refactor: Move OS definitions into yaml files #5189

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laf commented Dec 17, 2016


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Refactored OS definitions into yaml files so we aren't loading everything in $config.

Some things for now:

  1. Polling and discovery should function as normal but over time we should move some of the grunt of these into functions which use data from the yaml files overall making it easier to add support for new OS.

  2. We have to load all yaml files for the webui at present as we access various $config['os'][$os] values all over the show.

@laf laf Merge branch 'master' of into yaml
Gorian approved these changes Dec 19, 2016 View changes

I like this idea, looks good!

@laf laf rebased
murrant commented Dec 20, 2016

What is the reason you don't remove everything from
Also, why the change to .gitignore?

laf commented Dec 20, 2016

I'll remove everything from definitions when it's ready for merging, I'm rebasing when we add support and I do it with a quick script to pull out what's in definitions.

.gitignore is because I use composer install for yaml repo which then installs dependencies into lib/yaml/vendor

murrant commented Dec 20, 2016

oh yeah, I changed the vendor in my .gitignore to /vendor for my snmp-object branch.

+ $data = Yaml::parse(file_get_contents($file));
+ } catch (ParseException $e) {
+ //$this->assertNotEmpty($data, "$file Could not be parsed");
+ $this->assertEmpty($e->getMessage(), "$file Could not be parsed");
murrant Dec 22, 2016 Contributor

Perhaps fail another way here.
throw new PHPUnitException("$file Could not be parsed");

murrant commented Dec 22, 2016 edited

Can either merge this before or after #5216
If we merge it after, we won't have to move the library files around. (and you can test the new dependency docs) :)

Also, this should probably be a feature not "refactor" 😄

laf commented Dec 22, 2016

I'm happy either way but this will need another rebase anyway after the next mib update.

Your PR is quite big though so checking might take a while :)

laf added some commits Dec 22, 2016
@laf laf Merge branch 'master' of into yaml 97b4d5d
@laf laf rebased + some small changes
@laf laf removed php 5.5 blocker

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laf commented Dec 23, 2016

Changed the web ui to no longer load all yaml files and only those the user has in the devices table. I.e if all devices are ios then only that file is loaded.

@laf laf merged commit f5a16be into librenms:master Dec 23, 2016

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