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LibreSpeed is a Free and Open Source speed test that you can host on your server(s), and users can run in their browser.


  • Download test
  • Upload test
  • Ping and Jitter test
  • IP address, ISP and distance detection
  • Telemetry (optional)
  • Results sharing (optional)
  • Multiple Points of Test (optional)

Main topics

Advanced topics


  • Federico Dossena: original author of this project, maintaining the master branch
  • dunklesToast: maintainer of the Node.js port in the node branch

If you don't understand something in the documentation or this wiki, contact me at


This software is under the GNU LGPL license, Version 3 or newer.

To put it short: you are free to use, study, modify, and redistribute this software and modified versions of it, for free or for money. You can also use it in proprietary software but all changes to this software must remain under the same GNU LGPL license.

Contact me at for other licensing models.