WebUI: Allows one to view a map of the SNMP location set for a device #5495

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@InsaneSplash InsaneSplash Allows one to bring up a map of the location set for a device
laf commented Jan 17, 2017

We translate location to lat/lng, it's probably worth checking we have those values (locations table) and if so then display the link using those coords.

Is it also worth changing 'Map' for a globe icon?


I did wonder about that but as google maps would be searching for the same location, as you have done to translate it to lat/lat, I thought that it would be less complex to merely use the same information provided. It would also help in situations where the user specified a location that is not that accurate, such as a city rather than an exact street address.

I do have a question though, is the lat/long important if the user is not entering it themselves? Maybe in the future we could give the the user a way to specify the lat/long rather using the OpenStreetMap or GoogleMap API to obtain a more accurate value?

I am more than happy to change the way it works based if there is a lat/longresult from the db rather.

I decided on using the map-pin in the end as the globe is already used in the other proposed PR as a http link to the device and so tried to find something less confusing. Its also the same icon used for Locations in our main menu.


I guess one could also move the link to the device settings drop down with SSH, Telnet, Web, but its current location makes it more accessible.

@InsaneSplash InsaneSplash Moved the link to the Lat/Lng field and pushed it to the right
@InsaneSplash InsaneSplash Enabled Geo Lat/Long by default

The inspection completed: 660 Issues, 18 Patches

@@ -99,7 +99,7 @@
if (is_array($loc)) {
echo '<tr>
<td>Lat / Lng</td>
- <td>['.$loc['lat'].','.$loc['lng'].']</td>
+ <td>['.$loc['lat'].','.$loc['lng'].'] &nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="http://maps.google.com/?q='.$loc['lat'].'+'.$loc['lng'].'" target="_blank"><div class="pull-right"><button type="button" class="btn btn-success btn-xs"><i class="fa fa-map-marker" style="color:white" aria-hidden="true"></i> Map</button></div></a></td>
laf Jan 19, 2017 Member

You can merge the a href + button into one:


I'd also update the maps.google.com to be https.

laf commented Jan 19, 2017

This pr changes the default behaviour and enables lat/lng lookups by default. I'm 100% ok with this. @librenms/reviewers ? We probably should send a notification out.

@InsaneSplash InsaneSplash Made changes as per @Laf's comments
laf approved these changes Jan 20, 2017 View changes
laf commented Jan 22, 2017

Tagging to merge in 48 hours - @librenms/reviewers

spinza commented Jan 23, 2017 edited

Nevermind figured out it's adding a UI element.

Anyway we have locations as strings such as something [38.123,17.12312]. Are these handled?

laf commented Jan 23, 2017

If you see "Lat / Lng" in your overview then yes a map icon will appear with this update.

@laf laf merged commit 998750d into librenms:master Jan 24, 2017

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@InsaneSplash InsaneSplash deleted the InsaneSplash:google-map-link branch Jan 26, 2017
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