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FreeIntv is a libretro emulation core for the Mattel Intellivision designed to be compatible with joypads from the SNES era forward even if they originally required a number pad.


FreeIntv was created by David Richardson. The PSG and STIC emulation was made closer to hardware and optimized by Oscar Toledo G. (nanochess), who also added save states.

The Intellivoice code has been contributed by Joe Zbiciak (author of jzintv), and adapted by Oscar Toledo G. (nanochess)


The FreeIntv core is licensed under GPLv2+. More information at


FreeIntv requires two Intellivision BIOS files to be placed in the libretro 'system' folder:

Function Filename* MD5 Hash
Executive ROM exec.bin 62e761035cb657903761800f4437b8af
Graphics ROM grom.bin 0cd5946c6473e42e8e4c2137785e427f
  • BIOS filenames are case-sensitive

Entertainment Computer System

FreeIntv does not currently support Entertainment Computer System (ECS) functionality. Contributions to the code are welcome!

Controller overlays

Mattel Intellivision games were often meant to be played with game-specific cards overlaid on the numeric keypad. These overlays convey information which can be very useful in gameplay. Images of a limited selection of Intellivision titles are available at:


  • Mini-Keypad - allows the user to view and select keys from a small Intellivision pad in the lower corner of the display.
  • Controller Swap - Some Intellivision games expect the left controller to be player one, others expect the right controller. This isn't a problem if you have two controllers (and don't mind juggling them) but users with only one controller or using a portable setup would be effectively locked out of some games. Controller Swap swaps the two controller interfaces so that the player does not have to physically swap controllers.
RetroPad FreeIntv Function
D-Pad 8-way movement
Left Analog Stick 16-way disc
Right Analog Stick 8-way keypad
L3 Keypad 0
R3 Keypad 5
L2 Keypad Clear
R2 Keypad Enter
A Left Action Button
B Right Action Button
Y Top Action Button
X Use the Last Selected Intellivision Keypad Button. In Astrosmash, for example, you can leave "3" selected to enable instant access to hyperspace.
L/R Activate the Mini-Keypad
Start Pause Game
Select Controller Swap


A libretro emulation core for the Mattel Intellivision designed to be compatible with joypads from the SNES era forward








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