroup, added docs
d882fae Removed the removed options `showMinorLines` and `showMajorLines` from the docs.
46389ae added option multiselectFiltersGroup
e91ab23 Fixed #1343: Connected edges are now deselected too when deselecting a node
2e55773 Bumped version number to 4.9.1-SNAPSHOT
a59e728 Released version 4.9.0
d7124f9 Fixed #1249: option `hiddenDates` not accepting a single hidden date
3041298 Fixed #1326: wrongly positioned dot of PointItems
60fdb07 Updated history
440065e Merge pull request #1325 from machinemetrics/master
d968da7 Bad call to getHiddenDurationBetween
9aa4aed Merge pull request #1310 from bsnote/drawpoints-styles-fix
eef2407 updated history
5f1986d Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
1131864 added images with borders and updated the manipulation css
73d3a2d Merge pull request #1307 from Abrazan/custom-timeline-title
4ac55e9 add styles option back for data points
9781185 updated docs
db598bc - Made autoscaling on container size change pick the lowest between delta height and delta width.
59a5fe8 - Fixed bug where dragging a node that is not a control node during edit edge mode would throw an error.
7a6246e - Fixed bug where a box shape could not be drawn outside of the viewable area.
bb0104b fixed self referencing edges during clustering
1b9f166 rebuilt
0ec249f updated to SNAPSHOT 4.8.3
91025a1 updated to SNAPSHOT 4.8.3
111c998 updated publish guide
db25fa6 Release 4.8.2
3733976 - Fixed deletion of options by settings them to null.
db05c2b - Fixed arrows to icon, text and circularImage shapes
fd48470 - Fixed arrows with some shapes when they are selected. #1292
985693e - Fixed stabilized event not firing if layout algorithm does very well.
1d0db57 - Fixed setting font to null so the network won't crash anymore.
ab88ca5 - Fixed scaling not doing anything to edges.
3f03ceb Added possibility to change (or hide) the title of a CustomTime element.
05a6021 Fixed an error in the configurator option `throttleRedraw`
68c1172 Fixed phantom edges during clustering #1281
6605059 Bumped version number to 4.8.2-SNAPSHOT
06811f3 Released version 4.8.1
637fc3f Fixed `onMoving` not normalizing the dates again after callback
6581f56 - Fixed bug that broke the network if drawn in a hidden div #1254
21fc483 Fixed unselectAll method
2874bea Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
3f5c71e - Fixed critical camera zoom bug #1273. #1266, #1255 - unified some methods in the networkUtil - Fixed initial zoom issues #1252
d97bb0d Fixed #1267: wrong description for `clickToUse`
7ab2015 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
bbbaeb4 Fixed #1215: inconsistent types of properties `start` and `end` in callback functions `onMove`, `onMoving`, `onAdd`
fbd5d4e Merge pull request #1261 from Tooa/fix_doc_graph2d
5532a88 Fixed wrongly positioned row in docs
c694a8b Merge branch 'master' into develop
2c32f5a Merge pull request #1263 from littleguga/patch-1
9169559 Fixed groups.visible Description
038e786 fix broken links
1e10b1b Updated history
2b4f060 Merge pull request #1243 from Tooa/german_locale
b391dae Bumped version number to 4.8.1-SNAPSHOT
5275849 Released version 4.8.0
a74a42f Lowered stabilization iterations
0a82942 Add German locale to network
10e1ca3 More explanation for `groupOrder`, see #1241
d42bf3a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
e24861f Merge pull request #1242 from gomezgoiri/master
7034f77 Removed a few old deprecations, fixed a typo
01e5763 Updating documentation to mention Spanish locale
00078f6 Adding Spanish locale
a328415 Added loop protection to `layoutNetwork`
2419722 Updated history
f31b58a Merge pull request #1209 from Bernd0/develop
644f8ee Fixed #1214: items wrongly marked as dirty with every `rangechange` event
f4bd6c2 safeguard stepquality
cd84247 appended history, fixed getPositions, moved color backer back to container from document root
9b6590e Introduced the Graph2d group option 'excludeFromLegend'.
0e6aac4 - Added support for Gephi directed edges, edge labels and titles.
a007ecd Merge branch 'kamadaKawai' into develop
0bcaee2 rebuilt
64c1995 added public ready versions of kamadakawai and adaptive layout, clustering bugfixes and reactive network.
26a1fc5 - Fixed bugs in clustering algorithm. - Greatly improved performance in clustering.
d019722 - added labels for edges and titles for nodes and edges in gephi import
8eea19a - cleaning up
93f1480a - improved performance
36ecb2c - added improved timestep adaption, fixed bugs in stabilization
8744d63 - added adaptive timestep to physics.
09d3dfb - made it pretty, fixed bugs in clustering
0161b22 - added kamadaKawai algorithm as prototype
dab28ee Merge pull request #1183 from vukk/network-docfix
c0a0a2a Fixes documentation for group option of node.
e95913e Merge pull request #1175 from JonathanGeoffroy/develop
84ba9e7 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
ad0916b Point node.js "main"  file to the built ./dist/vis.min.js` (see #1180)
cc4b573 docs: the function's name was wrong
9b83e2c - Fixed dynamic updating of label properties.
2f2ec2f - Improved the positioning and CSS of the configurator and the color picker.
22bc5e0 added popup to configurator to explain the behaviour
0c59f88 rebuilt and updated history
ea59045 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
6e01279 - Fixed #1152, updating images now works.
5822837 Updated dist files
acd52e1 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
d922368 Implemented redraw throttling for Timeline
d87fd1d reverted selectEdge pull
9a2bec6 removed node cleanup
f7cc574 Updated history
9f665f0 Merge pull request #1109 from hansmaulwurf23/group_dragging
a2bf879 Merge pull request #1153 from JonathanGeoffroy/issue#1144-selectEdge
b129480 Merge pull request #1146 from dburdick/develop
f3bded6 Merge pull request #1148 from JonathanGeoffroy/doc
711b3de fix : selectEdge was fired even if user clicked on a node
e8a2cc8 docs: fix a typo (selcted -> selected)
2ca2202 fixed emitting groupDragged event in callback
fa7eb4a Fix misspelling in milliseconds
1f4c9a4 added groupId to groupDragged event
21d09a2 finished new example for groupEditable
6804cb5 changed docs for groupDragging
6fbfade rebuilt
401e262 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
0bc11f9 Fixed #1140, labels and points correctly stack.
58e2157 added groupEditable example
584f266 removed updating the groups in groupOrderSwap, started docs
da26177 Merge pull request #1133 from Braincompiler/master
9163322 fix "TypeError: Cannot read property '_bound' of undefined" in angular2 environment
5ea6411 added event handlers for onAddGroup, onMoveGroup, onRemoveGroup
eb3038a Bumped version number to 4.7.1-SNAPSHOT
955dd25 Released version 4.7.0
64b2c78 Removed move callbacks
c2e7123 removed unused option groupsDraggable
448411e Dragging of Groups working now using a swap function
cfadb05 bugfix
42c2adf prepared for supernodes. Cleaned code
700e735 added cubic bezier curves.
5023511 added moveNode method
8c53e8a Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
116244c Fixed #1118: since v4.6.0, grid of time axis was wrongly positioned on some scales
dbdc21c Merge pull request #1119 from brendon1982/develop
1cb3221 Rewrote the Images.js for the network in ECMA script 6 syntax.
789f7c6 Updated history
8b70e93 Merge pull request #1114 from Fice/groupDrag
e015f7f Moved internal functions in Images.load onto the prototype
05da3df Fixed indenting issue in cirular images example
81c7e46 Fixed issue where broken images wouldn't always be rendered.
22822da group dragging works (on groups with same height) using a swap function
6f665f4 fixed doc links
1edde77 moved to v4.6.1-SNAPSHOT
1b381ec Release 4.6.0
5dba668 - prerelease.2
daba2f7 - prerelease
9966d53 - Added #936, useImageSize for images and circularImages
469b3b9 - Added #931, borderRadius in shapeProperties for the box shape.
5beeca1 - Fixed #1112, network now works in firefox on unix again.
7fdc22b Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into develop
a9ca766 Fixed #24: Implemented support for time zones (see examples/timeline/other/timezone.html)
b75fe65 - Fixed #1111, check if edges exist was not correct on update.
228ac7e Bumped version number to 4.5.2-SNAPSHOT
f0cc3ee Released v4.5.1
fd6b70c Mentioned 2 way data binding of DataSet in the Data Format sections in the docs (see #1099)
3f19431 Fixed delete button when using multiple selected items in manipulation system.
b68030a Group Dragging in Timeline
e228ba9 different fix for clustering, this one should work :) (sounds familiar)
e9fc1a0 fixed hierarchical layout toggle issue.
5f486ee fixed clustering phantom edge problem
8c9c865 updated publish manual
6c89cbd Moved to 4.5.1--snapshot
13bd407 While dragging multiple items across groups, keep the group-offset.

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trigger ci

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Ci is stuck, fixing in 1h

laf commented Feb 20, 2016

It's ok, chucked it on my dev env. Looks ok :)

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