📦 As a group of industrial and graphic designers, hackers and artists, gathered together under the name Libre Objet, we all share a common question about open source industrial design, processes and products resulting from our work, with the aim of providing tools for accessing a free philosophy applied to the manufacture of objects.
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Website of Libre Objet

Built with Jekyll, hosted on Github.
Using the this method for deployment, a must read if you plan to contribute to this website.

How to post a new design

  • You can submit by email your free/libre open source objects that you designed to the Libre Objet’s team.
  • You can send us a link to your git repository where you host your project.
  • You can also clone this website and add your object in the _objects folder and do a pull request.

We will then study your proposition carefully and let you know {if|when} we include it. Although, to be published on this website, be sure your project matches with our requirements.

How to copy this website

This is the method if you want to browse locally the website (without changing it), keep it on a usb key to carry it around or install it on your own server.

  1. {Clone|Download} the master branch of this repository.
  2. Point your browser to the index.html file at the root of the directory.

How to {modify|adapt} this website

This is the method if you want to add your objects, modify this website to your own liking, create your own curated repository of libre objects.

  1. Clone the source branch of this repository
  2. Have Jekyll and Grunt installed on your system.
  3. npm install should install all the latest components. You might need some gems depending on the Jekyll plugin in use.
  4. Modify files and folders
  5. Run grunt to test locally.
  6. Run grunt deploy to push the website on Github in the right branches using similar approach described by David Ensinger.


Except if stated otherwise (especially what's in the _object folder), all website content is under Free Art License.