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This file is now the amalgamated list of authors, contributors and credits
for PrBoom. Hopefully by keeping these all in one place, they will remain
more accurate.
Doom was originally written by id software; when playing with any id main
wad file, you can see their list of credits, which includes the list of
programmers. After some years, they released the source code, to allow
others to work on improving the game.
One of the first projects was DosDoom, by Chi Hoang. This was a quick port
of the released source code, which was for Linux, to DOS. This was then
picked up by TeamTNT (, who produced Boom, a greatly
debugged and extended version of Doom. The Boom programmers were Lee
Killough, Jim Flynn, Rand Phares, Ty Halderman.
Several projects started working from the Boom source code. One was PrBoom,
made by Florian Schulze, that ported the code to Windows, added suport for
higher resolutions and later OpenGL. Another was Marine's Best Friend
(known as MBF) by Lee Killough, which fixed a lot of Boom bugs and added
many new game features. Finally, there was LxDoom, a port of Boom to Linux
by Colin Phipps.
In October 1999, id Software re-released the Doom source code under the
GNU General Public License. TeamTNT have also changed to the new license,
and the other sources mentioned above have all allowed their code to be
GPLed. So PrBoom is covered by the GPL.
In May 2000, LxDoom, PrBoom, and a derived port called LSDLDoom, merged into
one. The current authors of PrBoom are:
Florian Schulze <>
Colin Phipps <>
Neil Stevens <> - Mac OS X porting
Andrey Budko <>
Rob Young (RjY) <>
Our thanks go to all the authors of the ports mentioned above, and also the
following people who contributed code to LxDoom or PrBoom:
Jess Haas <>
Of LSDLdoom, who merged his project into PrBoom, contributing his SDL code.
Nicolas Kalkhof <>
Much work on the OpenGL renderer.
James "Quasar" Haley <>
Ever willing to talk about source ideas, and has pointed me in the direction of
a lot of Boom and MBF bugs; also various bits code from his port Eternity have
been used, such as the BEX enhancements.
Bob Aman (
Created the RMUDAnsiTextView class used in the Mac launcher.
Gady Kozma
Added hires to the SVGALib version of LxDoom, and other useful patches.
Dick Leban
Lots of feedback about portability issues and helping get the network code
working properly back at v1.3.6.
Eduardo Casino Almao
Lots of helpful feedback and suggestions, but more importantly actually getting
to grips with the code and giving very precise bug reports and patches.
Joey Hess
For numerous patches, like the glibc fixes and window manager updates, and
help with the music.
Ben Winslow
Various useful patches, like the colour ENDOOM code.
Josh Parsons
Sent me the patches to use autoconf for configuring LxDoom.
Steve Van Devender <>
Found the bug causing slight noise at the start of sounds playing, and other
Barry Mead <>
Improvements to the mouse code and other odd patches.
Mattias Kunkel <>
Made the lxdoom.spec file for creating LxDoom RPMs.
Vicente Aguilar
Handy patch for the file handling
Benjamin L McGee <>
Patch fixing the joystick code.
Chris Young <>
Patch improving the ENDOOM printing
Peter Jay Salzman <>
Cleanup patches
Oliver Kraus
Send bug reports and patches for Solaris/Sparc.
Paul S Jenner <>
Nice patch to make RPM building easier
Julian <>
Fixed inline asm for gcc-2.95 (from Eternity)
Lionel Ulmer <>
Patch to fix alignment problems on ARM processors.
Ville Vuorinen <>
Spotted and helped patch the player spawn bug, as well as helping with some
Win32 issues.
Steven Elliot <>
Misc patches.
Andreas Dehmel <>
Spotted & patched a savegame bug.
Jon Dowland
Bug reports & fixes, documentation improvements.
If you have sent in patches and I forgot to list you, I apologise. Please email
me and I will add you.
Also, thanks to the following people who have helped in various ways:
Simon "fraggle" Howard <>
More MBF bugs.
Robert Phipps <>
Network game testing, feature suggestions etc.
Udo Monk
His port xdoom is very portable, and I referred to his code sometimes for help
with the X stuff; also his collection of Doom tools (XWadTools) is the
definitive tools collection for Linux.
Andre Majorel <>
For Yadex, so I can debug those problematic levels more easily.
Michael Heasley
Author of musserver, which helped me first add music support.
Rafael Reilova
Helped with the music server program for LxDoom
Frederic Oghdayan
For useful feedback on LxDoom v1.0.1, and repeating his bug reports until I
believed them :-).
Adam Hegyi <>
Prompted me to hunt down those last few demo sync bugs, and provided some useful
insights and example demos to help.
Adam Williamson
Pointing me toward yet another compatibility bug.
Ingo van Lil
Another bug spotter.
Everyone who contributed indirectly to MBF and Boom and Doom; see the
respective documentation files.