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** DO NOT merge until backend is done **

You can create a new maintenance window:

Start and end date / time.
Add devices and device groups to be included in the maintenance window.

Edit / Delete windows.

Will indicate entries that are currently in progress based on date/time and also ones which have now exited the maintenance window.

Code includes and update to datetime js library

Update to ajax search (this isn't actually needed as I changed the way the mappings were used based on f0o's code - however I've left it in as it will most likely be handy going forward.

New modal files to deal with adding / editing and deleting schedules.

New table file to deal with the table for schedules.

laf added some commits Apr 13, 2015
@laf laf started on schedule maintenance section 42acccd
@laf laf updating to use date 47a3663
@laf laf Squashed 'html/js/datetime/' changes from 5b3fc61..e750af7
e750af7 Update README.md
805bcc3 Update CONTRIBUTING.md
613a583 Update CONTRIBUTING.md
31e50cc Update bootstrap-datetimepicker-build.less
d004434 Merge pull request #891 from Eonasdan/development
adc8a68 fixes #867
8e16324 fixing locale formatting
dfe5657 patch #752
b2a71de fixes #874
d00e39d version bump
762a90d couple of fixes
d072d92 added keepInvalid
8eae1a4 Fixes and some new features
7f7dff4 Merge pull request #802 from zpaulovics/development
28699b6 Merge pull request #818 from mcarepa/improv-picker-placement
0abdcb1 Merge pull request #828 from ahmader/development
a9744c5 Merge pull request #831 from admackin/development
86b49cb Update package.json
ea501fa Fixes #793
0c5ad39 quick typo fixs
1cff47b picker placement conditions updated
6d245c9 version bump
a4e7201 fixes and new features
a865edf Revert "flipping events again"
78e28f5 Revert "tests"
b7ae1e3 Fixed the options handling for componets
197647d tests
8d0fef8 flipping events again
8daa2b2 fix for #794
0221cb4 Merge pull request #778 from davidrojo/iss777
c11f3be Merge pull request #789 from comerc/patch-5
159d29e Update bootstrap-datetimepicker.js
b545f2a Fixed coding style
19b485a Fixed coding style
6066555 Update CONTRIBUTING.md
1b2fe6e Update CONTRIBUTING.md
8d5b40a Fixes #777
37d8ce1 fix for #760
1cae292 fix for #761
499f619 fixing less
557b657 updating to v4
d9560b3 Update CONTRIBUTING.md
29b397d Update README.md
29cd87f Update bower.json
fc56ea1 fixes #664
4c74e82 Merge pull request #635 from PeterDaveHello/patch-1
d756797 fix indent in package.json

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@laf laf More work on maintenance 18b4dcb
@laf laf Merge branch 'master' of github.com:laf/librenms into issue-711 86d201e
@laf laf Updates to schedule maintenance 5540994
@laf laf Final bits to the schedule maintenance section deda8c2
@laf laf Added menubar entry b619aaa
@f0o f0o self-assigned this Apr 20, 2015
@f0o f0o added a commit to f0o/librenms that referenced this pull request Apr 20, 2015
@f0o f0o Honour new Maintenance-Schedule format (PR #835) 21628a1
@f0o f0o merged commit bfe32d1 into librenms:master Apr 21, 2015

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