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Fairchild ChannelF Libretro core
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FreeChaF is a libretro emulation core for the Fairchild ChannelF / Video Entertainment System designed to be compatible with joypads from the SNES era forward.


FreeChaF was created by David Richardson.


The FreeChaF core is licensed under GPLv3.


FreeChaF requires two BIOS files to be placed in the libretro 'system' folder:

Filename Description MD5
sl31253.bin ChannelF BIOS (PSU 1) ac9804d4c0e9d07e33472e3726ed15c3
sl31254.bin ChannelF BIOS (PSU 2) da98f4bb3242ab80d76629021bb27585

If the ChannelF II BIOS is included, it will be used instead of sl31253. All games are compatible with both.

Filename Description MD5
sl90025.bin ChannelF II BIOS (PSU 1) 95d339631d867c8f1d15a5f2ec26069d
  • BIOS filenames are case-sensitive

Console button overlay

Access to the console buttons is provided via an overlay. Pressing 'start' on either controller will display the console buttons. You can select a button by moving left and right and press the button with any of the face buttons (A, B, X, Y). Pressing 'start' a second time will hide the overlay.


  • Console Overlay - allows the user to view and select console buttons.
  • Controller Swap - Controller Swap swaps the player 1 and player 2 controllers.
FreeChaF Function Retropad
Forward D-Pad Up, Left-Analog Up
Backward D-Pad Down, Left-Analog Down
Rotate Left Y, L, Right-Analog Left
Rotate Right A, R, Right-Analog Right
Pull Up X, Right-Analog Up
Push Down B, Right-Analog Down
Show/Hide Console Overlay Start
Controller Swap Select
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