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41b9158 fix call to isUnderMaintenance() on null
4 successful checks

Travis CI - Pull Request


ran Apr 11, 2019 in 30 minutes

41b9158 by @murrant

Build Passed

The build passed, just like the previous build.


This is a pull request build.

It is running a build against the merge commit, after merging #10090 fix call to isUnderMaintenance() on null.
Any changes that have been made to the master branch before the build ran are also included.

Jobs and Stages

This build has three jobs, running in parallel.

Job PHP ENV OS State
4908.1 7.3 \["SKIP\_STYLE\_CHECK=1"\] Linux passed
4908.2 7.2 \["SKIP\_UNIT\_CHECK=1 BROWSER\_TEST=1"\] Linux passed
4908.3 7.1 \["SKIP\_STYLE\_CHECK=1 EXECUTE\_BUILD\_DOCS=true"\] Linux passed

Build Configuration

Build Option Setting
Language PHP
Operating System Linux (Trusty)
Build Configuration
  "dist": "trusty",
  "sudo": "required",
  "cache": {
    "directories": [
  "group": "stable",
  "addons": {
    "chrome": "stable"
  "matrix": {
    "include": [
        "env": "SKIP_STYLE_CHECK=1",
        "php": 7.3,
        "dist": "trusty"
        "env": "SKIP_UNIT_CHECK=1 BROWSER_TEST=1",
        "php": 7.2,
        "dist": "trusty"
        "env": "SKIP_STYLE_CHECK=1 EXECUTE_BUILD_DOCS=true",
        "php": 7.1,
        "dist": "trusty"
    "fast_finish": true
  "script": [
    "set -e",
    "export FILES=$(git diff --diff-filter=d --name-only master | tr '\\n' ' '|sed 's/,*$//g')",
    "php scripts/pre-commit.php -q -l",
    "php scripts/pre-commit.php -q -s",
    "php scripts/pre-commit.php -u --db --snmpsim --fail-fast",
    "test -z \"$BROWSER_TEST\" || php artisan dusk",
    "bash -n",
    "pylint -E",
    "bash scripts/",
    "set +e"
  ".result": "configured",
  "install": [
    "travis_retry composer install --no-interaction --prefer-dist --no-suggest",
    "pip3 install --user snmpsim",
    "pip install --user mysql-python pylint"
  "language": "php",
  "services": [
  "global_env": [
  "after_failure": [
    "tail /tmp/snmpsimd.log"
  "before_script": [
    "test -z \"$BROWSER_TEST\" || php artisan serve --env=dusk.testing  2>/dev/null &"
  "before_install": [
    "sudo apt-get -qq update",
    "sudo apt-get install -y snmp fping python3-pip",
    "mysql -e 'CREATE DATABASE librenms_phpunit_78hunjuybybh CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;'",
    "cp tests/config/config.test.php config.php"
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