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OpenBSD LibreSSL Portable

Github clone of official LibreSSL portable repositories for informational purposes.


  • openbsd

    Source code pulled from OpenBSD for LibreSSL - this includes most of the library and supporting code. The place to contribute to this code is via the OpenBSD CVS tree. Please mail patches to, instead of submitting pull requests, since this tree is often rebased.

    C 80 195 7 3 Updated Jun 1, 2020
  • portable

    LibreSSL Portable itself. This includes the build scaffold and compatibility layer that builds portable LibreSSL from the OpenBSD source code. Pull requests or patches sent to are welcome.

    C 202 922 50 2 Updated Jun 1, 2020
  • fuzz

    fuzz code from openssl updated to target libressl

    C 2 8 0 0 Updated Nov 28, 2019

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