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HAProxy for IndieHosters

What is it?

This repository contains one of the most advanced and libre HAproxy for docker setup that we are aware of. It ships with:

Each time you add a container with the environment variable VIRTUAL_HOST it will:

  • generate a valid certificate (if the dns is pointing correctly)
  • serves the OCSP response
  • serves your web container with https


  • docker
  • docker-compose

Get started

docker network create lb_web
git clone https://github.com/indiehosters/haproxy.git
cd haproxy
docker-compose up -d

In these commands, we just created one network (lb_web) to isolate HAProxy with the web servers, and then, we started the containers of HAProxy and companions.

docker run --network=lb_web -e VIRTUAL_HOST=example.org nginx

Here, we just started the most simple web server, and added to the lb_web network. The only thing that HAProxy needs to see and connect to this container are the following:

  • expose a port 80
  • have a VIRTUAL_HOST variable setup with the domain name
  • be in the lb_web network

And finally for HAProxy to be able to provision the Let's encrypt certificate, you need to configure your DNS for example.org to point to the IP of HAProxy.


If you have any issue (something not working, missing doc), please do report an issue here! Thanks

This system is used in production at IndieHosters so it is maintained. If you use it, please tell us, and we'll be really happy to update this README!

You can help us by:

  • starring this project
  • sending us a thanks email
  • reporting bugs
  • writing documentation/blog on how you got up and running in 5mins
  • writing more documentation
  • sending us cake :) We loove cake!


  • renewal :)
  • docker-swarm compatibility