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  • adds automation script for user provisionning
  • moves backup to duplicity
  • big simplification
  • some fixes


  • improve tests
  • wordpess version 4.1
  • Internal modifications
    • rename project
    • rename images
    • integrate dockerfiles to the project
    • add hotfixes


  • fixes backup
  • better tests
  • import dump.sql when relevant


  • add Known as an application


  • draft instructions for how to add an application (whether server-wide or per-user)
  • several bugfixes


  • a separation between /data/domains and /data/runtime, making site immigration much easier
  • the wordpress image and the mysql image it depends on
  • the backup service which commits all user content, including a mysql dump, to a private git repo, and pushes that out to a remote destination every hour
  • the nginx image from 0.1.0 split into static and static-git


  • Static webhosting

    • based on haproxy with nginx backends
    • all running as Docker containers
    • SNI-capable (multiple https domains on one single IPv4 address)
    • pulls in content from any git repo, then updates every 10 minutes
    • can be run redundantly in round-robin DNS setup
  • email forwarder

    • based on postfix
    • stateless apart from simple configuration files
    • can be run redundantly on multiple MX handlers
  • automated administration

    • Docker containers are orchestrated with etcd and systemd
    • script to deploy it on a remote coreos server
    • script for adding a site from a git repo
    • script for adding an empty placeholder site
    • docs describing how to use these scripts
    • Vagrantfile for using it inside vagrant