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Q: I'm trying to play a demo, but it gets out of sync, what's wrong?
A: Read README.compatibility if you don't have already.
A: If everything failes report us which demo got out of sync and where we can
get it. Don't send it to us directly. Now hope the best that it gets fixed.
Q: I get wrong colors when using SVGALib, can't you do your job right?
A: The SDL Library is broken, bug the SDL people about it.
Q: I'm trying to get PrBoom with OpenGL working on my 3dfx Voodoo card on
Windows, but it doesn't work or is very slow.
A: Use Mesa3D ( with 3dfx support.
Q: The sky looks wrong in OpenGL, WTF?
A: It seems like you are using Mesa3D. Try a newer version and if it's still not
fixed bug them about it.
A: Are you using Windows? Try using another glu32.dll.
Q: I get a compile error saying PFNGLCOLORTABLEEXTPROC isn't defined
A: Get a newer version of your OpenGL headers/drivers. This problem occured on
nvidia cards. If you still can't get it working, the please tell us.