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LibrePDX Community Website

This site is written using Jekyll and is compatible with GitHub Pages.


This is a community maintained site! Everyone is welcome to submit new content and contribute back in any way they can think of. We try to make the process as easy as possible for all technical skill levels. If you...

  • understand what git, jekyll and github pull requests are, we encourage you to fork this repository, make changes and then submit a pull request. See the Installation section below. If you are writing a blog post that you would like other people to help contribute to, please consider using the wiki instead of a fork.

  • have experience editing wikis, we encourage you to use the GitHub wiki to write new content such as open source success stories. When you are done or are ready to solicit feedback from the community, create a new issue in the issue tracker and include a link to the wiki page. People can then provide feedback and hopefully incorporate it back into the site when you are ready.

  • want to submit an idea, bug or small change, we encourage you to go ahead and create a new issue in the issue tracker.

  • are not sure how to submit issues, use a wiki or have a GitHub account, we encourage you to write down your ideas and any other notes in our public notepad. No username or password is required, just write! The community will keep an eye on things people write there and try to incorporate those ideas back into the site.

  • want to share your passion and learn about other people, we encourage you to attend one of our regular events or learn about the many other things happening around Portland. Spread the word and discover what awesome things other people in the community may be doing; we would love to hear about it!


Contributors retain copyright of their works and agree to release it for use under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.

For more information, see the LICENSE file.


These instructions only apply if you plan to work on a forked copy of this repository and eventually submit a pull request.


  • You are using rbenv, rvm or generally know how to use Bundler.
  • You have a copy of ruby 1.9.3 installed (ruby -v).
  • You've forked the repository and have it checked out locally.
  • You have a console open and are in the project's top-level directory.

To install any dependencies:

bundle install

To run a copy of Jekyll locally:

bundle exec jekyll serve -wH localhost

You should now be able to access the site at http://localhost:4000. Any changes you make should be visible upon refreshing the page.

Documentation on how to use Jekyll and the Liquid templating system: