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A PaaS that is aimed at hosting free software \o/



To install it, follow the video above and instructions in

What is is a little framework to host Docker. It is simple and modular and respect the convention over configuration paradigm.

This is aimed at Hosters to manage a huge amount of different web application, and a quantity of domain names related with emails and so on.

It is currently installed at 3 different hosters in production and hosting ~20 different web applications, with ~500 containers.

Once well installed, in one bash command, you'll be able to:

  • buy a domain name
  • configure DNS for it
  • configure email for it
  • configure dkim for that domain
  • configure dmarc for that domain
  • configure autoconfig for that domain
  • install and start a web application on that domain (WordPress, Nextcloud, piwik...)
  • provision a TLS cert on that domain

Amazing, right?


The PaaS is really modular, that's why it contains the strict necessary, then you'll probably want to add system modules or applications.

It contains 2 unit-files to manage system modules and applications, start them at boot, and load the appropriate environment.


You can use the following channels to request community support:

For paid support, just send an inquiry to

All of this is hosted by :)

System modules

Here is a list of modules supported:

Go to their respective page for more details.

To install and start a module:

cd /system/
git clone module
cd module
libre enable
libre start



To install application wordpress on, first make point to your server IP, and then, just run:

libre provision -a -u -s

Run libre provision for more details on the capabilities of the script.

To debug a module or an application:

libre ps
libre logs -f --tail=100
libre stop
libre restart


If you have any issue (something not working, missing doc), please do report an issue here! Thanks

This system is used in production at IndieHosters so it is maintained. If you use it, please tell us, and we'll be really happy to update this README!

You can help us by:

  • starring this project
  • sending us a thanks email
  • reporting bugs
  • writing documentation/blog on how you got up and running in 5mins
  • writing more documentation
  • sending us cake :) We loove cake!


This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute. [Contribute].


Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


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