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f0o commented Jan 16, 2015


Added named/bind9 Application, Graphs, Check_MK-script.

Configuration for Bind9:

options {
   statistics-file "/etc/bind/named.stats";
   zone-statistics yes;

Permission denied resolve: touch /etc/bind/named.stats && chown bind:bind /etc/bind/named.stats
(Substitute bind:bind with the user and group that runs your bind)

laf commented Jan 16, 2015

Couple of things on this (I can't get it working as is).

In includes/polling/applications/ I had to change:

-if( !empty($agent_data['app']['bind']) && $app['app_id'] > 0 ) {
+if( !empty($agent_data['app']['bind'])) {

As $app['app_id'] isn't set and I can't actually see where this should be set. Not sure what you're thoughts are on this but out of the box it doesn't work for me :(

3 not defined variables in scrut output probably just need to be addressed and finally....

On the actual BIND graph page I would change:

bind - Queries


BIND - Queries

Just because BIND is supposed to be in caps.

@laf laf added the enhancement label Jan 16, 2015
f0o commented Jan 17, 2015

the app_id is set when you add the application under the device settings. I added the check to avoid having a file named 'app-bind-.rrd' being created and fed.

Scrut fixes and text rewrite incomming :)

Edit: worth to mention is that graphs require an App-ID as well so graphing in general wont work without.
We should think of a autodiscovery mechanism to automatically add App-IDs when it's missing.

laf commented Jan 17, 2015

God I must have been blind last night. All working again this morning!!

One thing to add before the merge is to put the config options you need into the doc for people to be able to set this up.

f0o commented Jan 17, 2015

Updated :)

@laf laf merged commit e7c6951 into librenms:master Jan 17, 2015

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