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LibreOffice Theme Changer (GUI)


Extension to manage LibreOffice Theme. This extension is based on LibreOffice Theme Changer by Rania Amina & Sofyan Sugianto.


Starting Point

  • Wireframe and concept
  • UI Development

Manage theme for LibreOffice 6.x

  • Import Theme (we will use *.lotc as theme format)
  • Apply theme to LibreOffice 6.x
  • Remove imported theme from LO-TC list
  • Create own theme

Current Support

The target of LO-TC Development mainly is for LibreOffice 6.2 or newer. LibreOffice available in various package or instalation method, especially for Linux. So, we make some priority stage.

  • Linux
    • Install from distro repository
    • Install from DEB/RPM package (from web)
    • Compile from source
    • Flatpak
    • Snap
    • AppImage (is it needed? We still not sure to supporting LOTC in Appimage or maybe later)
  • Mac OS
    • Mac OS
  • Windows
    • Windows 7/8/8.1/10
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