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Entrys marked by a * are fixed.
33. (2000/12/24) Single key quit
Colin: opulent wants the old 'q quits demo recording' feature back.
I suggest making it a configurable key setting, not bound to any
key by default.
Proff: For 2.2.4?
34. (2002/07/28) Fix documentation
- add mp3 stuff
- add new opengl options
- update FAQ?
*35. (2002/07/28) Fix OpenGL segfault on Linux
Possibly caused by using gluImageScale when paletted textures used.
Either write my own scaling functions, which would allow mipmapping
for paletted textures, or just kick the scaling. I'm for the first
if I get the time. Small fix would be disabling gluImageScale when
paletted textures used.
Proff: Will hopefully be fixed in 2.3.x
*36. (2002/07/28) Add option to move backward with second mousebutton
Proff: like it was in my old prboom version
Proff: 2.3.x
List of revisions from PrBoom 2.3:
[!] - cph needs to check
[+] - already merged
[ ] - empty or not wanted
[-] - interesting but not merged yet
+ r597 | Add player number to spawn as a parameter to P_SpawnPlayer, repl
+ r598 | Improved P_InterceptVector that isn't subject to overflows Remov
+ r599 | Check whether usleep(3) is supported, and fall back on select(2)
+ r602 | Changed long long to int_64_t.
- r603 | Added chasecam patch and fixed long long problems. Worked withou
- r604 | Added p_chase.*
r605 | Support saving games at all compat levels - this will be necessa
+ r606 | Linux byteorder.h macros are unsigned, so we must force them to
r607 | Linux byteorder.h macros are unsigned, so we must force them to
- r608 | Nice catch Quasar` - fix sprite clipping for cameras in underwat
r609 | Minor fix
r610 | General cleanup of EV_BuildStairs Fix scanning for multiple stai
r611 | Separate demo sync stuff into its own section Add Final Doom tel
r612 | Fix dropoff flag for Boom demos
r613 | Fix D_DoomExeDir. Win2000 and possibly others don't report the f
+ r614 | Fix D_DoomExeDir. Win2000 and possibly others don't report the f
r615 | Bump version number
r616 | Merge rewritten R_DrawSpan from the dev tree
r617 | Final demo support refinements, inc. -complevel (which was docum
r618 | Include spec file in the tarball, and build RPM with -ta
r619 | From the 2.3.x tree: Cleaned up sound code. I_StartSound gets ch
r620 | Bump version number.
r621 | Various things for 2.2.2
r622 | Update with WAD generated from the dev tree, no v1.2 compat save
r623 | Imported doublebuffering and fullscreen toggle from dev tree.
r624 | Put samplerate a little bit down, because when timidity is used
r625 | Update boom.cfg.5 with new video options, from Proff Man page fi
r626 | This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'prboom_2_
r627 | Released 2.2.2
+ r628 | comp_stairs fix and EV_BuildStairs cleanup from stable branch
+ r629 | Boom dropoff compat fix, from stable branch
+ r630 | *** empty log message ***
+ r631 | Merge newer version from stable branch Switch to %configure and
+ r632 | Very minor spacing fixes
+ r633 | Must distribute prboom.txt so the make can pass prboom.wad
r634 | Distros have caught up with us and are shipping SDL 1.2 now Clea
r635 | Fix typo
+ r636 | Rationalise the light level calcs for sprites and walls - new fu
+ r637 | SDL video corectness fix - use SDL_MUSTLOCK to determine if we h
+ r638 | We need malloc wrappers to do error handling etc; just go back t
+ r639 | New I_Read wrapper for read(2) - partial read handling - error h
+ r640 | Clear curline after use, so preventing R_ColourMap applying it t
r641 | New savegame format revision, save compat level in saves so we c
+ r642 | Get rid of the SIGPIPE handler - it's been unused since we switc
+ r643 | Merge in Proff's port of the BEX extensions from Eternity for mu
+ r644 | Fix some d_deh.c compile warnings Make lots of internal processi
+ r645 | Eliminate another static buffer in favour of doom_printf
+ r646 | Doom v1.2 did not animate 2s middle textures (cf levels/d-f/dmsp
r647 | We always compile with SDL_mixer these days, so drop all the ho
(will break Mac)
+ r648 | Clean up POSIX build process - remove obsolete stuff about no-ne
+ r649 | Clarify the base[xy]scale logic a bit, use correct global variab
+ r650 | Eliminate some redundant variables and calculations in R_StoreWa
+ r651 | Remove sprite{width,offset,topoffset}, these were just caches of
r652 | Fixed latest changes for Visual C++.
(not necessary)
r653 | Added the new menu code from SMMU.
(we don't want the new menu code)
r654 | HEADER_SIZE must be derived from sizeof(memblock_t), which can b
r655 | Fix typo causing keypad 5 to map to PAD0
+ r656 | Fix keypad 5 Use SDL_SetPalette (SDL1.2 feature which allows us
r657 | Update POSIX Makefile for new menu system files Remove obsoleted
(the useful stuff is already in)
r658 | Fix running with no existing config file (but the currently comm
(g_bind is not used)
r659 | Removed unused I_ConTextAttr.
r660 | I'm stupid or somewhat, I_ConTextAttr IS used. I should check th
+ r661 | For consistency, keep all linked thinkers on a class list - have
+ r662 | Remove duplicate extern for thinkercap from doomstat.h Move comm
+ r663 | Remove old Linux joystick code
r667 | Move config file stuff to g_config.c Split out code for specific
r668 | Added g_config to VisualC project files.
r669 | Added g_config.h.
+ r670 | Minor cleanup
r671 | Makefile change for g_config.[ch], which I forgot to commit yest
r672 | This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'axes_s
r673 | Robert Sherwood's axes patch
r674 | G_SaveDefaults callback set up only after G_LoadDefaults done Ad
+ r675 | Removed Dreamcast stuff which doesn't belong here.
r676 | Updated Dreamcast stuff (some bugs left).
r677 | Updated/cleaned up Dreamcast stuff (some bugs left). Fixed some
r678 | Updated/cleaned up Dreamcast stuff. Works now, the bugs weren't
r679 | Added sound to Dreamcast version.
r680 | Fixed tolower(*s++) bug.
r681 | Fixed D_DoomExeDir for Dreamcast.
r682 | Added keyboard support for Dreamcast.
r683 | From rsherwood: Axes now scale against the appropriate values (i
r684 | Added "Installation From CVS" (Steven Elliott).
+ r685 | Added "Installation From CVS" (Steven Elliott).
(was already merged)
r686 | P_SpawnPlayer must only be called with mthing_t's from the playe
+ r687 | On the right branch this time, merge the fix for my player start
(was already merged)
r708 | Updated.
+ r709 | Intermission screen demo sync bug fixed Also fix a possible time
(was already merged)
r710 | Added additional check for extensions.
r711 | Fix for compiling prboom_server on windows.
+ r712 | Fixed some z_zone related problems.
(was already merged)
+ r713 | Fix WAD bugs that can cause crashes even in demo compatibility m
(was already merged)
r714 | New config file name prboom.config for both GL and non-GL versio
(new config format)
+ r715 | Pull forward fixes from stable tree: Fix numeric keypad. Kill th
(was already merged)
+ r716 | Another fix fromt he stable branch: Fix fastparm and respawnparm
(was already merged)
r717 | HEADER_SIZE must be derived from sizeof(memblock_t), which can b
r718 | Crop some old bits Update on progress Add comp_sound idea
r719 | Update some email addresses
r720 | *** empty log message ***
r721 | Correct compatibility levels comment
r722 | Import items from 2.2.2 and 2.2.3
r723 | pedantic html fix
r724 | Add super shotgun/A_CheckReload fix.
+ r725 | Fix file handle leak in R_InitTranMap when called before WADs lo
+ r726 | Make A_CheckReload actually work. Compatibility optioned for old
(was already merged)
r727 | Fix typo.
+ r728 | Some patches from selliot to improve handling of missing monster
+ r729 | Make M_ReadFile return -1 on error, so we can distniguish an emp
(parts were missing)
+ r730 | LOL, backslash escaping, what was I thinking, the windows users
(was already merged)
- r731 | Initialise gamestate so it's not GS_LEVEL. This stops a SEGV if
- r732 | Merged in the axes stuff. It's a more general replacement of the
(Generalise axes handling for input devices)
+ r733 | Clear player mobj's at level end - they're allocated PU_LEVEL so
+ r734 | Add back in horrible kludge used in 2.2.x to stop desyncs in the
(was already merged)
r735 | i_joy.c is gone
+ r736 | Removed now unused X11 and OSS.
+ r737 | New comp_sound compatibility option: - player only ever hears th
(was already merged)
r738 | *** empty log message ***
r739 | Updated.
+ r740 | Moved D_DoomExeDir and FindWADFile to i_system. Renamed to I_Doo
(cleaned up)
+ r741 | -forceoldbsp is valid for non-GL builds
(was already merged)
+ r742 | Fix comp_skymap. Looks like I just overlooked this one when I di
(was already merged)
+ r743 | Added the MP3 loading. MP3 will only be loaded if the music lump
(was already merged)
r744 | Load default config from a wad if config file not found.
(new config format)
r745 | Strings in menuitem_t will be const
r746 | Add the latest new compatibility levels.
r747 | Enable gamma correction with new config system.
r748 | Extension usage from 2.2.x.
(from 2.2)
- r749 | Save sensitivity settings.
r750 | Small fix for keybinding names.
r751 | Credits.
(new menu stuff)
r752 | Fix version strings.
r753 | Updated.
r754 | Hopefully fix some Linux/NVidia problems.
r755 | *** empty log message ***
r756 | Minor corrections
r757 | More corrections
r758 | Another HTML fix.
r759 | Move ssg fix to the right section.
r760 | Add DivlineSide coord-swapping bug. Add more info on p_sight.c d
+ r761 | Fix swapped coord in LOS calcs involving east-west walls (this
(from 2.2)
+ r762 | Auto-fix WAD bug where 1S line uses negative sidedef number othe
r763 | Add back screenshot capability.
r764 | Eliminate tmthing, redundant. Save tmx & tmy over P_CreateSecNod
+ r765 | Remove tmflags, redundant. Preserve tmx & tmy over calls to P_Cr
(was already merged)
r766 | Revised P_CreateSecNodeList details.
+ r767 | Added fix for 800x600 bug by John Popplewell, but currently put
r768 | Enabled fix for 800x600 bug by John Popplewell. Finetuned the va
(skipped, related to previous)
r769 | Removed debug hack.
r770 | Added statusbar console variables. Worked a little bit on the me
(menu, console)
r771 | Added hud and cheat console variables. Worked a little bit on th
+ r772 | Better invulnerability drawing for normal OpenGL (not paletted).
- r773 | Added better dynamic OpenGL loader (Linux makefiles need updates
(Dynamic OpenGL)
- r774 | Tried fixing release bug in tesselator. Not sucessful yet.
r775 | Sorting config file output (Lucas Pope).
r776 | Small bugfix for VC7. isprint doesn't like anything above 255 (L
r777 | Disabling gluTesselator till it's fixed.
- r778 | New and unified software rendering by Lucas Pope. This adds 16 a
r779 | Accidently added this in the last update. This is the new sound
- r780 | Added fix for 800x600 bug by John Popplewell which wasn't in the
- r781 | Unified patch rendering (filtering etc) (Lucas Pope).
r782 | Added more console commands.
r783 | Added more console commands. Fixed OpenGL mode.
- r784 | Implemented on the fly video mode changing (8,16,32 bit).
r785 | updated
r786 | added s_samplerate console var
r787 | enclosed the signal handlers with #ifndef _DEBUG
r788 | small comment change
- r789 | added the RDRAW_FILTER_ROUNDED filter method that combines the s
- r790 | added RDRAW_FILTER_ROUNDED support
r791 | Reverted back to old sound code, due to some problems.
- r792 | fixed V_PlotPatch clipping, still not perfect, but better. also
- r793 | added bufferWidth/Height and convertToBGRA parameters for the V_
- r794 | Fixed some bugs in the V_GetPlotted* function family.
- r795 | just some small little fixes
- r796 | Using new V_GetPlotted functions for the OpenGL texture generati
- r797 | Fix include filename case for compilation on Linux
- r798 | __cdecl presumably only needed on Win32; not available with gcc
- r799 | Case sensitive filename fixes
- r800 | Removed __cdecl.
r801 | showMessages now defaults to on.
- r802 | Fixed OpenGL/Software clash.
- r803 | Made OpenGL library name configurable. Added dynamic screen reso
- r804 | Removed test code.
- r805 | Moved DrawLine from am_map to v_video. Added all wrappers for Op
- r806 | Fixed resizing in windowed mode.
- r807 | Fixed warnings about different const modifier. Added small check
- r808 | Fixed some bugs (release version now works). Touched the memory
r809 | String const fix
r810 | Minor fixes
- r811 | Removed all references to V_DrawMemPatch.
r812 | More const fixes.
- r813 | Screenshot is now a video system function.
- r814 | Removed GL_DOOM.
- r815 | Removed all remaining GL_DOOMs before full unification.
- r816 | Unified software and OpenGL into one executable. Nothing changed
+ r817 | cleaned up the PAUSE patch rendering
+ r818 | fixed a major bug that caused any deh patch that modified a mons
(was already merged)
r819 | Made slowturntics variable.
r820 | Merge "time" portability fix fom dev branch (wi_stuff.c:1.6->1.7
r821 | Bump version numbers Add link to HP-UX compilation instructions
- r822 | Fix inlining, min/max macros for gcc
r823 | Add gl_dyn.c, r_filter.h
- r824 | new TPatch format, VIDD integration, many fixed video issues
- r825 | new TPatch format, VIDD integration
- r826 | Fixed OpenGL calls to the new patch functions. Updated VisualC++
- r827 | Newlines at EOF to passify gcc.
+ r828 | Remove duplicate BuildBEXTables (well spotted, Quasar`).
(was already merged)
- r829 | Add r_patch.c.
r830 | BEX-equivalent strings output should have spaces around the = (
+ r831 | BEX-equivalent strings output should have spaces around the = (
(was already merged)
- r832 | Removed debug code.
- r833 | More error checking.
- r834 | Some code reorganisation. Added infinitePerspective which replac
r835 | Some code reorganisation.
r836 | Don't use paletted textures as default.
r837 | backported from 2.3.x: fixed a major bug that caused any deh pat
- r838 | Removed glu tesselation code, as it doesn't work properly and is
r839 | Don't use paletted textures as default.
r840 | Backported better invulnerability drawing for normal OpenGL (not
r841 | Removed glu tesselation code, as it doesn't work properly and is
r842 | Updated.
r843 | Bumped version number.
r844 | Commit Mead's/my countable item automap highlighting.
r845 | Fix SEGV on failed lookup for BEX codepointer.
r846 | Always rangecheck patch drawing to the framebuffer, we have no g
r847 | Respawn frame bug "reported" on DW forums by Graf Zahl.
r848 | Don't treat linedef types in the 0x8000-0xffff range as generali
r850 | Removed need for far clipping plane.
r851 | Updated and added some details.
r852 | Added some stuff from 2.2.x.
r853 | Update and cleanup.
r854 | Clean up some code indenting.
r855 | Split visplane duplication into new function. Fix sky-over-sky H
+ r856 | From prboom_stable_2_2: Split visplane duplication into new func
r857 | Updated.
r858 | Fix erroneous extra shot noise when chaingun runs out of ammFix
+ r859 | Fix chaingun bullet-noise-after-last-bullet bug.
(was already merged)
r860 | Compatibility option the chaingun sound fix (Bahdko made me, hon
r861 | Add chaingun extra shot sound fix. HTML cleanups. Obscure email
r862 | Obscure email addresses against spam harvesting.
r863 | Another email link obscured.
r864 | Fix for crash when trying to load empty slot.
r865 | Removed $Id: $ lines. This is for the future switch to subversio
r866 | Removed $Id: $ lines. This is for the future switch to subversio
r867 | Wow, I totally messed up the last checkin. At all places where a
r868 | Wow, I totally messed up the last checkin. At all places where a
r869 | Fixed compiling of prboom_server.
r870 | Wow, I totally messed up the last checkin. At all places where a
- r871 | Fixed double dcvars.translation mapping in 16 and 32 bit.
- r872 | Fixed tranlation mapping for rounding filter in 8 bit.
r873 | Added r_patchfilter and r_patchslope console variables.
- r874 | Patch drawing defaults to point filter and square borders as thi
r875 | Fix crash when doing timedemo from the menu.
- r876 | Added translucent patch drawing (used in video settings menu).
- r877 | Added more menu graphics from smmu.
(menu graphics)
r878 | Added r_homflash console command.
r879 | Use smaller slider graphics from smmu. Boolean values are switch
r880 | Output of lprintf now also goes to console.
r881 | Added names for keypad keys.
- r882 | Renamed r_videomode to r_rendermode. The r_width, r_height and r
r883 | Video settings menu is much more complete (OpenGL stuff missing)
r884 | Updated.
+ r885 | Made I_SoundInit callable more that once.
r886 | The snd_samplerate command is toggleable and only allows values
r887 | Fixed sound menu.
r888 | Added use_mouse console variable.
r889 | Fixed compilation warning related to defdemoname. Made G_Compati
r890 | Moved default_compatibility_level and compatibility_level consol
r891 | Some small changes. Split up compatibility into two pages.
r892 | Added p_cmd.c and made small related changes. This adds monster
r893 | Removed cvs log.
r894 | Removed non OpenGL versions.
- r895 | Added OpenGL console commands. Added OpenGL settings to video me
- r896 | Added ViddSys. Added viddsys project for VisualC6. Enabled vidd
r897 | Added some stuff.
r898 | Removed unused stuff.
r899 | Reworked the menus a bit. Disabled some non working stuff for no
r900 | Moved demo stuff from g_game to g_demo.
- r901 | Implemented iwad console command for on the fly iwad switching.
(IWAD switching)
- r902 | Documentation for vidd.
r903 | Fix drawing when console is fullscreen.
r904 | Added C_RunTextCmdf. Added c_addcommand_stats console command wh
r905 | Changed to use C_RunTextCmdf.
r906 | Added iwad selection in "features->load wad".
- r907 | Changed iwad from console command to console string and prevent
(IWAD switching)
r908 | Using g_iwad (from iwad console string) for default iwad when no
(IWAD switching, menu)
- r909 | Sound functions take const mobj_t * instead of void * for locati
r910 | Moved includes bacuase of some changes in the header files.
- r911 | Sound functions take const mobj_t * instead of void * for locati
(IWAD switching)
r912 | Added c_net from smmu.
(net from smmu)
r913 | Added fraggle script files from smmu, but didn't integrate it in
(fraggle script)
- r914 | Made wall and floor filters seperatly selectable (to allow round
- r915 | Added Lucas Pope to credits.
r916 | Several small changes to let fraggle script stuff compile. Added
(fraggle script)
r917 | Added fraggle script files. Moved some files into project subfol
(fraggle script)
- r918 | Three font graphics from SMMU added.
(font graphics)
- r919 | Merging more stuff from SMMU: v_misc added and moved font handli
(font handling - better get it from Eternity)
- r920 | Using the new V_Text* functions here instead of implementing ess
(font handling)
r921 | Removed unused externs.
r922 | Some cleanup. Using V_IsPrint to check if char is printable. Add
- r923 | Initialize the font in v_misc.
(font handling)
r924 | For iwad switching: Initialize patches (R_Init) before any call
r925 | Definitions for silentmove sector flags.
r926 | Added totalfrags in preparation for the coming smmu hud code.
(smmu hud)
r927 | Added lightlevel_t. Added prototypes for new functions from smmu
(fraggle script)
r928 | Fixed type cast compiler warnings.
(fraggle script)
r929 | Using the recently added V_DrawBox function.
r930 | Prevent adding a command twice, as this causes an endless loop l
- r931 | Typecast to prevent warning.
r932 | Added linedefs for scripting from smmu.
(fraggle script)
r933 | Last log entry is wrong. This added silentmove.
(fraggle script)
- r934 | Adding silentmove and using plat_up, plat_stop and palt_down con
(some constants)
- r935 | Added T_LightFade and P_FadeLight from smmu.
r936 | Enabled T_AddCommands and V_AddCommands. Some moving around of *
r937 | New hud from smmu with some small related changes. The fullscree
r938 | Removed cvs log.
- r939 | Removed message from player_t, use doom_printf or player_printf
(Removed message from player_t, use doom_printf or player_printf instead)
- r940 | Fix chasecam when teleporting.
- r941 | Added r_blockmap.
- r942 | Some code cleanups and documentation fixes. Very small changes f
(several changes)
- r943 | Enabled V_FPSDrawer:
(FPS drawer)
r944 | Added and enabled more smmu stuff.
- r945 | Fixed V_WriteTextXYGapFont call from using v_font to supplied fo
r946 | Small cleanups and added some variables from smmu.
- r947 | prboom.wad now loaded together with iwad. Using IndentifyVersion
(IWAD switching)
r948 | Added deh_loaded variable from smmu.
r949 | gravity is now a variable.
(gravity variable)
r950 | Renamed G_DeferedInitNew to G_DeferedInitNewNum and G_InitNew to
r951 | Moved G_Ticker to the end of the file.
r952 | Added p_info and p_hubs from smmu.
r953 | Some definitions (intermission camera related) and the barest mi
(intermission camera)
r954 | Check if soundfx is enabled in S_StopSounds to fix crash.
r955 | Moved "extern int screenblocks;" to r_main.h
r956 | Removed now unused extern int key_* definitions. Added G_Scrambl
- r957 | Print errors to console instead of calling I_Error.
r958 | Put code from g_game (G_DoLoadLevel) to init the sky texture nam
r959 | More things from smmu in P_SetupLevel.
r960 | Removed unused key_* definitions. Moved key_map_* definitions to
- r961 | Z_PrintStats is Z_DrawStats now and called from HU_Drawer. It's
r962 | MAXLOADWADS now 2 again, cause prboom is implicitely loaded.
- r963 | bodyqueue fix from mbf.
r964 | New sound code from smmu.
(smmu - sound)
r965 | Reenabled quit sounds. Added i_endoom_delay to change delay when
- r966 | Small changes and additions from smmu.
r967 | P_SetupLevel and G_InitNew take a levelname instead of gameepiso
r968 | Added death messages from smmu.
r969 | Bump version number for autoconf.
r970 | Sprite offsets must be flipped for flipped sprites. Thanks to fr
r971 | Further improve the P_CreateSecNodeList global variable cleanups
r972 | Fix endianness issues in tic field of network packets. Should be
r973 | cf Remov
r974 | Get line lengths right in README.command-line
r975 | Added more intermission code from smmu. Made some functions stat
r976 | Added use_startmap and startlevel. Added functions for dynamic w
r977 | Enabled some smmu stuff which didn't work before.
r978 | Removed ChangeLog as it's generated.
r979 | Reintroduce -nomouse option; essential for debugging.
r980 | Add comp_sound stuff, backported from the development version.
r981 | Set compatiility options correctly in netgames in old compatibil
r982 | Add support to network game server for reading config files. It
r983 | Added explanation for AM_PATH_SDL problem to compile from cvs se
r984 | Added explanation for AM_PATH_SDL problem to compile from cvs se
r985 | Added correct eol property.
r986 | Added correct eol property.
r987 | Fixed Small posix related fixes.
r988 | Added Visual Studio .NET project files.
r989 | Added tab before each line of files.
r990 | More Makefile and posix fixes.
r991 | Posix fixes for OpenGL. Now always compiled in, as there are no
r992 | Makefiles are weird. Replaced tabs with spaces in file list.
r993 | Added VISUALCNET to distribution.
r994 | Added inl and vidd directorys to makefiles.
r995 | Fix end of line.
r996 | Fix case.
r997 | Fix case.
r998 | Added src/inl/Makefile and src/vidd/Makefile.
r999 | Fix end of line.
r1000 | Removed trailing slashes in I_DoomExeDir.
r1001 | Moved includes from gl_intern.h to gl_main.c and gl_texture.c. P
r1002 | Remove ChangeLog from distribution tarball - we don't have one.
r1003 | Remove readme.txt from distribution, as it is not in the reposit
r1004 | Sanity checking for netcmd numbers. Add more entries to netcmd e
(console, net)
- r1005 | Endian fixes.
r1006 | Removed PFNGLCOLORTABLEEXTPROC definition and added FAQ entry.
r1007 | Added GL_DOOM define.
- r1008 | More endian fixes.
r1009 | Reorder comp_sound to match 2.2.4.
+ r1010 | Import fixes from stable tree, revisions 823,825,827: - Respawn
+ r1011 | Port forward fraggle's sprite offset flipping fix. Clean up and
(sprite clipping fix)
+ r1012 | Port forward the fix for global variable overwriting (tmbbox) in
r1013 | New address for Barry Mead.
r1014 | Fix non-GL_Doom compilation.
r1015 | Allow s_sound.c to specify volume with greater precision. This a
r1016 | Work around defect in SDLNet_UDP_Bind channel support.
r1017 | Add a feedback mechanism to keep clients more accurately synchro
r1018 | Upadte email address and download address.
r1019 | Remove direct smpeg dependency - it should be pulled in automati
r1020 | Remove debugging accidentally committed yesterday, and update NE
r1021 | Add weapon pickup sounds, sprite flipping, and updated p_map.c f
r1022 | Protect another email address.
r1023 | Hide another email.
r1024 | Update for 2.2.4 release.
+ r1025 | Bring forward generalised line range fix from 2.2.x branch.
r1026 | Fix xtratics - it was generating negative tic #s and the server
r1027 | Added for extra files in generated tar.
r1028 | Tag the 2.2.4 release.
r1029 | Added more missing files to the Makefiles.
r1030 | Added missing GenEnd.
+ r1031 | Updates to spec file (from 2.2.4).
+ r1032 | Do not link smpeg (ported from 2.2.4).
+ r1033 | From 2.2.4, less strict automake checks.
+ r1034 | Port back-off support from 2.2.4. Port endianness fixes from 2.2
+ r1035 | As in 2.2.4, removed ChangeLog.
+ r1036 | Improve accuracy of sound calculations (sound range fix ported f
+ r1037 | Update NEWS with final 2.2.4 list.
r1038 | Tagging PrBoom 2.3.0
r1039 | PrBoom 2.3.0 released.
r1040 | Explain a bit that this is a rough'n'ready beta release. Solicit
r1041 | Windows release was bad.
r1042 | Some feedback.
r1043 | Updated.
r1044 | Correct the off-screen checking in HUlib_drawTextLine. This stop
r1045 | Bumped version number.
r1046 | Fix config.h for Windows. All references to "../config.h" were r
r1047 | Fix eol.
r1048 | Report error if port bind failed. Sanity checking on player numb
r1049 | Load OpenGL libraries only when needed.
- r1050 | I think this description of the networking is worth saving.
(network explanation)
r1051 | Take screenshot - f12 Quit - f10 Gama correction - f11
r1052 | Added autorun to menu. Updated todo.
r1053 | Moved and added stuff for redesign.
r1054 | Forgot to rename.
r1055 | Mostly working like the old pages. I have to fix the tool first.
r1056 | With SimpleTAL 3.5, a small hack in pubtal and some small fixes
r1057 | Add navigation and reordered some things.
r1058 | Added hover effect for links.
r1059 | Added missing template.
r1060 | A very small readme on how to build the website.
r1061 | Nicer rollover effect.
r1062 | Fix eol. I finally found the option to prevent my editor from me
r1063 | Fix eol. I finally found the option to prevent my editor from me
- r1064 | More endian fixes. Now it works on big endian systems as far as
r1065 | Fixed ignore-filter.
r1066 | Not needed anymore.
+ r1067 | Obvious bug in my attempts to fix the T_VerticalDoor corruption
r1068 | Fix overzealous safety check added in last update.
r1069 | If server is closed before game start, exit the client too.
r1070 | We should call D_QuitNetGame for any client exit after the serve
r1071 | Better management of players joining and quitting during startup
r1072 | Demo players are after this: total live monsters count in the HU
r1073 | Set savegame root.
r1074 | fake_contrast should be on by default (used to be on but configu
r1075 | Bump version number.
r1076 | Marked hub and script related stuff with ifdefs.
- r1077 | Fixed textcolours array, this caused segfaults.
- r1078 | Fix prboom.wad not found [Patch 949349].
(IWAD switching)
- r1079 | Fix texture pegging for upper textures [Patch 897801] [Bug 59999
r1080 | Set svn:eol-style property.
r1081 | Set svn:eol-style property.
r1082 | Make line_t junk static in A_LineEffect.
+ r1083 | Make line_t junk static in A_LineEffect [Bug 946686].
r1084 | Fix for new GCC warnings.
- r1085 | Wrap extremely long lines.
r1086 | Fix Bug #845129. Filenames with dots didn't work properly (and s
- r1087 | Fixed Bug #929248. Buffer overflow in F_TextWrite.
r1088 | Added SDLK_CARET as console key.
r1089 | Fix compilation.
- r1090 | (Partly) fix bug #851055. (Re)implemented multipatch textures. D
- r1091 | Fix bug #810700. It was some rounding error introduced with the
- r1092 | Limit the posts of a patch to the limits of the texture. As a si
- r1093 | Removed some unused code. I think this got obsolete with the new
r1094 | Added an ifdef USE_ULL_SUFFIX. This should be added with a test
r1095 | Fix bug #826682. Unavailable IWADs get disabled.
(menu, iwad switching)
r1096 | Fix savegames (Bug #896092).
(smmu savegames)
- r1097 | Fix multiple-patches-on-one-column textures (Bug #851055).
r1098 | Bump version number.
r1099 | Load OpenGL library only once.
r1100 | Fix bug #926548 and enhance widgets with the possibility to choo
r1101 | Fix bug #810562. Bounded keys weren't checked when playing demo.
r1102 | Tried to achive savegame compatibility with 2.2.x, but failed. T
(smmu savegame)
r1103 | Update email address.
r1104 | Use SDL_MUSTLOCK to determine whether si render direct to buffer
r1105 | Bump version number.
r1106 | A few minor fixes so far.
r1107 | Fix --enable-dogs
r1108 | Cheatcodes didn't work anymore and this change wasn't necessary
r1109 | Updated.
- r1110 | Removed W_UnlockLump* calls made obsolte by the new renderer.
r1111 | Added a sanity check to prevent problems.
r1112 | Prevent compiler warning.
r1113 | Fix position of automap text widgets when using high-res.
r1114 | Added devparm as console command.
- r1115 | Made R_GetTextureColumn simpler by using the new R_GetTextureCom
- r1116 | Added missing R_GetTextureColumn call for dcvars.prevcolumn.
- r1117 | Use user pointer on Z_Malloc.
- r1118 | Use normal malloc instead of Z_Malloc.
r1119 | Fix compiler warnings and a weird compiler error in Visual Studi
r1120 | Updated to Visual Studio .NET 2003.
r1121 | Added test for ULL number suffix.
r1122 | Import r418 from trunk: Simplify event handling, logic is all in
r1123 | Update for new dmalloc API.
r1124 | Import r1115 from trunk, fixing dmalloc support. More consistent
r1125 | Merge r941 from trunk (plus Lee's comments from MBF): bodyqueue
r1126 | Import r707 from trunk, for bug #592350: Use M_ReadFile for Find
r1127 | Import r417 from trunk: No need for screenshot to be a gameactio
- r1128 | Fix texture offset when using linear filter in software mode.
- r1129 | Fixed bug #834202. Translucency setting wasn't saved. Patches ar
r1130 | Fixed several compiler warnings.
r1131 | Import r514 from trunk: Better inline asm from Eternity.
r1132 | Fast forward to given map # in demo playback.
r1133 | Fix desync caused by timing differences in intermission screen w
+ r1134 | Intermission screen desync on secrets counter. for e.g. 30cn3519
r1135 | Another demo sync fix for Boom.
r1136 | monkeys, traditional_menu, sts_always_red and weapon_recoil set
r1137 | Import r712 from trunk (needed to complement r418 imported yeste
- r1138 | Imported new colour translation code from SMMU/Eternity.
r1139 | Fixed a few warnings. Let z_zone.c compile on windows. Add defau
r1140 | Import r708 from trunk, needed to complement r707 imported yeste
r1141 | Ripped out tranmap caching.
- r1142 | Don't initialise sound before I_Init().
(init sound)
r1143 | Import 2.3.x prboom.wad.
r1144 | Blazing door hitting an obstacle should make a blazing door soun
- r1145 | Blazing door closing and hitting something should make a blazing
(blazing door sound)
+ r1146 | Live monster counter for HUD, imported from stable_2.2 r1064.
r1147 | Another blazing door noise bug.
+ r1148 | The new simplified z_zone implementation. It's just a wrapper ar
r1149 | #include "z_zone.h", for malloc.
+ r1150 | Clear tmthing after each tic - could be referencing a freed obje
+ r1151 | Demo fast forward to given map #, from stable_2.2.
r1152 | Fix autoconf warning.
+ r1153 | Live monster counter now worksa with archville resurrections.
r1154 | Live monster counter now counts archville resurrections.
+ r1155 | Fix r1142: need p_map.h for P_Map*.
r1156 | Fix a possible SEGV due to tmthing holding a dangling pointer if
- r1157 | Made patches and texture composites of the new software renderer
+ r1158 | Added memory_size variable, which is the threshold at which purg
+ r1159 | Fixed long standing backspace printing bug on windows.
(was already merged)
r1160 | Fixed long standing backspace printing bug on windows.
+ r1161 | Fixed missing 0 at end of string.
(was already merged)
r1162 | Fixed missing 0 at end of string.
r1163 | Add \n when printing HUD messages to console.
+ r1164 | Fixed rather big memory leak.
(was already merged)
r1165 | Fixed rather big memory leak.
- r1166 | Set edgeSloping when combining posts.
r1167 | Fixed config for new PubTal. Changed CSS a little bit.
r1168 | Generalised doors now make sounds appropriate to their speed. Th
- r1169 | Fix sounds based on speed of generalised doors. Fix comp_sound i
- r1170 | More original Doom like default settings.
(default settings)
r1171 | Padding for short REJECT lumps (fixes rq22-318.lmp and probably
r1172 | Make it possible to abort network checking on windows.
- r1173 | Make it possible to abort network checking on windows.
(networking on windows)
- r1174 | Completely removed G_ChangedPlayerColour.
- r1175 | Added portable snprintf. Compile with warnings as errors on wind
- r1176 | Made some buffers bigger, so they will not overrun.
- r1177 | Small enhancements and bugfixes from Eternity. Fix indentation.
r1178 | Removed limit on aliases (from Eternity). Small enhancements and
- r1179 | Unify V_WriteText* and V_StringWidth* functions.
r1180 | Small enhancements and bugfixes from Eternity. Fix indentation.
r1181 | Fix compilation with gcc 3.4.x - inconsistency between header an
r1182 | Add calls to SMMU/Eternity net code.
r1183 | Fix dist target for newer autoconf.
r1184 | Enhanced Edition v1.9 demo support.
r1185 | Fix compilation of server.
r1186 | Implemented printing of tabs.
+ r1187 | Implemented printing of tabs.
(was already merged)
r1188 | Fix crash when player respawns in multiplayer due to new P_MapSt
r1189 | Small fix from Eternity. Small code cleanups. Fix compilation of
- r1190 | Fix bug #810566. Music stops playing after sound settings change
+ r1191 | Fix player respawn crashes with new P_MapStart/End
r1192 | Updated.
r1193 | Bug fixes from Eternity. Small code cleanups. Enabled some more
(smmu fixes from eternity)
r1194 | Bugfixes from Eternity. Small code cleanups. Enabled more stuff.
(smmu fixes from eternity)
+ r1195 | Renamed namespace to li_namespace.
(was already merged)
+ r1196 | Removed stealth monsters, they weren't supported in the renderer
+ r1197 | Ripped out the remaining stealth monster bits. The flags in p_mo
r1198 | Added psnprntf.* and m_fcvt.*.
r1199 | Added pastebin.
r1200 | Start level code also uses P_Map* and must be wrapped (else P_Ma
+ r1201 | Start level code also uses P_Map* and must be wrapped (else P_Ma
r1202 | Small changes to css. Moved passwords outside of pastebin.php. R
- r1203 | Don't use systems snprintf as replacement for psnprintf.
- r1204 | Use psnprintf instead of snprintf or sprintf.
r1205 | Fix for newer autoconf.
! r1206 | Fix prboom_3_compatibility savegames.
+ r1207 | Longtics/EE support ported from stable_2.2.
r1208 | doom2.exe only used the first 10 deathmatch starts.
+ r1209 | doom2.exe only used the first 10 deathmatch starts.
(was already merged)
r1210 | Transmit data for tic 0. This probably caused the first-tic desy
r1211 | Experimental proxy server between ipxsetup.exe's IPX networking
r1212 | Works now - fixed packet sizes and tic wrapping calcs.
r1213 | Make the backoff stronger, needed to need down the lag with doom
r1214 | Pack and pad the packet header struct, and ensure that the paddi
r1215 | Make demo noise a bit less intrusive.
r1216 | Prevent SEGV if server incorrectly give a bad consoleplayer numb
r1217 | Extra confirmation phase, to deal with clients that quit or lose
r1218 | MF_BLOCKMAP missing from Doom -> PrBoom flags conversion, and th
r1219 | non-SDL_net net code is gone. Remove makefile conditionals, as t
r1220 | Move GL_DOOM and COMPILE_VIDD from project settings to config.h.
- r1221 | Avoid crash when prboom.wad is not found.
(IWAD switching)
- r1222 | Avoid crash when the opengl extension string is too long.
- r1223 | Fix printing of opengl extension. The length was calculated inco
+ r1224 | Another fix for tabulators in the windows console window.
(was already merged)
r1225 | Backport of the fix for printing opengl extensions and the tabul
r1226 | Fix up .NET project files.
r1227 | updated.
- r1228 | Fix compilation of prboom_server.
r1229 | Fix compilation of prboom_server.
r1230 | EE got called v1.91
r1231 | EE got called v1.91
+ r1232 | Fix dehacked mobj bits conversion, cf r1218 from stable branch a
(was already merged)
r1233 | monster_backing off by default too.
r1234 | Fix my email address.
r1235 | Bring my email addresses up to date.
r1236 | PrBoom 2.2.5.
r1237 | PrBoom 2.3.0.
r1238 | Small fix to prevent unwanted newlines.
r1239 | Created tag for PrBoom 2.2.5.
r1240 | Bump version number.
r1241 | autoconf and rpm disagree about the use of an explicit platform
r1242 | Created tag for PrBoom 2.3.1.
r1243 | Bumped version number.
r1244 | Fix intermission screen splat/YaH code, which was crashing due t
+ r1245 | Fix off-screen you-are-here's on Inferno intermission screens.
(was already merged)
- r1246 | Don't play music when volume is 0.
(music volume 0)
+ r1247 | Fix fuzz drawing for hi-re.
(was already merged)
r1248 | Fix fuzz drawing for hi-re.
- r1249 | Fixed patch drawing with VPT_FLIP.
r1250 | updated.
r1251 | Fix hang when one network client exits.
r1252 | Update default server parameters to match the client.
r1253 | Fix some serious memory leaks.
r1254 | and news for the mem leak.
r1255 | Nicer diagnostics of player states.
r1256 | Fix NOSECTOR and NOBLOCKMAP effects in old dehacked patches.
+ r1257 | Fix nosector/noblockmap mixup.
(was already merged)
r1258 | and the NEWS item for the deh fix.
- r1259 | Set default netgame options the same as the default prboom.confi
r1260 | Fixed player spawn sound.
+ r1261 | Fixed player spawn sound.
(was already merged)
r1262 | Player reborn TFOG bug.
- r1263 | No oof sound on open 2S lines when comp_sound.
+ r1264 | Quick hack to enable network client to ride over temporary loss
(was already merged)
r1265 | Use g_game.h instead of redefining stuff. Backspace repeat.
+ r1266 | Bring into line with intended protocol, from stable branch.
+ r1267 | Bring slightly more into line with my work from 2.2.x. r1048+r10
(was already merged)
r1268 | Created bundle folder remotely.
r1269 | Created bundle for prboom2.
+ r1270 | Make I_WaitForPacket more useful, have a timeout.
r1271 | Repeat init packet - it might get lost or server is slow startin
+ r1272 | fix last commit.
(was already merged)
+ r1273 | Return time to next tick.
- r1274 | Enable key repeat.
(key repeat)
r1275 | Remove unused consdata in ticcmd.
r1276 | Treat warnings as errors.
r1277 | Fix some warnings.
r1278 | Don't what I mean, not what I say :-). Don't call SDL_GetTicks t
r1279 | More intelligent timing in TryRunTics.
r1280 | Smarter delays in TryRunTics. Also, listen for network packets w
r1281 | Use packet_set for PKT_TICC.
r1282 | Shorter delay while waiting on packet, so windows users have the
r1283 | Fix tntem cheat.
- r1284 | Fix HOM detection drawing.
- r1309 | Fix bug [1046368] and patch [1199312].
PrBoom-plus revisions since "Stuff to port from prboom-plus"
+ done
% partially done
- of interest
? not sure
x not of interest
! needs attention
+ r2312 | fix of hanging decoration disappearing in Batman Doom MAP02
? r2313 | comp[comp_oofsound] - done
+ r2319 | the global variable r_NoInterpolate is not necessary any more (s
+ r2320 | don't thrash cpu during pausing (should be applied to prboom)
+ r2321 | do nothing if a pause has been pressed during playback. pausing
x r2322 | "-auto" for autoloading of wads according to the lmp file-name
?! r2323 | correction of smart items clipping code: not a fully dead corpse
?! r2324 | heh, previous commiting was unsaved version.fixed
?! r2325 | there are three modes of sprite clipping in opengl:
?! r2326 | gl_sprite_offset moved to globals; things with MF_MISSILE should
?! r2327 | some comment changed
+ r2328 | fixed(?) cph's bug(?) introduced in r1431
+ r2329 | fix for 2328. maybe better possible
x r2330 | bug with def_arr type (Z_Realloc do not fill additional region o
+ r2331 | comp_doorstuck should be forced for boom201 compatibility (at le
x r2332 | launcher
+ r2333 | cph's one more bug: The current behaviour with comp_666 is that
+ r2334 | Check for prevention of possible collisions between level of com
+ r2335 | revert to r2333
+ r2336 | Additional check of gameepisode in A_BossDeath is added, because
?! r2337 | small fix for opengl, sky and mouselook
x r2338 | progress bar during demo playback works during skipping
x r2339 | minimization of distinctions with trunk
x r2341 | Merged r2304:2340 from trunk
- r2342 | Optional removal of a quit sound delay (it is old Prboom-Plus's
- r2344 | Improved support for Doom v1.2:
x r2345 | - the progress bar did not work correctly for demos with more th
x r2346 | Predefined translucency setting (comp_translucency) should not o
x r2347 | Prevention of division by zero in G_DoPlayDemo() if players coun
+ r2348 | Handling of unrecognized demo formats
+ r2349 | fix for r2348 (Doom v1.2 demos)
+ r2350 | comments
x r2351 | Files for -auto should be searched in all standard places: curre
x r2352 | Sometimes the figures for kills, items, etc., stop getting updat
? r2353 | warning C4018: '==' : signed/unsigned mismatch
x r2356 | to avoid conflicts prboom-plus.wad should be added with full pat
x r2357 | launcher
x r2358 | launcher again
x r2359 | launcher again again
x r2360 | added I_vWarning() function
? r2361 | I_FindFile: searching exe dir before current dir, check wfname a
+ r2362 | Better compatibility with boom v2.01. There are no more desync o
+ r2363 | fix for r2362
+ r2364 | demover is global now. it's required for demos recorded in "demo
+ r2365 | Three separate definitions of max and min are moved in doomtype.
x r2366 | Compilation fixes:
+ r2367 | max, min are renamed to MAX, MIN to avoid all possible warnings
+ r2368 | removing unnecessary code (after r2367)
?! r2369 | spriteclip code shouldn't be applied to things with MF_NOGRAVITY
x r2370 | Removed files and folders with compiled pcre libs
x r2371 | pcre projects are added to main solution
? r2372 | New savegame format with continuous numbering. Now it is not nec
? r2373 | missed PACKAGEVERSION in VisualC6\config.h
? r2374 | ALL_IN_ONE define for having PrBoom-Plus.wad in the exe (win32 o
? r2375 | fix compilation
x r2376 | Merged r2340:2355 from trunk
+ r2377 | Fixed mbf_compatibility incompatibility. There is no more desync
x r2378 | Demo Progress Bar during skipping will be updated not more often
x r2380 | All-in-one doesn't find resource wad when using -auto
+ r2381 | "All boss types can trigger tag 666 at ExM8" -> "Emulate pre-Ult
+ r2382 | There is no more crashes on boom200 demos (wrongly header readin
+! r2383 | Animated middle textures with a zero index should be forced.
?! r2384 | New mouse code without SDL lags. Win32 mouse handling was remove
+ r2385 | non traditional menu was removed to avoid bugs with Alien Vendet
?! r2386 | New mouse code: Sounds as nonsense, but SDL mouse lags are depen
? r2387 | do not clear events queue at the start (like vanilla)
?! r2388 | some comments about new mouse code
?! r2389 | There is no more win32 specific code in new mouse code. Now it w
x r2390 | launcher: wrong strings in history combo
- r2391 | sound_noquitsound is renamed to misc_fastexit
?! r2392 | missed SDL_WM_GrabInput(SDL_GRAB_OFF)
+ r2393 | do not process mouse input in menu because it's buggy and annoyi
x r2394 | Merged r2355:2379 from trunk
% r2395 | fix some compilation problems on MAC and POSIX
?! r2396 | very small improvement
+ r2397 | Fixed Boom incompatibilities. There are no more desyncs on Donce
+ r2398 | Fixed Boom incompatibilities. Original friction and bobbing code
x r2399 | bump version to
x r2400 | REJECT overflow cannot be emulated if the REJECT size is not div
x r2401 | Not used function (RejectOverrunAddInt) has been removed
?! r2402 | Boom's color maps are supported in OpenGL mode
?! r2403 | Boom's colormaps: some comments are added
?! r2404 | Effect of invulnerability uses a colormap instead of hard-coding
?! r2405 | comp[comp_skymap] works in OpenGL mode now;
x r2406 | "Paper Items" setting is not applied to hanging things.
x r2407 | always grab the mouse in camera mode when playing levels and men
- r2408 | [-] PrBoom bug: %DOOMWADDIR% had no effect for PWADs.
?! r2409 | Boom's colormaps in OpenGL: fix crash in gld_Precache
-! r2410 | New mus -> mid conversion code thanks to Ben Ryves <benryves@ben
?! r2411 | [-] new invulnerability/colormap handling in
-! r2412 | some new files are removed before readding with corrected eol st
-! r2413 | New mus2mid conversion code. All tabs are replaced with spaces.
-! r2414 | Fixed eol style of files
? r2415 | fix compilation with vc2005
x r2416 | check of bounds of the matched part in autoplaydemo mode for cor
x r2417 | PCRE_NOTBOL flag is removed from regexec(). Not needed.
-! r2418 | A bug with the new music code: midi files (i.e. directly placed
x r2421 | fix warning with vc6
x r2422 | Merged r2379:2420 from trunk
+ r2424 | [-] Strip of rendered graphics appears under status bar
+ r2425 | fix for r2424 and OpenGL
x r2426 | Merged r2420:2423 from trunk
+ r2430 | fix for r2424 and MP: SP status bar displayed for DM
?! r2431 | Attempt to fix the bug #1653750: With OpenGL rendering, many of
-! r2432 | Make it compile on Mac OS X again. Music is disabled for now.
-! r2433 | Make music work again.
-! r2440 | better math: there are no more strips of rendered graphics (at 6
- r2441 | Fixed incompatibility with original EXE's (complevels 0..6) on l
? r2442 | Dynamic calculation of PACKAGEVERSION
x r2443 | duplicated code after old merge
? r2444 | global BETWEEN define
+ r2445 | In PRBoom the player's weapon is displayed much darker than in o
?! r2446 | Boom's colormaps in OpenGL: fix for idbeholdl+idbeholdv
?! r2449 | PrBoom-Plus bug: When radsuit ends, palette changes w/o warning
x r2450 | When playing back with -recordfromto, and before resuming record
?! r2451 | Issue with lines (boxes) that appear around the elements that ch
?! r2452 | small optimization of gld_InitGLVersion()
?! r2453 | Post-process the texture data after the buffer has been created.
- r2460 | Fixes to the posix build system:
- r2462 | Improved support for Doom v1.2
- r2463 | Reorganization of the code for looking for bex/deh patches in al
x r2466 | Make "Not all required files are found" more user-friendly
x r2467 | [-] When a file with the bex extension is used in an autoloading
+ r2468 | Correction for DEHs which swap the values of two strings.
- r2469 | interpolation for weapon bobbing
- r2470 | Two-pass method for better usability of automap:
- r2471 | New command-line switch "-emulate prboom_ver" for emulation of o
+ r2473 | Kills/Items/Secrets percentage reported wrong if too high
- r2474 | -emulate and -force_* command-line switches work only during dem
+ r2475 | comp_sound has been merged with comp_oofsound and moved to the c
+ r2476 | - "Zombie players can exit levels"
?! r2479 | bugs if USE_VERTEX_ARRAYS not defined
- r2480 | Add PC speaker code from chocolate-doom
- r2481 | added pcsound library
?! r2482 | Boom's colormaps in OpenGL: memory leak
?! r2483 | Do not clear video memory after loading on same level
- r2484 | (f)printf => lprintf in PCSOUND files
?! r2485 | bug introduced in r2482 - wrong indexes were used
+ r2486 | PrBoom bug: Par times are not shown
+ r2487 | Sometimes the pistol sounds that play while the tallies are bein
x r2488 | Has made compatible my correction of par times (r2486) with "-au
r2489 | fix "-emulation" code
r2490 | let's show the warning if savegame is from the previous version
r2491 | has made dynamic changing of gamespeed more smooth
r2492 | "-force_lxdoom_demo_compatibility" comman-line switch for emulat
+ r2493 | On ExM8 of movie runs, the total time is often displayed wrong.
r2494 | -force_lxdoom_demo_compatibility: there are no more desynchs on
r2495 | The ultimate 'ATI sucks' fix: Some of ATIs graphics cards are so
+ r2496 | big comment for r2473:
r2497 | fix for demoprogressbar with veeeeeeery long demos on high resol
r2498 | fix compilation problems
r2499 | gl_render_precise variable for control of the new seamless code
r2500 | Move the window to the screen center if stupid SDL create it in
r2501 | Fix crash when the program wants to S_AdjustSoundParams() for pl
r2502 | The local variable should be used in G_ReadDemoHeader() instead
r2503 | check for overrun in G_ReadDemoHeader()
r2504 | allow -recordfromto for all levels of compatibility
r2505 | "-emulate prboom_ver" includes bug with direct switch to SSG in
r2506 | huge speedup (up to 10x) on levels with sectors which have many
r2507 | fix for r2506
r2508 | -emultae prboom-ver stuff: few new entries are added
r2509 | Monsters spawned by Icon of Sin should not be countable for tota
r2510 | comment for previous commit (r2509)
r2511 | S_DISABLE and CR_DISABLE for disabled items in menu to avoid bug
r2512 | Sound initialization was broken in r2508 if "-skipsec" command-l
r2513 | Attempt to revert some old changes made in prboom+. Probably all
r2514 | A lot of cleanups, speedups and bugfixes in render:
r2515 | Avoid crashes at end of demos if DEMOMARKER (0x80) does not exis
r2516 | fix for r2515
r2517 | fix for r2506 (huge speedup on levels with sectors which have ma
r2518 | Fox for "The ultimate 'ATI sucks' fix" (r2495)
r2519 | fix compilation problems
r2520 | Compatibility with common mapping errors "linedefs w/o tags appl
r2521 | M_DoScreenShot did not work with "-videodriver directx" on fulls
r2522 | Optimization of "quality" mode of "rendering quality" setting. V
r2523 | fix compilation problems
r2524 | Do not use seamless code ("quality" mode) in software mode
r2525 | missed M_ChangeGLRenderPrecise call
r2526 | In GL mode, the IDRATE info for sprites is always displayed as 0
r2527 | Try to fix building prboom-plus under linux again.
r2528 | Optimization of "quality" mode of "rendering quality" setting. F
r2529 | fix r2513: statusbar were not updated in automap mode on softwar
r2530 | There is no more visual glitches with sky on Icarus map14 and He
r2531 | nothing. comment.
r2532 | Fix of no warning (flashes between shadowed and solid) when invi
r2533 | PrBoom bug: When putting -devparm in the command line, prboom-pl
r2534 | Do not rebuild blockmap on the same level (after save/load)
r2535 | Blinking during demoskip on fullscreen
r2536 | Don't thrash cpu if the window doesnt have focus
r2537 | Original P_FindNextHighestFloor() is restored for demo_compatibi
r2538 | Ability to force -nomonsters and -respawn for playback of 1.2 de
r2539 | 1. gl_boom_colormaps config's variable to reduce memory use
r2540 | USE_GLU_IMAGESCALE is temporarily enabled to avoid some bugs
r2541 | optimization: make heightlist static to avoid malloc/free pair i
r2543 | DemoProgresBar continued to be displayed for in-wad demos (demo1
r2544 | There are TWO bugs in the ouch face code. Not only was the condi
r2545 | Move mouse sensitivity menu upwards a little to avoid overlap wi
r2546 | The bug in algorithm of splitting of a sector into the closed co
r2547 | There is a new command-line switch "-shorttics". This makes it p
r2548 | fix compilation problem
r2549 | Fix compilation on Mac OS X.
r2550 | fix sound origin for large levels
r2551 | fix previous revision r2550
r2552 | Premature program exit during map26 in 4-player coop demo 29uv4p
r2553 | dded two new precalculated float fields in GLTexture struct
r2554 | Wrong calculation of x2 coordinate of a weapon in gld_DrawWeapon
r2555 | fix for r2554
r2556 | M_ChangeFOV() and M_ChangeGLRenderPrecise() should be under cond
r2557 | two video pages should be cleared in gld_Init to avoid blink dur
r2558 | Remove any line which has a clone with the same vertexes and ori
r2559 | "Allow Boom colormaps" setting => "Allow colormaps"
r2560 | wipe screen effect in OpenGL
r2561 | wipe screen effect in OpenGL: fix memory overflow
r2562 | fixed slowdown during screen melt at 1024x768 on some systems
r2563 | fix menu bug after r2560 (wipe screen effect in OpenGL)
r2564 | Changes in algorithm of GL wipe. Now it works more quickly, requ
r2565 | Add gl_wipe.c to src/
r2566 | Transferred sky texture on scrolled wall was not scrolled if mou
r2567 | merge R_CheckTextureNumForName from prboom
r2568 | Fix compilation on Mac OS X: add gl_wipe.c to src/MAC/Rakefile
r2569 | vertical scroll on transferred sky texture works now too (if mou
r2570 | scroll stuff from the latest revisions is temporally disabled
r2571 | scroll on transferred sky texture is enabled again
r2572 | [-] GL wipe: white screen during final screen animation in some
r2573 | sky property-transfer linedef types should be applied only for M
r2574 | sky transfer under prboom_comp now
r2575 | Reuse of a current palette to avoid black screen at software ful
r2576 | unnecessary (duplicated) call of UpdateGrab() is removed from D_
r2577 | More adequate warning of possibility of desynch in compatibility
r2578 | from chocolate-doom r958: Initialise tracksize variable before m
r2580 | hires textures
r2581 | hires:
r2582 | hires patches
r2583 | fake colormaps for hires patches
r2584 | fix progress of load hires on fullscreen
r2585 | hires: fix for hires patches and sts_always_red; optimization of
r2586 | hires: another fix for progress bar
r2587 | all gluBuild2DMipmaps entries had wrong second parameter: gl_tex
r2588 | caching of non power of two hires textures. it speed up loading
r2589 | Import the clipper code from gzdoom. Thanks to GrafZahl. PrBoom
r2592 | new defaults
r2593 | Type of useType in gl_hires.c/gld_HiresGetTextureName was unknow
r2594 | HAVE_LIBSDL_IMAGE stuff: sources now are compilable even if you
r2595 | Test for SDL_image being installed.
r2600 | duplicated items are removed in prboom-plus.wad
r2601 | fix compilation problems with msvc2005
r2602 | another fix compilation problems with msvc2005
r2603 | definition for hires textures on MAC
r2605 | plus needs SDL_image
r2606 | Don't redefine M_PI when already defined; reduces compiler spew
r2607 | Find hires textures on more platforms and with less case sensiti
r2608 | Find hires textures in lowercase in cases of case-sensitive file
r2609 | fix SEGV in HU_Start() when gamemap is not initialized
r2610 | update docs
r2611 | History is no longer stored on the Internet
r2612 | strlwr is not portable
r2613 | Update doc/ to include prboom-plus-* documentation fi
r2614 | Check for strlwr in (used in gl_hires.c)
r2615 | Fixed crash in M_ResetDefaults().
r2616 | fixed bug if translucency percentage is less than 50, then all t
r2618 | Disabling transparency in OpenGL for original sprites which are
r2619 | typo
r2620 | allowing to bind mouse buttons through in-game menu was broken i
r2621 | fix bug during recording non-compatible demos (complevel >= 9) w
r2622 | do not update progress of loading hires more often than 35 times
r2623 | Support for DDS format of hires textures. DDSes can be loaded wi
r2624 | config.h: do not link SDL_image.lib if HAVE_LIBSDL_IMAGE is not
r2625 | do not update progress of hires loading if no real hires was loa
r2626 | configurable level of aniso (from in-game menu Off..16x)
r2627 | Better distinguish the PrBoom launcher from the PrBoom Plus one
r2628 | execution time of gld_Precache() -> stdout.txt
r2629 | Mouse look did not work on automap in overlay mode.
r2630 | Do not try to find hires textures in non existing dirs over and
r2631 | universal SNPRINTF instead of
r2632 | Applying SNPRINTF for whole code
r2633 | small fix for SNPRINTF (defines)
r2634 | wrong index in launcher. how it worked earlier?
r2635 | Technique of rendering to texture; Real black and white effect f
r2636 | some compatibility stuff with new invul effect and old hardware
r2637 | More 'real' invul effect without using colormaps (needs opengl 1
r2638 | More informative message if frame buffer object (FBO) has not be
r2639 | GL_RGBA8 for SceneImageTextureFBO instead of gl_tex_format. Is i
r2640 | Do not try to create a frame buffer if GL_EXT_framebuffer_object
+ r2641 | Ability to use only the allowed CPUs. For example it is necessar
+ r2642 | %d for GetLastError() instead of %s of course
r2643 | gl_compatibility variable; all OpenGL extentions will be disable
r2644 | FBO: cleanup
r2645 | An alternative way of drawing the sky was added (gl_drawskys ==
r2646 | Solution for Visual Studio 2008.
r2647 | Bump version number to
r2648 | OpenGL: Fake contrast should add/remove one light level for wall
r2649 | Fix condition for bringing up the launcher if SHIFT key is press
r2650 | fix Visual Studio 2008 solution
r2651 | help_friends is zero by default now, because it super slow. I ha
r2652 | wrong GL_TEXTURE_MAG_FILTER for detail texture
r2653 | fixed bug in gl wipe
r2654 | Fix bug in new clipper code. Some unnecessary lines were drawn.
r2655 | Do not use FBO for all frames. Should be used only if motion blu
r2656 | Never grab the mouse when window does not have focus
r2657 | Check and fix wrong references to non-existent vertexes in SEGS
r2658 | More informative warning for previous revision
r2659 | Disable demo recording on levels with invalid nodes (see previou
r2660 | fix for error quit message in r2659
r2661 | More precise rotation of sprite if render_paperitems is equal to
r2662 | Additional sector light mode was added (Options\General\Sector L
r2665 | Fix compilation on Mac OS X 10.5 when using 10.4u SDK.
r2667 | _exit() instead of ExitProcess() for "-resetgamma"
r2668 | Restore of startup gamma if window loses focus
r2669 | fix compilation problems
r2672 | Unknown gl nodes will be ignored instead of I_Error message
r2673 | Avoid zdoom's code in additional sector light mode. Now it is fr
r2674 | optimization of sprite rotation
r2675 | Restoring original visual behaviour for demo_compatibility. View
r2676 | Ability to play wads with wrong flat names. Unknown flats will b
r2677 | Make missing sounds non-fatal. Makes sense for doom.wad v1.2 for
r2678 | fix bug of r2674
r2679 | Revert r2530. Icarus map14 and Hell Revialed map20 will have pro
r2680 | Refactor the intercepts overrun code so that it should work prop
r2681 | Launcher (win32): Now you can associate the current EXE with DOO
r2682 | New logic in music detection code from chocolate-doom.
r2683 | sky property-transfer linedef types will be applied for boom com
r2684 | Try to fix SmoothEdges on big endian systems; fixes sprite issue
r2685 | refix SmoothEdges for little endian and tabs replaced with space
r2686 | Fix bug with sky in the bottom part of an imaginary skybox aroun
r2687 | opengl: more correct (similar to software) drawing of skies with
r2688 | Clear the screen to black in V_AllocScreen(). Makes sense for wi
r2689 | there is no restriction for length of midies. fix for r2682
r2690 | process_affinity_mask is 1 by default
r2691 | another try to fix problem with sky on map14 @ Icarus.wad sector
r2696 | Fixed some warnings about uninitialized/unused variables and shu
r2700 | Merged r2423:2699 from trunk (hicolor)
r2701 | Advanced syntax for -geom command-line switch
r2702 | Fix compilation. GCC doesn't like casted lvalues: (byte *)psrc -
r2705 | fix for latest merge r2700 and r2440
r2707 | added description to r_screenmultiply.c.h;
r2708 | Screens works now for non 8-bit modes in software (16-bit, 32-bi
r2712 | dogs
r2719 | Merged r2699:2718 from trunk
r2723 | Speed up in R_PointToAngleEx() in software mode
r2726 | Merged r2718:2725 from trunk
r2727 | gl_render_precise now is known as render_precise and applies to
r2728 | comment added for r2727
r2729 | better code for r2723
r2730 | lower memory usage if glcolormaps are used
r2731 | Clean the memory from GL textures, etc in I_ShutdownGraphics
r2732 | Simplification of the code for the previous revision r2731
r2733 | Speedup of level reloading in OpenGL mode
r2735 | Fixed error in OpenGL if upper texture on the linedef with "Tran
r2742 | Merged r2725:2741 from trunk
r2743 | Fixed bug with GL gamma in GZDoom mode for some buggy drivers:
r2744 | Use MEM_SEEK_SET for memio, not SEEK_SET (from chocolate-doom an
r2755 | Fix for r2733 (Speedup of level reloading in OpenGL mode):
r2756 | Remove duplicate declaration of G_ReadDemoHeader in e6y.h
r2757 | Fix {m,c}alloc_IfSameLevel build failure
r2758 | comperr_hangsolid: Pretend there's a fake ceiling under a body
r2761 | explicit type was missed in r2733
r2762 | Removal of duplicates from cfg.
r2763 | Fix for r2682: non-MUS/MIDI music (MOD, S3M, etc) was broken the
r2764 | Fixed crash (Not enough storage is available to process this com
r2765 | Fixed crash if numbers of wads/lmps/dehs is greater than 100.
r2766 | Fix vanilla unprecise calculation (vibrations) of the texture co
r2767 | Fix wrong processing of the "Blue Armor Class" string from a DEH
r2768 | Fix wrong processing of the "Green Armor Class" string from a DE
r2769 | comments for the previous two revisions
r2770 | Ability to play demos recorded with old prbooms with wrong proce
r2771 | Previous fixes for wrong processing of armor classes from a deh
r2772 | Pump the event loop (SDL_PumpEvents) in I_InitInputs() before fi
r2773 | New 'mixed' lighting mode for opengl. It uses gamma ramps like i
r2774 | hardware gamma stuff has been moved to gl_gamma.c
r2775 | Fix build failure, add new file gl_gamma.c to src/
r2776 | Fix compilation with MSVC2008
r2777 | There is no more necessity to restart glboom after change of tex
r2778 | Fix compilation problems for nongl configurations
r2779 | More accurate patch drawing. Predefined arrays are used instead
r2780 | fix gamma in glboom mode (introduced in r2773, r2774)
r2781 | refix "Respawn frame" part of r2117
r2782 | "Flashing HOM indicator" option did nothing. Fixed.
r2783 | Ability to use negative numbers with -skipsec switch. "-skipsec
r2784 | Fixed crash in case if WI_drawOnLnode will try to get access to
r2785 | Added demo compatibility with chex.exe
r2786 | The latest column of patches was not drawn. Introduced in r2779
+ r2787 | The level of compatibility at which fix for comp_stairs should b
r2788 | fixed stupid mistake in chex stuff (r2785)
+ r2789 | key_setup was not saved in cfg
r2790 | detection of more unsupported demo formats
r2791 | Texture bug. GL only. Example in ksutra.wad map15, "COOL!" area.
r2792 | videodriver name now saved in cfg
r2793 | The fourth episode for pre ultimate doom complevels is not allow
r2794 | More precise weapon drawing in GL: there is no more line of grap
r2795 | make GL stuff from the previous revision (r2794) under GL_DOOM d
r2796 | One more 'ATI sucks' revision.
r2797 | fixed anisotropic filtering. 16x now is 16x instead of 4x
r2798 | Prepare for release
r2799 | missed change log entries
r2801 | Text mode emulation code from Chocolate-Doom
r2802 | New application icon and loading it through SDL
r2803 | Updated MSVC project files for using text mode emulation code
r2804 | ENDOOM support using text mode emulation
r2805 | missed icon.c and python script from chocolate-doom for generati
r2806 | Add textscreen to autotools
r2807 | Add icon.c and doomkeys.h to autotools
r2808 | quick and lazy fix for memory overrun introduced in r2779
r2809 | Restore version banner output on exit
r2810 | -r2766
r2811 | Separate out list of extensions to be added to music_tmp
r2812 | Construct temporary filename from music_tmp with extension added
r2813 | I_ShutdownMusic: delete music_tmp and all its possible extension
r2814 | Minor music_tmp-related fixes
r2815 | prevent recursive exits
r2816 | stop music before shutdown
r2817 | New algorithm for detection of fake flats and ceilings. It is mu
r2818 | Fix build failure, add new file gl_missingtexture.c to src/Makef
r2819 | r2817+: better handling of fake floors/ceilings for sectors with
r2820 | bump version to
r2821 | Update docs and change log
r2822 | Fixed compilation on Mac?
r2823 | added gl_gamma to Rakefile
r2824 | Shift Mac build to 10.5 target
r2825 | Remove headers from mac build
r2827 | bump version to
r2828 | Fixed crash when nodes used for in-wad demo playback are not equ
+ r2829 | Set processor affinity under non-Windows platforms using the POS
+ r2830 | random symbol after #endif
+ r2831 | I_SetAffinityMask() has moved to i_main.c from e6y.c
+ r2832 | Fix compilation on *nix
r2833 | Eating of Alt-Tab event to prevent switching to the automap afte
+ r2834 | Stupid bug in deh processing. Thanks Death-Destiny for the hint
r2835 | Fixed old bug in searching responsefile.
r2836 | fixed crash with @responsefile
r2837 | change log for
r2838 | bump version to
+ r2839 | For now, set a no-op I_SetAffinityMask for the Mac
r2850 | Resolution limitation is removed. Memory usage has decreased as
r2852 | fixed crash if screenblocks is not equal to 11 (introduced in th
r2853 | fixed hi-color modes for r2850
r2863 | fixed bug with caching planes heights (introduced in r2850)
r2864 | "PrBoom-Plus" -> PACKAGE_TITLE
r2865 | Temporarily define PACKAGE_TITLE in and MAC/config.
r2866 | launcher_enable variable now has three values: "never", "smart"
r2891 | Status Bar was affected by light level of the sector on some on-
+ r2892 | Fixed crash with FixedDiv(-2147483648,x)
+ r2893 | added comment for the previous revision r2892 to know what happe
+ r2894 | 2892++ (more detailed comment for crash in FixedDiv)
r2907 | Unused ConvertMus() is removed. There are no more compiling erro
r2912 | fix for r2793: do not try to show the fourth episode in menu for
r2913 | Trying to optimise screen pitch for reducing of CPU cache misses
r2914 | changed formatting of stdout for the previous revision (r2913)
r2915 | fixed bug in r2817?
r2916 | another try of r2766: Fix vanilla unprecise calculation (vibrati
r2917 | fixed wipe in software
r2934 | New super-cool algorithm for drawing ceiling/floor texture into
r2937 | sectorclosed array is not necessary anymore. it is sector's flag
r2938 | Additional check for super-cool algo from r2934. We do not need
r2939 | Merged r2741:2936 from trunk (without *nix stuff)
r2940 | bump version to
r2941 | precache level with normal demoplayback and level_precache 1
r2942 | Merge r2841-2849,2862,2922,2928 from trunk
r2943 | Do not preprocess GL data during skipping, because it potentiall
r2944 | Hack PCSOUND SDL driver to compile without SDL_mixer
r2945 | Remove PC speaker sound menu options in the absence of SDL_mixer
r2946 | Merge r2910-2911 from trunk
r2947 | Push bleeding floor/ceiling textures back a little in the z-buff
r2948 | fix for r2943
r2949 | don't write mus/midi to file. just play it from memory
r2950 | using MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT constant instead of check for endian
r2951 | checking rw_midi for NULL before SDL_FreeRW(rw_midi)
r2952 | don't use SDL_FreeRW for rw_midi at all
r2953 | +SDL_InitSubSystem(SDL_INIT_AUDIO) in I_InitSound
r2954 | '\n' is added in warning in W_SafeGetNumForName()
r2955 | Don't use MIX_DEFAULT_FORMAT when HAVE_MIXER is not defined
r2956 | Trying to use Mix_LoadMUS() if Mix_LoadMUS_RW() is failed
r2957 | Define USE_RWOPS before including SDL_mixer.h
r2958 | old part of R_ShowStats is removed
r2959 | Update docs and change log
r2960 | removed unused include
r2961 | Rename vldoor_e types 'open'/'close' to 'openDoor'/'closeDoor'
r2962 | check for USE_WINDOWS_LAUNCHER in corresponding places instead o
r2963 | Add -lglu32 to link command for cygwin/mingw32
r2964 | added USE_WIN32_PCSOUND_DRIVER define for ability to build with
r2965 | changelog
Unresolved issues mentioned in the Doomworld thread since 2.4.7
mbf options lumps (bad idea, dehacked changing cheats is annoying enough)
suggestion to steal chocolate-doom's netgame code
cheat codes don't work in -altdeath in single player but do in vanilla
several different people complaining about the music