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CAPRICE32 4.5+ LIBRETRO - changelog

All the credit of the caprice32 Emulator to Ulrich Doewich

You can download the caprice32 original source code here

And of course for the RetroArch/Libretro team : ""

The core works pretty well and give the fantastic ability to use the RetroArch Shaders.

Try some CRT shaders and welcome back to the 80s on your good old CPC.


Launch a TAPE (cdt), DSK or M3U, and game should autostart.

Game Database


Our game database is based on clean-cpc-db. A database that has checked every game so that you don't have to spend whole day of finding the correct and functional version of your favorite game. In clean-cpc-db you'll find only clean versions with no weird intros or menus, just working games!

Due to the creation of this database, we have started a small game mapping project, to bring an easyest CPC plug and play experiencie! You can help us...

When a game is detected as a clean version, a green disc icon appears at the bottom. imagen

Keyboard emulated layout

English layout


Spanish layout


French layout


Keyboard Custom Binds

Choose AMSTRAD KEYBOARD in Quick Menu > Controls and User 1/2 config different than joystick to map your retropad keys per game/rom.

Caprice brings some default keymaps confings, these configs are detailed at libretro docs:

Features not covered in docs

  • New Model: [cap32_model] (6128 | 464 | 664 | 6128+)

Choose which Amstrad CPC model to emulate, currently added 646 to allow BASIC 1.0 games and DSK

New filename flags (case insensitive)

  • "[664]": Force BASIC 1.0 and AMSDOS ROMs, to allow play correctly first CPC games.
  • "BASIC 1.0": Force 464 model when you load CDT or 664 model if use DSK.
  • "[CPM]": Force load CPM BIOS first, useful for some infocom CPM games.
  • "[576K]": RAM mode with 512+64KB, useful for some homebrew games. Also allows [128K] and [064K].

Examples :

Alive (1990)(Company)(fr)[664].dsk => 664
Manic Miner (UK) (1984) (Version Basic 1.0) [Amsoft].dsk => 664
Harrier Attack (1986)(Amsoft) [Basic 1.0].cdt => 464
Shadows Of Sergoth, The (2018)(PD)(M3)(v1.0)(Side A)[576K].dsk => 576 RAM

Lightgun Emulation

Gunstick and Phaser (phaser code thanks to Colin Pitrat).

Configure your Weapon

You need set on Options > Controls > Device Type: Amstrad Lightgun and on Core Options > Light Gun Input (and show cross if your want).

Gunstick Games

Mike Gunner 
Bestial Warrior
Cosmic Sheriff
El Equipo A
Guillermo Tell
Space Smugglers
Target Plus

Amstrad Magnum Phaser

Operation Wolf
Missile Ground Zero
Robot Attack
Solar Invasion
American Turbo-King
Billy the Kid
Bronx Street Cop
F-16 Fighting Falcon
Jungle Warfare

Trojan Light Phazer

The Enforcer
Skee Shoot

Known Bugs